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Federal government, Colorado and mining company reach $90 million settlement in Gold King mine spill

The proposed settlement announced Friday would direct $90 million to cleanup at the Bonita Peak Mining District Superfund site in southwest Colorado

1:18 PM MST

When Colorado oil and gas wells are sold to small companies, can the new owners afford the cleanup costs?

The shuffling of wells from big operators to much smaller ones increases the risk that they will be orphaned and left for the state to clean up, regulators and environmental groups fear.

6:11 AM MST

Ranchers in some states can shoot wolves that attack their livestock. But not in Colorado.

Attacks on cattle and dogs by wolves that migrated into northwest Colorado from Wyoming have stoked a rancher-wolf controversy sooner than expected.

4:15 AM MST

An attempt to ban mountain lion hunting in Colorado thrills animal activists, troubles hunters

As hunters flood lawmakers with emails protesting the proposed ban on mountain lion hunting, Sen. Joann Ginal, D-Fort Collins, pulled her name from the measure, Senate Bill 31

4:10 AM MST

An oil and gas company wants to plug four idle wells. The wells could end up owned by a troubled Colorado operator instead.

While Colorado’s oil and gas commission overhauls its rules on financial assurance and transfers, the COGCC director says, as a regulator, it’s “not involved in the business of the transfer.”


Colorado fines Boulder County gold mine $17,000 for water quality violations

All but $5,000 suspended, as mine reclamation staff says owners of Cross and Caribou mines are making “good faith” efforts to get cleanup online.


Coloradans struggle to navigate insurance after losing a home to wildfire. State lawmakers want to make it easier.

Two Colorado lawmakers plan to introduce a bill that would shorten and simplify the insurance claims process after a declared fire disaster.


Colorado oil and gas wells are constantly changing hands. Some risk becoming costly “orphans” along the way.

Since 2017, more than 42,000 oil and gas properties have been bought or sold in Colorado. If they fall into the wrong hands, they risk ending up abandoned, leaving the state on the hook for cleanup.


Owners of gold mine above Nederland warn town officials to stop defaming it for water quality violations

Colorado could set water violation fines and new regulations for a revived gold mine, but developers claim they are victims of $500 million in libel by town officials – “We will not go quietly.”


Colorado must decide “without delay” if it will renew long-delayed Suncor permits, judge rules

District Court judge in Adams County agrees with environmental groups that Colorado must speed up permit decisions for the controversial Commerce City oil refinery.


A slight tweak to a pile of rocks deep in the woods could flood a Colorado town

State water engineers removed stones in a ditch, which directed more water toward Twin Lakes homes and less toward a proposed luxury community.


Colorado concert halls and ski areas are tossing one-time plastic cups

The party-scene staples will become a thing of the past as washable plastic and aluminum cups take over bars


Colorado wildlife officials just legalized hazing wolves. It came too late for a cowboy whose dog was killed.

Ranchers can now use rubber bullets, other methods against problem wolves, ahead of planned reintroduction to the Western Slope


Environmental groups launch six-figure ad campaign pressuring Colorado’s governor to act on abandoned oil and gas wells

The groups behind the campaign, which comes as Gov. Jared Polis is gearing up for a reelection push, are the Sierra Club, ProgressNow Colorado, LOGIC Colorado and Colorado Rising

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Golden eagle lovers fear a new Loveland bike path will scare off the Colorado treasure

A rare tree-nesting pair of the big raptors has captivated observers for years. Now city open space managers say they can pour concrete closer than the state recommends.


Nebraska will spend $500 million to claim South Platte River water from Colorado

Colorado has identified 282 new South Platte River Basin projects of its own to meet the demands of the fast-growing metro area


Sierra Club threatens to suspend 20,000-member Colorado chapter

National leadership cites ongoing conflicts between local management and volunteers, and says it may appoint other Colorado members to take over.


Boulder County allowing farmers to grow GMOs on open space after organic utopia didn’t materialize

Farming on public open space is performative, both visually and politically. But the commissioners’ reversal of restrictions on genetically engineered crops may change that.


Watch where you aim: Urine is hurting Colorado’s high country lakes

Researchers use some human insight -- and some cultural markers -- to find out where all the yuck is coming from in Rocky Mountain National Park. Bottom line: Coloradans are peeing where they shouldn’t.


Colorado’s trash bins are so full they’re fa-la-lalling over. Here’s why.

We’re in the 12 days of waste and excess. But Denver and Fort Collins recycling experts offer some tips on how to keep your holiday throwaways from plus-sizing.

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