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The Colorado Trust

A tutoring program cultivates community bonds to help Latinx students in Boulder County

The program started in 2019, but expanded at the start of the pandemic, when parents worried their children were falling behind. Today, 70 students are enrolled and 50 more are waiting.


COVID closed Mesa County school kitchens. Students got them reopen.

Student chefs stepped up to fill a void left by COVID-19 outbreaks, other respiratory illnesses and staff shortages that had challenged the Grand Junction school district since classes began.


Extended-stay motels quietly fill the gaps in Gunnison’s chronic housing shortage

Gunnison County is in the midst of a housing crisis, years in the making and intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic fallout.


Eight months into coronavirus, an immigrant community in Colorado finds hardship and hope

The coronavirus has killed people in immigrant communities and communities of color at much higher rates than the general public, and left many out of work