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Hello Sun members and readers:

We moved our website to a new system on Sept. 1, 2022!

 ⇨ EVERYONE must create a new password (we didn’t move any passwords out of privacy concerns). Just visit coloradosun.com/account and when the login pops up, press the “forgot password” link and follow instructions. Here’s our FAQ on passwords.

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Why isn’t my email isn’t recognized by the password reset?

RESOLVED! But if our site is still not recognizing your email, please email support@coloradosun.com so we can investigate. Thanks for your patience.

How much is membership and what’s included?

Glad you asked! Our mission is to provide Colorado with quality local news. We don’t want money to be the reason folks aren’t staying informed. So, our stories and daily newsletter are free (sign up HERE).

For readers who appreciate our work, we invite you to become a member. That helps us pay our journalists, keeps our news business sustainable and helps us grow. Membership levels are:

BASIC – $5/month or $60/year. Provides access to our stories and three newsletters (The Sunriser, The Headlines, What’s Working). PLUS: No membership ads, get event invitations and a discount on Sun merchandise.

BASIC+ – $11.99/month or $120/year. All the above plus the exclusive Colorado Sunday newsletter.

PREMIUM – $21.99/month or $240/year. All the above plus access to our premium newsletters (The Unaffiliated, The Outsider, The Temperature, Mike Littwin) and full access for a second family member. (Click HERE for more details about our newsletters)

CHAMPION – $100/mth or $1,200/year. All the above, a special gift and VIP access to events.

How to become a Colorado Sun member:

Visit coloradosun.com/join or press “Become a member” in the top right.

  1. Pick preferred level (see each level’s benefits by pressing the “+ Membership Benefits” underneath each option).
  2. Add your payment. Remember to include the three-digit CVV code and ZIP code.
  3. That’s it! You can now go to your account page and adjust your newsletters, change your payment period or membership plan or ask for help.

How do I log in to The Colorado Sun?

Logging in as a Sun member eliminates marketing popups. Just press the “Login” link in the top right corner of our site.

A new window opens. Type your email and password and press the Login button.

If you’re logged in, you’ll see “My Account” and “Log out” in the top right corner.

Free subscribers can still log in to manage their free newsletters subscriptions.

Note: If this is the first time you’re logging in, you’ll need to create a password. Just press the “I forgot my password” in the login window and follow the instructions. We’ll email you a link to create or reset your password.

How to create or reset your Colorado Sun password in order to login.

Why should I log in?

While we aim for a pretty clutter-free reading experience, membership cuts down on the marketing ads. But you must log in so that we know you’re a member.

Logging in also lets you adjust your Colorado Sun newsletters, update payment information, upgrade (or cancel) your membership level, or ask for help.

User account pages are at coloradosun.com/account.

Do I need a password?

Yes, we are now requiring that all users create a password. This helps keep your information secure.

But if you’re only browsing, you don’t need to log in or input a password to read stories on our site.

When you register for the first time, you’ll be asked to create a password. To change it, go to your user account and press the “Profile” tab. Underneath your email is a place to change your password.

If you don’t remember your password but need to change it, log out and as you log back in, press “I forgot my password.”

Where to upgrade, adjust automatic renewal, change email, update a payment, upgrade or cancel membership, get a receipt, ask for help and more.

When you’re in your Sun account, at coloradosun.com/account, look for the tabs (underlined in red) that respond to what you need to update in your account.

Go to your account at coloradosun.com/account and press one of the tabs to find:

  • Profile” tab to change preferred email or password (see image)
  • Memberships” tab to set automatic renewal, upgrade to a higher level, cancel subscription, see active and expired memberships
  • Help” tab provides a link to technical support. We’ll respond right in your account in this tab
  • Payment Methods” tab to add or delete a credit card. If you add a new payment, please press “Apply this payment method to all active subscriptions” to delete your old payment method.
  • Transactions” tab displays all purchases and provides an emailed receipt. To request a receipt, press the envelope or down-arrow icon to get a receipt of your last purchase emailed or downloaded.
  • History” tab shows your transaction history

How do I upgrade?

Nonmembers who are logged in should visit coloradosun.com/join to become a member.

Existing members can view their upgrade options by going to their account page at coloradosun.com/account. Go to the “Memberships”tab and on the right of your member level, press the “Upgrade” button. This opens a window that displays all upgrade options for the next level.

How can I get the Sun’s newsletters ?

Available newsletters on your plan show up in your account page. Just place check marks next to the ones you wish to receive. What are they? Glad you asked.

The Sun’s free newsletters: 

  • The Sunriser: The daily curation of all recent Sun stories, links to our favorite local reads and a heads up on Sun events, specials and other announcements. Sent Monday to Friday around mid-morning, this free roundup will get your day started.
  • The Headlines: A list of links to every story published on The Sun in the past 24 hours. Sent 7 days a week, usually by 6 a.m., it’s also a free subscription.
  • What’s Working: Weekly roundup of the Colorado job market, labor news and the local economy. It’s published on Saturdays, but is available free by email for those who’d like it in their inbox.

The Sun’s paid newsletters (All included for Premium members):

  • Colorado Sunday, Basic+ level: Intended to help you slow down on the weekends, each Sunday edition has thoughtful pieces to give perspective to The Sun’s big news stories, handpicked Colorado flavor (from food to beer to music and more), gorgeous photos and a curated reading list of the best news of the week. Sent on Sundays. >> Details
  • The Unaffiliated, Premium level: Our exclusive politics newsletter has news not found on our site. It’s sent on Tuesdays and Fridays. >> Details 
  • The Outsider, Premium level: Our exclusive outdoor-industry newsletter has news not found on our site, plus first peeks at topical stories by Jason Blevins. It’s sent Thursdays. >> Details 
  • The Temperature, Premium level: Our exclusive newsletter covering the intersection of climate and health is crafted by reporters Michael Booth and John Ingold. It’s sent on Wednesdays. >> Sign up
  • Mike Littwin, Premium level: Long-time Colorado columnist Mike Littwin writes about twice a week. True fans can subscribe to his newsletter and get the columns ahead of time.>> Details

Why am I not receiving the newsletters?

When you subscribe to The Sun, all the newsletters available at your membership level should be included. You can view your options at the bottom of your account page. But sometimes, something goes wrong. Here are common reasons:

  • Our newsletters are in your spam folder. Please add newsletters@coloradosun.com to your sender list or mark us as “not spam.” Here are instructions on for Gmail, Comcast, Outlook, iCloud.
  • You must give us permission to send newsletters to you. Visit your account page and in the “Profile” tab, check the “Opt in for email newsletters” box.
  • You accidentally unsubscribed. To get back on our mailing list, please use this form and your newsletters should restart in the next round.
  • Corporate or private domains need to whitelist our emails. We use Mailchimp to send Sun newsletters. If you’ve tried everything else, it could be your company’s server or firewall is blocking us. Ask the IT department at your company to make sure emails from coloradosun.com are allowed. If not, they will need to “allowlist” our delivery IP’s to get that sorted out. Please share this link with them: “How to Allowlist Delivery IP Addresses.”
  • It’s us. We do sometimes have technical issues and strive to keep them from affecting our readers. But if you’re missing newsletters, please email support@coloradosun.com.

Why are you asking me to pick up the credit card processing fee?

Last year, The Colorado Sun spent more than 5% of its overall membership revenue on credit card processing fees. That’s the equivalent of a reporter or two. Every member who agrees to pay the small processing fee helps us expand our news coverage.

Can I pay by check or another alternative?

Yes, we take checks. If you mail one in (or use your bank’s bill payment system), please include your email. We’ll contact you after receipt to let you know when we’ve set up a membership. Our mailing address is:

The Colorado Sun
2101 Arapahoe St.
Denver, CO 80205

We also take one-time payments through Paypal at coloradosun.com/paypal.

For those who’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, we partner with Report For America to invest in young journalists. We currently employ a Report for America photojournalist. Donations through this link help pay her salary:
>> Donate

Can I share my membership?

Good news! Our new technology not only lets members add a partner, but that second account will have its own newsletter preferences and password.

For now, this feature is available only at our premium membership level and is limited to one additional email. Premium members at the $20+/month level can add a second email by going into the “Memberships” tab in their account and pressing the “Manage” button. Then pick “Manage shared accounts.”

Tips: The original account holder must press the check mark after typing in the email the account will be shared with.

The recipient will need to create an account and then under memberships, press “redeem.”

Do you offer bulk memberships for businesses and organizations?

We do! Businesses and organizations that wish to support The Sun can now do so with a business membership. This provides multiple premium accounts on one bill. For information, please email Sylvia Harmon at sylvia@coloradosun.com.

Does The Colorado Sun have a mobile app?

Not yet. But until we do, you can set a shortcut to our homepage on your mobile device’s home screen. Then just press the shortcut to open our page.

Here’s how on an iPhone: HERE
And for Android: HERE

What is The Sun’s cancellation policy?

Membership can be canceled at anytime. Just open your account (go to the “Memberships” tab and press “Manage”) and press “Cancel subscription.” Or toggle the auto renewal to the left. This effectively ends the membership after the existing term.  Once a paid membership is canceled, the account will no longer be renewed automatically. The user will have full access till the end of the current monthly or annual term.

REFUND POLICY:  Full refunds can be requested within 24 hours of purchase right in the member’s account (under the “Memberships” tab, press “Manage” to see the options). We also provide prorated refunds on request to those unhappy with The Sun’s local news reporting. To request a refund, please contact support@coloradosun.com.

My question isn’t on here.

Please ask us: support@coloradosun.com. We try to respond within 24 hours.