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mental health

mental health
mental health

Colorado’s mental health system is “broken.” An audit could reveal why, and what to do about it.

While the state’s Behavioral Health Task Force decides how to spend $450 million, a battle waged in letters intensifies


Colorado has half a billion dollars to fix its mental health system. But it won’t work without workers.

Community mental health centers across the state are more desperate for workers than ever. More than 1,090 jobs are vacant at 17 regional centers.


Colorado’s mental health safety net is “failing.” Will planned reforms fix or further the problems?

Colorado, the state with the nation’s highest rate of adult mental illness and lowest access to care, has been giving community mental health centers non-compete contracts and a privileged rate status for nearly 60 years, without meaningful oversight


Opinion: Colorado’s first mental-health commissioner must be more than a symbolic hire

We can’t waste this enormous opportunity to put mental health at the crossroads of public policy

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Colorado Medicaid contractor reverses course, will no longer try to recoup payments from mental health providers

The announcement came two days after The Colorado Sun reported that mental health providers would no longer accept Medicaid patients because of the debacle.


Colorado mental health therapists are quitting Medicaid over latest payment debacle

Several behavioral health providers say they will no longer treat Medicaid patients after 199 providers received letters ordering them to return payment for therapy already completed.


Colorado’s governor wants to enlist private companies to help fix public problems with new partnership office

Gov. Jared Polis’ budget proposal seeks $1.3 million to create a state public-private partnership office. Public policy observers are skeptical.

Politics and Government

A caring high school principal or a criminal? A situation in Salida may have national implications.

The response to a student’s suicidal threat in September has opened a rift between police and Salida Public Schools, highlighting broader questions about the role of law enforcement in K-12 education

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Colorado’s governor funds new programs to add more youth psychiatric beds amid mental health crisis

$12 million in emergency funding follows an onslaught of criticism aimed at the state Department of Human Services and is expected to create 45 additional youth treatment beds


Colorado launches website to connect kids to free mental health sessions

Lawmakers allocated $9 million to launch the effort in response to increasing student mental health needs


Colorado will be first in the U.S. to require comprehensive health coverage for gender-affirming services

The state is also expanding coverage for acupuncture and other treatments that are alternatives to opioids


Weed helped turn him into an ultrarunner — and he’s far from the only one

Denver author Josiah Hesse explores the open secret of stoned athletes in his new book “Runner’s High”


Class-action lawsuit alleges Colorado is failing at children’s mental health care

A similar lawsuit in Illinois forced that state to improve its mental health system for kids who qualify for Medicaid.


Opinion: If you have kids and guns in your home, please talk to your children. I wish I had.

Our son did everything right to be safe with guns. A suicidal impulse overcame them all

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Forced medication recommended for Danish man suspected of igniting massive Colorado wildfire

The finding of the doctor at the state mental hospital, revealed Monday during a court hearing but not discussed in any detail, still must be approved by a judge before any medication can be given to Jesper Joergensen


Opinion: Denver should implement the police task-force recommendations

They will transform local policing into comprehensive public safety

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Carman: Simone Biles’ gold medal-worthy performance a lesson for all of us

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we all need help from time to time

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Colorado will keep its long-term mental health program for doctors after yearlong fight

The controversy between the Colorado Medical Board and the state Department of Regulatory Agencies is nearing a close after protest and accusations.


A romp in the mud after a messy school year can be just what Colorado preschoolers need for their mental health

Early childhood caregivers are tending to preschoolers’ mental health, citing its connection to learning after a year of pandemic disruptions


“We are going to be cleaning up for a long time”: Colorado faces a lingering mental health crisis from coronavirus

In June, Children’s Hospital Colorado declared a crisis

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