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Budgets fat with fossil fuel revenue at odds with climate-change goals in states like Colorado

Will Toor, executive director of the Colorado Energy Office, said the state's not targeting fossil fuel production — only the industry's emissions.

Politics and Government

Rebuffed twice, JetBlue goes hostile in its bid for Spirit Airlines

JetBlue is going straight to shareholders with its offer in hopes of pushing the board of the Florida airline to the negotiating table


What’s Working: Colorado needs transit and truck drivers. How’s a $5,000 bonus sound?

Here’s how Denver and RTD are handling the driver shortage. Plus: Inflation continues, new business laws and more.


A federal program gives people $30 a month for internet. Less than a third of eligible Coloradans participate.

A smoother process and ISP support could increase Colorado’s participation rate in the Affordable Connectivity Program


Xcel Energy can recover $509 million from consumer bills after February 2021 storm, judge rules 

Average home impact will be an 11% boost for gas, 2% for electricity in coming years, even though the ruling says the utility could have done more to warn consumers.


Here’s where Colorado wants to capture and bury 350,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year

Carbon America will gather 350,000 tons of carbon a year from Yuma and Sterling ethanol makers and store it deep underground in climate change fight.


Federal inquiry that stalled solar installations follows the law, commerce secretary tells angry senators

The commerce secretary told a Senate panel that the solar inquiry is following a process set by law that doesn't allow consideration of climate change, supply chains or other factors.


Spirit Airlines plans June vote on merger offer from Denver-based Frontier

Spirit shareholders would get more cash from JetBlue's offer. However, Frontier's proposal would give Spirit shareholders 48.5% of shares in the combined company.


PGA Tour returning to Colorado with 2024 BMW Championship

The PGA Tour's last big event in Colorado was the BMW Championship at Cherry Hills Country Club in 2014


What’s Working: The politics of unemployment debt in Colorado

Business bills galore as Colorado lawmakers head into the last week of the legislative session. Plus: Who’s hiring, who needs a job, who’s getting a check.


What happened when a bright star in Denver’s startup scene started to fade

Nanno's plan was to build the best babysitting app around. But as a female-founded, consumer tech business heading into a global pandemic, that changed.


Colorado lawmakers abandon plan to offer $58 million in paid family and parental leave fee relief

Democratic leadership in the legislature says the bill was rejected so lawmakers can use the money set aside for the measure for other purposes


Spirit still prefers takeover bid from Denver-based Frontier Airlines over JetBlue

Spirit said antitrust regulators are unlikely to approve JetBlue's offer because of JetBlue's alliance with American Airlines in the Northeast


What’s Working: Unpacking Colorado’s “muddled” economy 

New business filings remain at higher than usual levels but dissolutions rising too. Plus: Business bills, top cities to start a business and more!


Colorado’s mountain resorts cut back their summer offerings as labor crisis persists

Labor crisis in Colorado high country forces outdoor companies like Vail Resorts to adjust labor-intensive offerings like ziplining


Colorado Democrats aim to quickly pass property tax relief to head off ballot measure from business group, conservatives

Democrats are trying to quickly introduce and pass property tax reduction legislation to head off a 2022 ballot measure from Colorado Concern. Polling indicates that measure may be doomed from the start.

Politics and Government

Colorado new car sales tilt more toward EVs, but some green states are doing better

1st quarter 2022 buying habits show dominance of Tesla, the relentless march of SUVs, and disappearing old school sedans.


Robberies, deaths renew calls for Congress to pass legislation letting cannabis businesses access banking

Although 18 states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and 37 allow its medical use, it remains illegal under federal law. Because of that, big banks and credit card companies have long been reluctant to work with the industry.


What’s Working: Diversity tools to get past Denver’s $45,000 “scrape-by” wage

Plus: Colorado had one of the largest declines in job openings nationwide, but even as the state’s job economy has recovered, we’re not back to normal yet


Superior Starbucks to become the first Colorado location to unionize

Employees said it felt like the company was using "a divide-and-conquer tactic" to dissuade union efforts. Starbucks denied any allegations of "anti-union behavior."

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