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Colorado nursing homes with the most coronavirus deaths were cited for poor infection control

A Colorado Sun investigation found that many of the nursing homes with the highest death counts were told multiple times to clean up hygiene protocols intended to protect residents.


Coronavirus crushed Colorado’s economy. But working women paid the highest price.

About 20,000 fewer women were working in Colorado by the end of 2020 than when the pandemic began. Moms were most likely to leave or lose their jobs.


Two paychecks from eviction: Coronavirus shined a light on Colorado housing instability

Renters’ advocates are reviving efforts to change Colorado law in order to help keep people housed, even when they’re late on rent


Coronavirus has stolen some kids’ sense of smell, and it stinks

A new Children’s Hospital Colorado clinic will ask children and teens to smell four essential oils twice per day for three months. But can a 5-year-old identify eucalyptus?


Big idea: Colorado could extend to-go cocktails beyond coronavirus to make them the “law of the land”

A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants to let restaurants sell to-go cocktails, beer and wine forever. Liquor stores want the brakes pumped.

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State border-jumpers can get vaccinated in Colorado — even if no one’s happy about it

Colorado officials say an address is not required to book a vaccine appointment, but counties say they’d rather prioritize their own full-time residents


With homelessness more visible than ever, Colorado cities don’t have to count outdoor residents

While Denver and Colorado Springs opted out of the annual homeless count during coronavirus, Grand Junction and Glenwood volunteers fanned out to rural camps


Fentanyl overdoses are surging in Colorado as the powerful opioid is disguised as other drugs

The number of people who died of fentanyl overdoses in Denver jumped to 119 last year, up from 17 just two years before. Statewide, overdoses involving fentanyl more than doubled.


Calls to Colorado’s child abuse hotline fell during coronavirus, but harm to kids likely didn’t

Child welfare officials have been concerned throughout the coronavirus pandemic that kids were out of sight of teachers, doctors who must report abuse


As Colorado backcountry use soars, Vail Pass’ fee model could be a way to manage the crush

Dangerous avalanche conditions, combined with high backcountry use, create a busy season for managers of public lands.


In Denver, getting the coronavirus vaccine may depend on where you live

The vaccine disparity is statewide, with a higher proportion of whites getting vaccinated. Here’s what public health workers and equity task forces are doing about it.


Colorado’s stagnant budget isn’t helping the shrinking middle class, report finds

A “thought experiment” suggests the state target spending on K-12 education, judicial programs in order to help Coloradans rise out of poverty


How one block on Pearl Street represents Denver’s stubborn homelessness crisis

The city’s encampments persist, with tensions boiling over in Capitol Hill. Denver has opened two sanctioned camps, but they’re full. Besides, some refuse to live there.


“It’s like Lady Gaga tickets”: Colorado health officials need help managing vaccine demand

County health departments say they lack the software to schedule residents, keep track of who is eligible and who is next for the coronavirus vaccine


Convalescent plasma isn’t quite the coronavirus miracle treatment it was supposed to be. What happened?

Demand for plasma from COVID-19 survivors is low in Colorado, and Denver Health quit using it to treat patients. Now researchers suspect it could help people when they first get sick.


Colorado youth corrections system sees biggest spike in violent offenders in a decade

In the past four years, the number of young people committed to the Colorado Division of Youth Services for homicide or manslaughter has jumped 141%.


41 Colorado counties had level-red coronavirus metrics on New Year’s Eve. They’re now under level-orange restrictions.

Eight counties had already moved to level orange and the remaining 33 were allowed to move up on Monday.


New programs aim to house Colorado foster youth who end up homeless

More than a third of the 200 kids who age out of foster care each year in Colorado end up without shelter. New programs help anchor young adults with housing and even savings accounts.


Colorado’s vaccine schedule won’t salvage a school year upended by coronavirus

By the time teachers are vaccinated, schools will be headed to summer break. Districts are calling for teachers to move to the top of Phase 2 inoculations.


Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert to challenge Electoral College vote

Boebert, who takes office in January, again repeated false allegations of widespread voter fraud in the election of Joe Biden

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