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Daliah Singer

Special to The Colorado Sun

Slow loss of obstetrics care forces rural Coloradans into long drives, or long stays, when babies arrive

Just 54% of rural Colorado counties have obstetric services available. This means people must drive long distances for prenatal care and to deliver their babies.


“Everybody has a second job”: Low pay leaves rural Colorado teachers struggling

Colorado’s teacher salaries are among the lowest in the nation


For incarcerated youth in Colorado, the coronavirus pandemic isn’t over yet

Colorado ranks among the 12 states with the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses in juvenile detention facilities.


Coronavirus moved some substance treatment services online in Colorado — possibly permanently

Private and group therapy sessions are now happening over Zoom. Clinicians in rural areas are connecting with clients over the phone. Even AA took 12-step programs online. For many, it's working well.


In Colorado prisons and jails, a piecemeal approach to the threat of coronavirus

“The introduction of COVID-19 into the corrections system could have devastating results,” Colorado's prisons director says.