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With federal COVID sick leave gone, workers feel pressure to show up at work

Paid sick leave is an essential tool — like testing, masks and vaccines — in the effort to prevent COVID-19 infection and keep workplaces safe. Few states have programs. Colorado is one of them.


Colorado issues cease-and-desist order for Nederland-area mine that’s leaking heavy metals into water

Tests at the Cross and Caribou mine that drains into drinking water supplies show elevated levels of lead, cadmium and other toxic minerals, as the state threatens high fines.


What’s Working: Colorado was tied for nation’s 4th highest rate of job quitters in September

The new JOLTS data is out and the state’s numbers are all over the place. Plus: It’s Small Business Saturday, older workers' resources and more.


Biden sets out oil, gas leasing reform, stops short of public-lands ban

Long-awaited Interior Department report recommends hiking federal royalty rates for oil and gas drilling, which have not been raised for 100 years.


Inflation and supply-chain issues are squeezing Denver’s Thanksgiving giveaway traditions

Food prices have been on the rise as the nation continues to deal with the pandemic’s impact on the economy


What it’s like to hunt for a job in Colorado when you’re over 50

Older workers dropped out of the state’s labor force during the pandemic. Some say age discrimination keeps them from getting a new job.


Denver-area businesses may start checking your COVID vaccination status. Here’s how to get proof on your smartphone.

The myColorado app lets you download your official vaccine record on your phone -- as well as your driver’s license


Looking for a fast EV charge in small town Colorado? Do you want fries with that?

Entrepreneurs like Curtis Claar and his EV Trails are starting to fill in the gaps of “range anxiety” among new electric car owners by installing lightning-fast, for-profit stations in out of the way places.


Volunteer deal for Colorado COVID management cost taxpayers $1.6 million

Colorado paid a group of Gov. Jared Polis' business associates who "volunteered" to help manage the pandemic $630,000. Then it paid another $1 million.

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What’s Working: Colorado’s job recovery rate is the nation’s 10th fastest. So why is our jobless rate the 15th highest?

Colorado’s unemployment rate dropped to 5.4% in October, which ranks 15th highest in the nation. Meanwhile, the U.S. average is 4.6%.


Colorado has a dismal recycling rate. Could a fee on manufacturers turn things around?

Just 15% of recyclable and compostable material was diverted from landfills in Colorado in 2020.


Snow may not be piling up at Colorado ski resorts this season, but anxiety sure is

Coronavirus is still a worry, but now ski hill operators must wrestle with too few workers and not enough places to house the ones they’ve hired


Zillow spent big in Colorado’s Front Range this summer, months before collapse of home-flipping business

The online real estate giant Zillow bought more than 500 homes in 10 Front Range counties this summer, often spending more than asking.


Colorado’s governor wants to enlist private companies to help fix public problems with new partnership office

Gov. Jared Polis’ budget proposal seeks $1.3 million to create a state public-private partnership office. Public policy observers are skeptical.

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What’s Working: Colorado tops labor lists — even for restaurant workers

Restaurants say hiring has improved, with 84% reporting hiring challenges now compared to 91%. So, not much. Plus: COVID-19 deaths by education level, marital status and more.


Colorado will get at least $100 million, possibly $1 billion, from infrastructure bill to end digital divide

As part of its share of the massive U.S. infrastructure bill, the state hopes to solve the lack of fast internet in rural areas. But the digital divide isn’t just about rural communities anymore.


Colorado dangles free transit on bad pollution days. But will there be anyone to ride? Or drive?

Northern Colorado transit systems struggling to lure back riders can’t restore full service because there aren’t enough drivers and that may be keeping customers away.


The government says COVID cost the outdoor recreation industry $156 billion in 2020. But did it really?

The annual Bureau of Economic Analysis shows the outdoor recreation economy fell 19.5% in 2020, but that includes big declines outside the recreation industry.


Closing a coal-fired power plant in Pueblo to meet Colorado climate goals is easier said than done

The fate of Xcel Energy’s Comanche 3 plant is tangled at the crossroads of emissions and economics


Supply chain woes lead to pricey outdoor recreation products

Problems in the global supply chain are creating big headaches for businesses — and for shoppers that are dealing with long waits and higher prices

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