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Shannon Najmabadi

Fines for Colorado schools with Native American mascots start in June. But no one has the power to enforce them.

About a dozen schools have been told by the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs to jettison mascots that appropriate American Indian imagery.

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100 bills debated at the Colorado legislature this year that you should know about

The Colorado Sun combed through the roughly 650 pieces of legislation introduced at the Capitol this year to find the ones that will affect — or would have affected — your life.

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Here’s what’s in the Colorado fentanyl “accountability and prevention” bill just sent to the governor

House Bill 1326 was one of the most contentious measures debated at the Colorado Capitol this year.

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Colorado’s legislature powers through harried final days to end 2022 lawmaking term

Colorado’s 2022 lawmaking term is ending at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday as most legislative sessions do: with some bills falling short of the finish line but most big-ticket items pared back but passing

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Democrats abandon their pursuit of wildfire building code as Colorado’s 2022 legislative session ends

There are already dozens of pending bills being held up by Republican stall tactics on the last day of session.

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Effort to ban sale of flavored tobacco, nicotine products in Colorado goes up in smoke

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted 5-2 on Tuesday to reject House Bill 1064

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Republican stall tactics in Colorado House threaten fate of dozens of bills as 2022 lawmaking term nears Wednesday close

Stuck in a long queue are bills that would change Colorado’s unemployment system, increase penalties for fentanyl users and dealers, and spend millions of dollars in federal coronavirus aid. The School Finance Act is also stuck in the logjam.

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Colorado schools with “Thunderbird” mascot set to get one-year reprieve from $25,000 monthly fines

About 24 schools were supposed to get rid of derogatory mascots by June 2022. But any other schools told to jettison mascots will have one year to come into compliance.


More abortion patients, more money, more volunteers in Colorado if Roe v. Wade is struck down

Both sides predict more intensity in Colorado if states in the South and Midwest outlaw abortion

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Colorado lawmakers abandon plan to offer $58 million in paid family and parental leave fee relief

Democratic leadership in the legislature says the bill was rejected so lawmakers can use the money set aside for the measure for other purposes


Donor-conceived Coloradans would be able to learn their biological parent’s identity under new bill

Senate Bill 224 would be the first of its kind nationwide, advocates say. It would also require fertility clinics to take steps to ensure donors can't be used to establish more than 10 families.

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Colorado’s 38,000 county employees would be able to collectively bargain — but not strike — under new measure

Earlier versions of the legislation would have expanded the collective bargaining rights extended to state employees in recent years to all public workers

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“Collision course”: Colorado’s governor opposes heavily lobbied effort to ban flavored tobacco, nicotine products

If passed, House Bill 1064 would siphon as much as $25.2 million in annual tax revenue from Gov. Jared Polis’ signature universal preschool program

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“An incredible frustration”: Boulder County fire officials have long sought better wildfire escape routes

The concern about escape paths has gained new urgency after the 2021 Marshall fire destroyed more than 1,000 homes in Boulder County.


Colorado’s governor encourages people to switch to electric vehicles. So why isn’t he driven around in one?

Gov. Jared Polis has asked the Department of Public Safety to transport him in an EV. The agency has rebuffed that request.

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Knowingly having more than 1 gram of fentanyl would be felony under change to Colorado bill

House Bill 1326 was amended on Wednesday before it passed the House Judiciary Committee. The measure is entangled in election-year politics and strong feelings from law enforcement and harm-reduction advocates.

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Republicans say Colorado is hurtling toward a possible budget deficit as a dozen new state offices are created

Democrats dismiss the claims as election-year posturing, pointing to money set aside in reserves.

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The dominant theme at Colorado Republicans’ state assembly: election conspiracies

GOP delegates to the state assembly picked candidates who baselessly question the results of the 2020 presidential election — and even cast doubt on the assembly results themselves

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Ron Hanks, who questions 2020 election results, beats 5 other candidates to make Colorado’s Republican U.S. Senate primary ballot

Hanks joins Joe O’Dea, who owns a construction company, on the June 28 primary ballot

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Republicans Greg Lopez, Heidi Ganahl qualify for primary ballot in Colorado governor’s race

Lopez, who has backed baseless claims the 2020 election was stolen, secured the top line on the ballot. Danielle Neuschwanger was eliminated from the contest.

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