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Shannon Najmabadi

“Glorified homelessness”: Even tiny Silverton is experiencing the housing crisis that’s crushing mountain workers

Colorado’s housing shortage is exacerbated in remote Silverton, where there are no suburbs to commute from and little space to expand.

5:00 AM MDT

Housing in small Colorado towns is “damn near a crisis.” But the solution isn’t as easy as just building more.

The cost of extending roads, and water and sewer lines, and finding developers to work with them are among the biggest challenges facing towns grappling with a housing crisis.


“It’s scary”: The housing shortage has reached a crisis point in southwest Colorado

Some residents have resorted to living in cars, and local officials fear middle-income earners will be priced out of the housing market.


Colorado businesses relied on sidewalk extensions to make a profit during COVID. They may be here to stay.

Parklets that became commonplace during the pandemic could become permanent fixtures on revitalized Main Streets across the state.


The only hospital in the country’s highest altitude city is thriving after near-closure 7 years ago

Leadville officials hope the hospital can be an economic engine for the once-booming mining town that clawed its way back from a bust in the 1980s thanks to a growth in tourism


Farmers hit with most disruptive price hikes, supply shortages in decades as pandemic slowdowns catch up to Colorado

Colorado farmers and agricultural businesses have been hit with cost increases for pesticides, fertilizer and other supplies as global supply chains sputter in the wake of the pandemic.


Colorado abortion providers are preparing for an influx of patients from Texas

Restrictions on abortion access nationwide could thrust more pressure on states like Colorado that have long been considered safe havens for abortion access.


Desperate for teachers and staff, some rural Colorado schools are offering their workers child care

Faced with persistent staffing shortages, some rural school districts have decided to open child care centers themselves.


Is Mineral County — population 865 — really one of the fastest-growing counties in Colorado?

In census data released this month, tiny Mineral County looked like one of the fastest growing counties in the state. But officials say it’s not a boomtown -- it just waged an aggressive campaign to get more of its residents counted.


Half of Colorado lives in a day care desert. Here’s how that’s straining one mountain community.

Though officials say help is on the way, parents and child care providers are struggling in Colorado, a state where half the population lives in a day care desert.


Colorado’s population grew at twice the national rate between 2010 and 2020. Here’s where the boom was biggest.

The populations of Broomfield and Weld counties grew by 30%, and Colorado’s Hispanic population followed growth trend across the West

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Colorado tourism suffered a $9 billion loss in 2020. Lodging properties were hardest hit.

Local travelers did their best to make up for lost bookings, but missing meetings and conventions did a number on earnings


Heavy smoke from West Coast wildfires is expected to blanket Colorado this weekend

Fine particulate matter in the air will be worse Saturday than most other days this year, said Russell Danielson, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Boulder.


Supply chain problems — from salsa to sheet metal — are hampering Colorado businesses’ coronavirus recovery

Colorado businesses face increasing costs and lengthy wait times to purchase items ranging from chicken wings to sheet metal as supply chain crunches disrupt markets across the globe.


It may be weeks before I-70 reopens through Glenwood Canyon after mud and rock slides

Gov. Jared Polis is preparing state and federal disaster declarations as state officials assess “extreme damage” to the highway and threats to the rail line that runs adjacent to the Colorado River


Colorado’s craft brewers are stuck with the tab as global can shortage shakes up beverage industry

Breweries, cideries and amateur cooks are spending big and getting creative to combat the supply crunch


Colorado expected to receive at least $300 million through opioid-crisis settlement — if local governments approve the deal

The tentative settlement, announced Wednesday, would bring to nearly $400 million that could come to Colorado through opioid litigation