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CU pulls investments from Russian companies as governor urges state colleges, universities to divest

The University of Colorado is severing ties with publicly traded Russian companies, pulling money invested by the university’s foundation and treasury pool as an act of support for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.  The value of the investments are “negligible overall,” according to a media release from the university.  “We are looking for ways to show […]

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Littwin: How bad would it have to get in Ukraine for Trump to abandon Putin?

Once again, democracy is under attack. And while I could be talking about Russia’s still-shocking, full-scale invasion of Ukraine and its fledgling democracy, I’m actually talking about the ugly rantings of Vladimir Putin’s poodle, Donald Trump. In the wake of the Russian attack, as I’m sure you know, Trump celebrated Putin’s “genius,” his “savvy” and […]

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Colorado’s former governor is board chairman for Russian bank now prohibited from issuing shares, debt in U.S.

Update 2/28/2022: Former Colorado Gov. Bill Owens has now resigned from his supervisory board. Former Colorado Gov. Bill Owens is the chairman of the supervisory board of the Credit Bank of Moscow, which has been barred by the Biden administration from issuing shares and debt in the U.S. after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  The […]

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Russia attacks Ukraine, peace in Europe “shattered”

By Yuras Karmanau, Jim Heintz, Vladimir Isachenkov and Dasha Litvinova, The Associated Press KYIV, Ukraine — Russia launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine on Thursday, hitting cities and bases with airstrikes or shelling, as civilians piled into trains and cars to flee. Ukraine’s government said Russian tanks and troops rolled across the border in a […]

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Colorado confirms suspected Russian hacker “jiggled the lock” on state voter database — but couldn’t get in

A computer linked to Russian hackers tried to access Colorado’s voter registration database ahead of the 2016 election, but the effort proved unsuccessful, state officials confirmed for the first time Friday. The secretary of state’s office, which oversees elections, matched a suspicious Internet protocol address flagged by the Department of Homeland Security as a potential […]

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Excerpt: Fascinated by flight as a child, a young Soviet girl feels the calling that will take her to war in the skies

Aimie K. Runyan celebrates history’s unsung heroines in four historical novels, including the internationally bestselling “Daughters of the Night Sky” and “Promised to the Crown.” She is active as an educator and speaker in the writing community and beyond. The following is an excerpt from Runyan’s “Daughters of the Night Sky”. Each week, The Colorado […]