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Politics and Government
Politics and Government

Two southern Colorado Democrats are running to unseat Lauren Boebert. But they may no longer live in her district.

A preliminary congressional map released Wednesday by nonpartisan legislative staff draw Pueblo and the San Luis Valley out of the 3rd Congressional District and into the 4th District.

Politics and Government
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Here’s where a preliminary map places Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District

Nonpartisan staffers unveiled an early map proposal Wednesday to the Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission. It’s based on 2019 population data.

Politics and Government

Colorado reaches 91% rural broadband coverage as efforts to improve internet for Ute Tribes move forward

The state’s Broadband Office is also working with other rural projects, including one on the Eastern Plains that would provide gigabit fiber to more than 50,000 customers


Colorado Supreme Court rejects animal cruelty ballot measure strongly opposed by farmers, ranchers

Initiative 16 heads back to the title board and its proponents for changes

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Tenured professors at Colorado public colleges are predominantly white

Hispanic students now make up about 20% of the state’s universities. But Hispanic professors? Less than 8% of all tenured professors across the state.

Politics and Government

PERA’s investments generated billions in 2020. But the Colorado pension’s financial condition worsened.

Banner stock market generated 17.4% returns on PERA’s investments. But it wasn’t enough to cover $3.1 billion in new costs the pension expects following a demographic study.

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Colorado refuses to ease rules for how much pollution gets discharged into rivers and streams

Members of the Water Quality Control Commission said they were shocked by the blowback to a proposed change that would have made it easier for industry, utilities to send more pollution downstream.


More Colorado adults are getting vaccinated, but a partisan divide persists, poll shows

When it comes to Gov. Jared Polis’ handling of the pandemic, 60% said they approve, 32% said they disapprove and 8% said they have no opinion


Colorado governor signs three new gun control bills inspired by the Boulder King Soopers shooting into law

The new laws make this year’s legislative session the most significant in terms of firearm regulations in Colorado in nearly a decade

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Ex-Colorado GOP chair took nearly $280,000 in pro-Trump PAC funds, complaint says

Politics and Government

Colorado limits who can access voting equipment as citizens, conservative group press for 2020 election audits

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold adopted an emergency rule limiting access to voting equipment to officials who have passed a background check

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Colorado’s economy has recovered so quickly that the legislature will have to refund taxpayers under TABOR

While state coffers have recovered and employment is increasing, low-income, Black and Hispanic workers still lag in job recovery

Politics and Government

Colorado shuts down youth center in Watkins after allegations of drugs, fights and improper restraints of kids

State officials showed up Thursday to remove children from Ridge View Youth Services Center. Several tried to run away and one is still missing.


Colorado education groups split over proposal to raise marijuana taxes to boost out-of-school learning

Colorado’s top teachers union withdrew its support for Initiative 25. Some say it’s a voucher program, despite broad backing.


Here come the gas and delivery fees as Colorado’s governor signs $5 billion-plus transportation bill into law

Colorado lawmakers have been trying to solve the problem of boosting transportation funding for years. But Senate Bill 260 passed with almost no Republican support at the Capitol.


U.S. Supreme Court dismisses challenge that threatened to unwind Obamacare

The justices, by a 7-2 vote, left the entire law intact Thursday in ruling that Texas, other Republican-led states and two individuals had no right to bring their lawsuit in federal court


Proponents of a tax hike on recreational cannabis get bipartisan endorsements

Former Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter, former Republican Gov. Bill Owens and state lawmakers from both parties have endorsed the effort

Politics and Government

Colorado is the third state to pass a consumer-data privacy bill. Now what?

Yes, you can ask a company to delete your personal data. No, it doesn’t apply to all personal data. And yes, many companies in-and-out of Colorado must figure out how to manage this by July 2023.


Colorado doesn’t want to foot the bill for abandoned oil and gas wells. Here’s how it will avoid picking up the tab.

Senate Bill 181 told the state to strengthen “financial assurance” regs. COGCC now wants operators to guarantee the clean up of each well and the cost could run to the billions.


Colorado governor signs priority bills to cut health insurance costs, limit prescription drug prices

Colorado Democrats have tried for years to pass measures to regulate health insurance and cap prescription drug costs

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