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What in the piping plover? New website sheds light on Colorado’s 350 most sensitive species.

The dashboard highlights the leading threats faced by species across the state and tracks Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s progress in protecting them

4:01 AM MDT

Critics say Xcel Energy’s latest bid for a gas rate increase would leave customers pinched

“Xcel needs to have a very strong message that piling rate case after rate case is not acceptable,” said Leslie Glustrom of Clean Energy Action

3:59 AM MDT

Boulder County planners delay vote on 15-year extension for much-maligned Cemex

Planning commissioners ask staff and the cement company for more info on health impacts of the combined mine and kiln operation at Lyons.


Colorado mining board fines “illegal” operation in Jefferson County near Rocky Flats, keeps it closed

A milling site under a cease-and-desist order still claims state law doesn’t apply, but inspectors are adamant it’s outside the law.


Wind energy boom and golden eagles collide in Colorado and other Western states

Turbine blades hundreds of feet long are among myriad threats to golden eagles, which are routinely shot, poisoned by lead, hit by vehicles and electrocuted on power lines


Summit Stage gets $35 million federal grant for electric bus operations center that will serve ski country

U.S. infrastructure bill grants millions more to other rural Colorado bus agencies to buy electrics, hybrids, and CNG options.


Southwest states given more time to agree on water cuts to prevent largest reservoirs from reaching critically low levels

Despite giving states more time to negotiate, federal officials said some cuts were coming to parts of the Colorado River Basin


Doctors, nurses ask Jefferson County officials to take action on leaded aviation gas at Rocky Mountain airport

Doctors and nurses sent a letter to commissioners, calling on them to act


Tuesday’s deadline looms for drought-stricken states to cut Colorado River water use

Cities and farms in seven U.S. states are bracing for cuts this week, setting up what’s expected to be the most consequential week for Colorado River policy in years


John Hickenlooper wins over some environmental critics with big role in Democrats’ climate bill

Two years after a Democratic primary in which Hickenlooper was criticized for being too cozy with the oil and gas industry and weak on climate change, he is being hailed as a climate champion

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Delta County thought solar panels were a baaaaad idea. But what if there were 1,000 sheep grazing under them?

After county commissioners rejected an 80-megawatt solar project, Denver-based Guzman Energy Group has returned with 1,000 sheep to sweeten the deal


Judge revives Obama-era ban on coal sales from U.S. lands

Almost half the nation’s annual coal production — some 260 million tons last year — is mined by private companies from leases on federal land, primarily in Western states such as Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.


“Reach up and touch the stars:” The dark is starting to shine through Colorado’s astrotourism

Lake Fork Valley Conservancy has started an ambitious project to transform its dark sky designated park into a nocturnal classroom


VIDEO: The future of the Colorado River and what that means for our state

The Colorado Sun presents The Future of the Colorado River and What that Means for our State. Experts discussed the challenges of the river and ways to manage it moving forward.


Where does the water in Glenwood Canyon’s iconic Hanging Lake come from?

The U.S. Forest Service and a Missouri water-tracing company are trying to find the water source of the popular hiking destination


First comprehensive oil and gas drilling plan under Colorado’s new regulations gets go-ahead

24,000 acre Bronco CAP sets plan to drill 209 wells over 6 years. It's the smallest in area of three drilling plans Colorado regulators are considering.


Evraz is selling its Pueblo and North American operations as it faces sanctions for ties with Russia

As one of Pueblo’s largest employers, Evraz North America is currently constructing a rail mill but has decided to get out of the country


U.S. sued in bid to force decision on protections for gray wolves in the Rockies

The Humane Society of the United States and Center for Biological Diversity asked U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy in Montana to order federal officials to make a final decision


Researchers in Colorado have figured out what makes air conditioners consume so much energy. It’s not the heat.

A massive amount of energy is devoted to cooling and it’s a dirty business when it’s humid. About 52% of greenhouse gases emitted by air conditioning are attributed to dehumidifying.


Inflation/climate bill includes $4 billion for buying water to save the Colorado River Basin

Bennet, other Western senators applaud funds meant to rent, buy or save water to fill the 2 million to 4 million acre-foot gap amid historic drought.

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