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mental health

mental health

On Edge: With family missing in Ethiopia’s civil war, Denver woman says her “mind is the hardest place to be”

The anxieties of 2020 in the U.S. amplified in November, when Millete Birhanemaskel's family members went missing when their home region was bombed by the Ethiopian government.

What’s Working: Colorado resources for the unemployed, those in need or those who’d like to support them

After another up-and-down week for unemployment benefits as new federal relief seemed final and then not, let’s focus on what’s important: People

On Edge: Colorado’s behavioral health chief opens up about his own severe depression

Robert Werthwein says he's been struck by the number of young men who have confided in him lately that they’ve been concealing COVID-related depression for fear that colleagues, friends or relatives will judge them as weak.

What’s Working: CARES Act II inches closer as 280,000 Coloradans will lose unemployment benefits day after Christmas

What CARES Act Part II may offer to the unemployed, plus a Denver effort to help salons and barbershops, free rent and mental-health support and 75,000 job openings

Youth suicides on the Eastern Plains spark political protest, “7 is too many” social media campaign

Teens are criticizing Gov. Polis’ policies, but mental health experts say it’s too simple to blame the suicide deaths solely on the pandemic

On Edge: Heightened anxiety, depression are testing Colorado’s already-frayed safety nets

As coronavirus makes another virulent run through Colorado, a silent epidemic of mental health challenges is feeding on the anxiety and isolation of the pandemic.

On Edge: A coronavirus survivor in Denver finds her footing amid her fears

Elizabeth Torres lost her grandfather to COVID-19. Soon after his death, she began to feel that she was losing herself.

On Edge: In a rural Eastern Plains community plagued by drought, stigma won’t be easy to overcome

Week after rainless week throughout the growing season has wounded not just local farmland, but also on the emotional landscape

Connecting to nature is good for kids – but they may need help coping with a planet in peril

Families kept home by pandemic restrictions report mounting stress and deteriorating behavior in their children

Colorado agency erred in dumping a mental health program for doctors, judge rules

An administrative law ruling says DORA’s new contract is void. But the case that has riled the state’s physicians is far from over.

This election is so anxiety-inducing that Coloradans are booking therapy sessions

It turns out there’s a diagnosis: Election Stress Disorder. Therapists are urging people to book hair cuts, color or bake to get through it. And, for heaven’s sake, stay off Twitter.

Beyond Zoom: Virtual therapy’s next generation has Bluetooth pulse monitors and more

The Mental Health Center of Denver is partnering with a health tech company to prepare for the next generation of therapy, happening on smartphones

Colorado’s splintered mental health system has had tragic failures. The state is taking the first step to fix it.

A task force ordered by Gov. Jared Polis calls for creating a new Behavioral Health Administration, but the plan has no new funding

Wave of suicides in northwest Colorado part of “toxic stress” from coronavirus, experts say

Nine people have died by suicide so far this year, five in the past month in a region that has been fighting to expand mental health care and break down stigma around treatment

Coronavirus has caused significant mental health strain in Colorado — for some more than others

A new survey from the Colorado Health Foundation shows sharp divisions based on race, income and political affiliation

Her book launched a literary experiment focused on “the nature of change and mental health”

With "Soft Hearted Stories," Jenny Forrester employed prose, poetry and even song into this highly introspective yet also wide-ranging nonfiction look at both herself and the world around her

Students struggle to learn in the face of trauma. Colorado school districts’ first lesson for them this fall: how to cope.

Recognizing how much kids’ lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19, school leaders are prioritizing their social-emotional wellbeing.

Colorado, like other states, trims health programs amid health crisis

Between the challenges of the pandemic, the social unrest and the economic crisis, mental health providers are warning that the need for behavioral health services is growing. Yet faced with budgetary shortfalls, Colorado is cutting spending.

Opinion: The safe storage gun safety bill is dead, but the fight will continue

Colorado Democrats unveil plan for $70 million in federal coronavirus aid, including small business loans and renter help

Republicans say they were not consulted on the state’s CARES Act spending once again.

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