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Olivia Prentzel

The Colorado Sun — 619-607-5210

Here are the wildfires currently burning across Colorado

Lightning sparked three of the largest wildfires burning right now in the state


Colorado prison inmates fight wildfires while they’re serving time, but can’t get hired when they get out

A new law signed by Gov. Jared Polis is intended to help former prison inmates who worked on fire crews get jobs in the fire service after release.


Thieves want your car’s catalytic converter — just as a new Colorado law drives up the cost to replace it

Thefts of the anti-pollution devices are way up, and so is the cost of replacing them amid clean-air rules that took effect this year

Crime and Courts

About 30% of Denver’s homes lack air conditioning. Here’s the city’s environmentally friendly solution.

The city's effort is part of a broader attempt to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by getting people in Colorado to replace gas-powered furnaces and hot water heaters with electric heating and cooling.


Northwest Colorado under “extremely critical” fire warning for first time in 15 years as Western Slope drought worsens

About 45% of Colorado, all west of the Continental Divide, now in some state of drought


Two popular Colorado waterways are shut down amid raging currents, large number of rescues

Officials across Colorado are restricting access to rivers along the Front Range as high flows, low temperatures and debris make it unsafe for rafters, tubers and kayakers — especially those unaware of the rivers’ strength.