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Armed guards helped evict residents from an East Colfax motel in violation of tenant laws, suit claims

The VareCo notified tenants of the 95-unit Summit View Inn they had to leave, but pushed them out before they had their day in court. Now some are homeless.


Denver’s program to house people who were homeless was so successful, the federal government is offering millions more to expand it

In April 2022, the social impact bond initiative will recruit and house 125 more people who are chronically homeless


Colorado’s governor wants to enlist private companies to help fix public problems with new partnership office

Gov. Jared Polis’ budget proposal seeks $1.3 million to create a state public-private partnership office. Public policy observers are skeptical.

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Nearly half of all people released from prison in Colorado return in 3 years. A $1.1 million program aims to reverse the trend.

Recruiting “first-chance” employers willing to hire people just out of prison is critical to the program, which also will fund training, mentoring and other support

Crime and Courts

Colorado governor eyes former youth corrections campus for new homeless recovery center

Gov. Polis toured the Ridge View campus Monday and spoke of plans to house hundreds of people who are homeless and in need of job training and addiction recovery.


Colorado mountain communities vote “yes” on new short-term rental fees but reject heavier regulation

Voters in end-of-the-road Crested Butte and Telluride stopped short of restrictions intended to slow and limit short-term rentals in the tourist-dependent communities.


Colorado launches program to help homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments

Money is available to cover 3 months of past-due mortgage payments, but it may be too late for some homeowners in the foreclosure process.


One of Denver’s poorest, most diverse neighborhoods was a food desert. Until now.

Residents of Sun Valley have had to travel miles by car or bus to get to a real grocery store. Then came Decatur Fresh Market, a government-subsidized store full of fresh produce and international spices.


He bought land in Park County before he could afford to build a home. So, he dug a hole there instead and lives in it.

Plots of land in Park County can be found for less than $10,000, but the cost of building or buying a home there is very high


As record-setting real estate sales continue in Colorado resort towns, buyers are now looking way down valley

As Colorado resort home sales and prices continue to set records, hamlets that once were out-of-the-way afterthoughts have taken on the attributes of bustling communities.


Cockroaches and sewage backups move low-income residents to sue one of Denver’s largest landlords

Mint Urban Infinity Apartments received $3,987 from the state’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program which provides up to 15 months of rent to struggling tenants and landlords.


Colorado lawmakers shelve proposal to more than triple property taxes for short-term rentals

The Legislative Oversight Committee Concerning Tax Policy Policy rejected the effort, but it could still be introduced during next year's legislative session

Politics and Government

Homelessness in metro Denver isn’t waning. But research from CU Denver and a private think tank offers ideas to help.

Common Sense Institute and CU Denver researchers looked at programs working in the seven-county metro region in hopes of exporting the concepts to other communities.


Colorado’s COVID rent-assistance program may have paid up to $4.4 million in error, audit finds

The popular state renter relief program paid landlords rent for tenants. But state auditors found that errors led to overpayments and less oversight as tenants weren’t notified that their rent had been paid.


Denver suburbs look to address homelessness as more camps move south and community tension builds

The cities of Littleton, Englewood and Sheridan passed a homelessness action plan. Residents are regularly calling police to report homelessness.


Grand Lake voters turn out in force to retain Mayor Steve Kudron in recall sparked by workforce housing plan

Two-thirds of registered voters cast ballots in the recall, more than double the number who participated in the 2020 mayoral election

Politics and Government

Colorado doesn’t have a statewide building code. Would enacting one help protect homes against wildfire?

A handful of state lawmakers are interested in pursuing a statewide building code, in large part as a way to secure more federal grant money


A flurry of policy experiments in Colorado serves as “regional laboratory” for regulating, limiting short-term rentals

Crackdown on short-term rental properties across Colorado mirrors national effort as communities grapple with escalating home prices and a shrinking workforce.


“Glorified homelessness”: Even tiny Silverton is experiencing the housing crisis that’s crushing mountain workers

Colorado’s housing shortage is exacerbated in remote Silverton, where there are no suburbs to commute from and little space to expand.


Colorado governor supports property tax cut measure on November ballot opposed by other Democrats

Gov. Jared Pols didn’t elaborate on his position, which is raising eyebrows among Democrats

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