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Opinion: This Democrat hopes for the restoration of a healthy Republican Party

In the past couple of weeks, Congress’ Select Committee has presented persuasive, unrebutted evidence that Donald J. Trump, the duly-elected 45th President, refused to abide by the will of the People. He knew, full well, that he had lost both the popular vote and the determinative Electoral College vote, by a substantial margin, and that […]

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Opinion: The Earth’s dangerously warming temperature would seem to be a front-page story

If newspaper editors really wanted to bring proper attention to climate change, they would immediately dedicate a portion of their front page — say, lower left corner —  to an “Earth Watch” box that provides daily coverage of the issue. After all, no news story has more profound ramifications for readers than the very real […]

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Opinion: Even after a year of pandemic, hope springs eternal

It’s been quite a year. Last March, just shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak caused lockdowns across the globe, I penned a rather upbeat, optimistic column published here. It posited that  humankind’s awakening to the fundamental truth that we are all linked together (and, therefore, inescapably interdependent) presented a profound opportunity; as a result, I foresaw […]

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Opinion: Step into an alternate universe and get a glimpse of presidential leadership

Ladies and Gentlemen:  Today is the __th day of our nation’s, and the world’s, ongoing battle against the most serious public health crisis in more than a century.   As of [time] p.m. this afternoon, the number of documented individuals infected with the coronavirus is __#__ here in the U.S. and __#___ worldwide.   Although […]