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mental health

mental health
mental health

Colorado will be first in the U.S. to require comprehensive health coverage for gender-affirming services

The state is also expanding coverage for acupuncture and other treatments that are alternatives to opioids


Weed helped turn him into an ultrarunner — and he’s far from the only one

Denver author Josiah Hesse explores the open secret of stoned athletes in his new book “Runner’s High”


Class-action lawsuit alleges Colorado is failing at children’s mental health care

A similar lawsuit in Illinois forced that state to improve its mental health system for kids who qualify for Medicaid.


Opinion: If you have kids and guns in your home, please talk to your children. I wish I had.

Our son did everything right to be safe with guns. A suicidal impulse overcame them all

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Forced medication recommended for Danish man suspected of igniting massive Colorado wildfire

The finding of the doctor at the state mental hospital, revealed Monday during a court hearing but not discussed in any detail, still must be approved by a judge before any medication can be given to Jesper Joergensen


Opinion: Denver should implement the police task-force recommendations

They will transform local policing into comprehensive public safety

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Carman: Simone Biles’ gold medal-worthy performance a lesson for all of us

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we all need help from time to time

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Colorado will keep its long-term mental health program for doctors after yearlong fight

The controversy between the Colorado Medical Board and the state Department of Regulatory Agencies is nearing a close after protest and accusations.


A romp in the mud after a messy school year can be just what Colorado preschoolers need for their mental health

Early childhood caregivers are tending to preschoolers’ mental health, citing its connection to learning after a year of pandemic disruptions


“We are going to be cleaning up for a long time”: Colorado faces a lingering mental health crisis from coronavirus

In June, Children’s Hospital Colorado declared a crisis


Opinion: Another factor to keep in mind in Colorado’s oil and gas communities — healthy minds

We must have a larger community vision where we promote health and realize that how we are operating right now leads to chronic stress, depression and anxiety.

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What’d I Miss?: Hoping for change, but without changing


Youth mental health was front and center in Colorado’s legislative session. But the work is only a “down payment.”

Lawmakers set aside at least $30 million specifically for youth mental health, an amount that increased in the 11th hour of the lawmaking term after Children’s Hospital Colorado declared a state of emergency


Coronavirus lockdowns in prisons test limits of Colorado’s rules on solitary confinement

To slow the spread of COVID-19, the Colorado Department of Corrections isolated inmates in single-person cells, sometimes for weeks or months. The state says people should be in solitary for no more than 15 days.

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Opinion: The mental-health emergency facing Colorado’s children demands an emergency response

The mental health infrastructure in our nation and in Colorado is woefully underfunded and tragically underbuilt.

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Children’s Hospital Colorado declares mental health state of emergency as suicide attempts rise

Suicide attempts are rising and emergency room visits for mental health crises were up 90% last month. Mental health experts are asking for help.


The deadly consequences when kids run away from Colorado residential treatment centers

So many children run away from residential treatment centers in Colorado that police departments are overwhelmed by the calls. Two kids have died.

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Opinion: Mental health can be a powerful concern in Colorado’s mountains

The mountain West has earned the morbid nickname of “the suicide belt” because our rate of suicide is drastically higher than the national average.

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Two-thirds of farmers said the pandemic impacted their mental health. But providers are underfunded and underequipped.

The stigma of acknowledging the need for mental health care can prevent people from seeking it.


Colorado is on track to give teens three free therapy sessions to help them cope with coronavirus

House Bill 1258 sets aside $9 million for the historic effort that would be available for Coloradans 18 and under through June 2022

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