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In the shadow of a ski resort, Steamboat Springs mobile home residents have been without power for 50 days

Residents of the Sleepy Bear Mobile Home Park lost power in mid-June after an electrical fire. The park is now the subject of a state investigation.


Colorado’s child protection ombudsman announces new program to review child deaths

The first death reviewed will be that of a 12-year-old who died after running away from Tennyson Center for Children.


At least 610,000 white flags will stand in D.C. in honor of those who died from coronavirus. A Coloradan is among those behind it.

The memorial will be the largest participatory public art installation on the National Mall since the AIDS quilt in 1987.


Colorado will keep its long-term mental health program for doctors after yearlong fight

The controversy between the Colorado Medical Board and the state Department of Regulatory Agencies is nearing a close after protest and accusations.


A $500 million Medicaid boost gives Colorado a chance to re-do its disability services

Funding for in-home personal care for aging Coloradans and people with disabilities would jump for three years under American Rescue Plan spending.


Colorado hires private investigators to find teens who went missing when the state abruptly closed a youth center

Amid criticism about the state’s handling of the shutdown, the Human Services Department is paying private investigators $100/hour to find them


Wolf reintroduction happened so fast in Montana and Idaho, the states are expanding hunting. Here’s what Colorado can learn.

In Montana and Idaho, state officials are pushing to decrease the wolf population through expanded hunting seasons, night hunting and snare traps.


A newborn-screening program is saving Colorado babies with a rare and deadly genetic disease

In a joint project with Wyoming, 13 infants have been diagnosed early with spinal muscular atrophy. Now they have new hope.


Cows on Bluetooth: Your grandpa’s dairy farm is long gone. Meet the farm of the future.

Compared to 30 years ago, Colorado has significantly fewer dairy farms but significantly more cows. How is that possible? Smart technology.


10 moves in 4 months: Following one homeless couple’s endless migration around Denver

Inside the reality of living in Denver's roving tent communities through snow, heat, sweeps — and a pandemic


Colorado prison inmates fight wildfires while they’re serving time, but can’t get hired when they get out

A new law signed by Gov. Jared Polis is intended to help former prison inmates who worked on fire crews get jobs in the fire service after release.


Colorado Supreme Court rejects animal cruelty ballot measure strongly opposed by farmers, ranchers

Initiative 16 heads back to the title board and its proponents for changes

Politics and Government

Colorado shuts down youth center in Watkins after allegations of drugs, fights and improper restraints of kids

State officials showed up Thursday to remove children from Ridge View Youth Services Center. Several tried to run away and one is still missing.


Colorado child welfare panel begins work on preventing abuse at residential youth centers

The process is likely to take a year and includes state and county child protection staff, plus foster family groups and residential treatment centers.

Politics and Government

Colorado ranchers are selling off cattle to survive another year of dried-up grass and parched soil

The land is so thirsty, water is soaked up before it can reach reservoirs, crops


Youth mental health was front and center in Colorado’s legislative session. But the work is only a “down payment.”

Lawmakers set aside at least $30 million specifically for youth mental health, an amount that increased in the 11th hour of the lawmaking term after Children’s Hospital Colorado declared a state of emergency


Colorado may toughen probes into institutional child abuse claims following Colorado Sun/9News investigation

Two children were struck by cars and died after running away from youth residential treatment centers in the Denver area.

Sun Investigation

Colorado abortion fund helped 20 times more women last year as other states pass stricter laws

In a four-day period in late April, 28 new abortion restrictions were signed into law in seven states


Children’s Hospital Colorado declares mental health state of emergency as suicide attempts rise

Suicide attempts are rising and emergency room visits for mental health crises were up 90% last month. Mental health experts are asking for help.


Families kept in the dark about children’s safety in Colorado’s child welfare system

Colorado's child fatality review team did not investigate the death of a 12-year-old boy who ran away from a residential center. State officials refuse to release numbers of abuse allegations.

Sun Investigation
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