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Politics and Government

Politics and Government

Shooting at Denver’s Civic Center park briefly prompts lockdown of Colorado Capitol

The shooting happened about 12:30 p.m. A man was wounded and taken to a hospital for treatment.

2 hours ago

Colorado plan to scale back CMAS testing moves forward. Kids would test in literacy or math, but not both.

House Bill 1161 minimizes testing for students, teachers, and administrators dealing with the effects of the pandemic.

6:47 AM MST

As Colorado readies wolf-reintroduction plan, other states may step up kills

Wildlife managers in the West say wolves are being used to stoke political outrage in the same way Second Amendment gun rights were used in recent elections to raise fears Democrats would restrict firearms.

6:28 AM MST

Indigenous students say they need more from Colorado universities. An in-state tuition bill is a first step.

Senate Bill 29 would require higher education institutions in Colorado to charge in-state tuition to any student who is part of a federally recognized American Indian tribe that lived within the state. Fort Lewis College already waives tuition for Indigenous students.

3:26 AM MST

Colorado competes with other states for wildfire-fighting aircraft. Climate change makes that a big problem.

Lawmakers have signed off on spending tens of millions of dollars to bolster Colorado’s access to fire-dousing planes and helicopters. That’s crucial as blazes grow bigger and more plentiful -- and erupt beyond summer.

2:30 AM MST

Colorado’s Aerospace Alley prepares for Space Command move to Alabama

In February, the Defense Department — operating under new President Joe Biden — announced it would investigate the circumstances behind Trump’s Space Command decision

12:01 AM MST

For Indigenous rights activists in Colorado, coronavirus brought momentum and pushback

Like its viral predecessors, the novel coronavirus has torn through Indigenous communities with particular vehemence. For many of them, this year has brought new urgency to old protests.


Colorado could soon be required to help every person leaving prison get a photo ID

A photo ID is needed to access basic services and government benefits, get a job or open a bank account. But currently, not every Colorado prisoner gets help obtaining one.

Politics and Government

The behind-the-scenes story of being Gov. Jared Polis during Colorado’s coronavirus crisis

“Who would think losing 6,000 people could ever be a win instead of 8,000? It’s just horrific every day,” the Democrat said.


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and his longtime partner, Marlon Reis, are engaged

The couple has been together for 17 years and have two children. Polis popped the question at a tense moment.


Nonprofit launches $1 million TV ad buy against Colorado Democrats’ public health insurance option proposal

Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, whose members include hospitals and private insurance companies, spent nearly $5 million in 2020 to attack a similar measure abandoned after coronavirus struck

Politics and Government

Colorado lawmakers advance bill broadening doxing protections for public health workers

Under current law, doxing or revealing personal information which poses an imminent or serious threat to law enforcement, human service workers or their families is a Class 1 misdemeanor. The proposed bill would add employees and contractors of the state, county or district public health agencies to the existing law.

Politics and Government

The first of 3 gun-safety bills moves ahead in Colorado statehouse debate

Children's Hospital Colorado doctors testify that suicide attempts by teens and young adults are "disproportionately lethal." Opponents argue a bill requiring firearms to be stored safely would make it harder for people to defend their homes.

Politics and Government

Colorado lawmakers advance effort to maintain school funding despite enrollment declines

Democrats at the state Capitol said they would maintain school funding in recognition that schools have incurred additional costs to educate students in a pandemic and on the premise that some students who sat out the fall could return to their home district


In Colorado, whether you want a coronavirus vaccine may depend on your party affiliation, new poll shows

Magellan Strategies found that only 55% percent of registered voters in Colorado who haven’t been inoculated want to receive a vaccine once it becomes available to them, including only 29% of Republicans


Lawmakers pitch power authority to beef up electric grid, avoid Texas-level price spikes in Colorado

Gathering utilities under one power would avoid Texas-size problems and speed construction of valuable new lines across the West, backers say


Tribes want Native statue to replace one at Colorado Capitol linked to Sand Creek massacre

The proposed new bronze statue would depict a young woman sitting on a white flag, wearing a native Cheyenne dress, with her left arm extended


After infighting, Colorado lawmakers revive effort to give child sex assault survivors unlimited time to sue abusers

A similar effort last year failed after proponents of the legislation couldn’t agree about whether to challenge the state constitution in the hopes of giving past victims of abuse a window to take legal action

Politics and Government

Colorado families ask for statewide school cannabis access

Many parents grew emotional at a Senate Education Committee hearing as they explained the difficulties their children face trying to take their medicinal cannabis doses while in school


Colorado elections expert nominated by Joe Biden to serve on U.S. Postal Service governing board

Amber McReynolds has focused throughout her career on expanding voter access, especially when it comes to mail voting

Politics and Government
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