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Jenny McCoy

Racial segregation is getting worse in big U.S. cities — except for Colorado Springs

Among the 113 largest cities examined by researchers for a decade only two qualified as "integrated." One of them was Colorado Springs. Denver ranked as "highly segregated"


In rural Crowley County, a safe return to in-person school is really the only option

The challenges of distance learning hit schools on the high plains of southeast Colorado especially hard. With fewer resources than larger, wealthier urban districts, Crowley County relied on dedicated educators to try to fill the gap.


Coronavirus is triggering a range of emotions in Colorado kids

Kids from toddler-age on up are wrestling with unfamiliar stressors created by the coronavirus. Experts say the way adults behave can set an example that lasts a lifetime -- for better or for worse.


The coronavirus has made working in a Colorado grocery store harrowing

Grocery store workers can't adhere to social distancing guidelines by the nature of their jobs, meaning they may be at higher risk. "They're on the frontlines with us,” one health expert says.


How pregnant women in Colorado are adapting to the coronavirus crisis to keep themselves safe

The CDC doesn't know whether pregnancy increases chances of infection, but the fast spread of COVID-19 has some women very worried. Some are even considering delivering their babies at birthing centers to avoid infection-filled hospitals.