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Politics and Government
Politics and Government

Lamar High School drops “Savage” from its mascot name as 10 new schools are found in violation of state law

In a meeting running concurrently with state Commission of Indian Affairs, Lamar’s school board voted to remove the offensive word. The district doesn’t know if it is in compliance.


Prosecutors debunk Mesa County clerk Tina Peters’ 2020 election-fraud claims

The Mesa County District Attorney's Office presented its findings after investigating claims by Peters, who is under indictment for providing unauthorized access to county voting equipment.

Politics and Government

“Everybody has a second job”: Low pay leaves rural Colorado teachers struggling

Colorado’s teacher salaries are among the lowest in the nation


5 ways the Colorado legislature just affected your wallet — in a good way

Your property taxes won’t rise as much as they were supposed to and Coloradans will temporarily avoid a $2 increase in the cost to get or renew a driver’s license

Politics and Government

Colorado will soon have an office dedicated to helping investigate cases of murdered, missing Indigenous people

Gov. Jared Polis said he will sign Senate Bill 150 into law after weeks of negotiations with lawmakers, tribal representatives

Politics and Government

Fines for Colorado schools with Native American mascots start in June. But no one has the power to enforce them.

About a dozen schools have been told by the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs to jettison mascots that appropriate American Indian imagery.

Politics and Government

Partner of fired Aurora police chief accused of making false sex abuse report against city councilwoman

Robin Niceta, a county social worker at the time, allegedly made an anonymous call to a child abuse hotline on Jan. 28 alleging that she saw Aurora City Councilmember Danielle Jurinsky inappropriately touching her son

Crime and Courts

Budgets fat with fossil fuel revenue at odds with climate-change goals in states like Colorado

Will Toor, executive director of the Colorado Energy Office, said the state's not targeting fossil fuel production — only the industry's emissions.

Politics and Government

Colorado judge declines to toss defamation suit filed by Dominion boss against Trump, Giuliani and conservative media

136-page decision found case is in the public interest "because the public is harmed by the spread of defamatory information."

Politics and Government

Colorado’s secretary of state’s race tests Republicans’ embrace of election conspiracies

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, former Jefferson County Clerk Pam Anderson and Mike O'Donnell, a former nonprofit leader, are running in the Republican primary

Politics and Government

Rare three-agency audit of western Colorado mental health center finds dangerous prescription practices

Mind Springs Health, which provides mental health services and has a psychiatric hospital in Grand Junction, remains on a corrective action plan


Colorado lawmakers just passed legislation creating a statewide recycling program. Here’s how it would work.

Gov. Jared Polis is expected to sign the legislation, House Bill 1355, into law


141 wild horses — a third of those captured from the Western Slope — died in country’s deadliest flu outbreak

Bureau of Land Management officials say the outbreak is winding down after two and a half weeks


100 bills debated at the Colorado legislature this year that you should know about

The Colorado Sun combed through the roughly 650 pieces of legislation introduced at the Capitol this year to find the ones that will affect — or would have affected — your life.

Politics and Government

Here’s what’s in the Colorado fentanyl “accountability and prevention” bill just sent to the governor

House Bill 1326 was one of the most contentious measures debated at the Colorado Capitol this year.

Politics and Government

Federal inquiry that stalled solar installations follows the law, commerce secretary tells angry senators

The commerce secretary told a Senate panel that the solar inquiry is following a process set by law that doesn't allow consideration of climate change, supply chains or other factors.


Colorado’s legislature powers through harried final days to end 2022 lawmaking term

Colorado’s 2022 lawmaking term is ending at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday as most legislative sessions do: with some bills falling short of the finish line but most big-ticket items pared back but passing

Politics and Government

Democrats abandon their pursuit of wildfire building code as Colorado’s 2022 legislative session ends

There are already dozens of pending bills being held up by Republican stall tactics on the last day of session.

Politics and Government

Judge bars Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters from overseeing 2022 elections

Peters, who is seeking the Republican nomination for secretary of state, was also barred from overseeing the 2021 elections in Mesa County

Politics and Government

Effort to ban sale of flavored tobacco, nicotine products in Colorado goes up in smoke

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted 5-2 on Tuesday to reject House Bill 1064

Politics and Government
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