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Colorado students have recovered some academic ground since COVID arrived but deficits remain, test results show

The state education department has released results of standardized tests from the spring. Student scores improved over 2021 in some grades and subjects but still lag behind pre-pandemic outcomes.


How a Colorado Springs school co-op saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in health insurance costs

Partnering with a Littleton-based firm that provides a partially self-funded insurance plan, the cooperative has “cut out the fraud, waste and abuse within the health insurance world.”


“At a crisis point”: Homes are out of reach for many Colorado teachers. What does that mean for schools?

A new report highlights how houses have become too expensive for teachers and other workers. Raising wages alone won’t fix the affordability issue.


“It’s like riding an escalator”: Burro racing isn’t likely to go mainstream, but it’s having a moment in Colorado

The sport is attracting more runners every year as people compete for First Ass Up the Pass and the donkey Triple Crown


Researchers in Colorado have figured out what makes air conditioners consume so much energy. It’s not the heat.

A massive amount of energy is devoted to cooling and it’s a dirty business when it’s humid. About 52% of greenhouse gases emitted by air conditioning are attributed to dehumidifying.


CSU professor Jared Orsi aims to amplify undertold stories as Colorado’s new state historian

His wide-ranging expertise has long focused on public lands and how Coloradans have shaped them — and been shaped by them


Eight months ago I started microdosing shrooms to relieve crippling anxiety and depression. It’s working.

After limited progress with prescriptions and talk therapy, psilocybin dramatically sped up the healing decades after a sibling's suicide


Young Jamin Wright could make anything from wood. It was harps that hit just the right note.

The Wright family bought Blevins Harps in Grand Junction, one of a few American harp makers, hoping to join Jamin’s woodworking skills with his mother’s musical talents.


Denver, Jefferson County school districts raise hourly wages for support staff struggling to afford food and housing

Denver school district is raising hourly wages to $20 an hour and Jeffco is moving toward $18 an hour.


Rugged camper born in Colorado may help hone a new facet of Silverton’s high-elevation economy

Sparked by a campfire conversation, Silverton has its first new light industrial business in more than a decade as Sasquatch Expedition Campers pulls into town.


In Florence, pop. 4,000, political upheaval is testing the city’s push to shake off its “ghost town” past

Voters will choose an entirely new city council next week, but Florence hasn’t let the absence of elected leaders slow its roll toward economic revival


Volunteers fan out over Boulder to record time, temp and humidity for scientists tracking climate trends nationwide

Data collected by the annual heat mapping project, led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, helps communities combat extreme heat, which can have greater impact on economically and socially vulnerable people.


Metro Denver’s homeless population grew by 12.8% in two years, survey finds

The point-in-time count, which captures homelessness on a single night, shows 784 more people became homeless regionally during the pandemic


10 years after the Aurora theater shooting, how does Colorado remember?

A decade later, families changed by the mass shooting strive to make a difference despite the growing gun deaths and “everything that continues to happen.”


Sweet! The Olathe corn harvest finally begins and tender ears will be in Colorado stores this week

As 28.8 million ears of Olathe Sweet head to stores across the U.S., grower John Harold is hearing from sweet corn buyers elsewhere in the West where drought has reduced the local crop


Helicopter roundup in western Colorado aims to capture 750 wild horses in the next month

Mustang advocates say rounding up horses in near 100-degree heat is inhumane. BLM says grazing conditions on East Douglas range are getting worse.


NTSB: Dad, not boy, was driving truck in wreck that killed college golfers, including player from Colorado

Initial investigation suggested 13-year-old was driving the pickup that crashed into a college van, killing 6 members of the University of the Southwest golf team, including Jackson Zinn of Westminster

Crime and Courts

Slow loss of obstetrics care forces rural Coloradans into long drives, or long stays, when babies arrive

Just 54% of rural Colorado counties have obstetric services available. This means people must drive long distances for prenatal care and to deliver their babies.


Bus assistants, language interpreters and other support staff — in short supply at Colorado schools — are seeking unions and better pay

While paraprofessionals and other support staff ask for raises from Denver Public Schools, bus assistants and language interpreters in other metro districts are determined to unionize.


Mobile clinics in border towns, stockpiling Plan B: Colorado’s new reality as abortion bans kick in across the country

The number of out-of-state abortion patients seeking treatment in Colorado has already doubled in some cases

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