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Mike Littwin

Special to The Colorado Sun

Littwin: Normal, on an anything-but-normal Inauguration Day for Joe Biden, was more than good enough

Joe Biden is president, meaning Donald Trump is not, and that means that for much of the nation, we can finally exhale.

Littwin: The story you may have missed amid the craziness of Trump’s final days

In the past six months, the Trump administration has executed 13 federal death-row prisoners. That’s three times as many as had been executed in the past 60 years.

Littwin: Trump may soon be gone, but an impeachment trial will ensure his misdeeds won’t be forgotten

A Senate impeachment trial would give a necessary public hearing on the Jan. 6 insurrection — with millions watching — and the danger Trump has posed to American democracy.

Littwin: In the madness that has overtaken Washington, Colorado’s Lauren Boebert brings her own

It’s one thing to be a conspiracy theorist who is in over her head, but it’s another to do it as part of the Sedition Caucus. And so Boebert is being blasted even by GOP members of Congress.

Littwin: The House is planning for a second impeachment. How many Senate Republicans will answer the call?

Don’t count on the 25th Amendment for help in Trump’s waning days in office. Impeachment and conviction would be hard. But history and justice demand an official reaction.

Littwin: We had to know that Trump, in the end, wouldn’t leave without trying to burn the place down

It was a riot, an insurrection, a plot against America. It was Trump’s presidency in its death throes, and with every one of his enablers responsible for the assault on democracy.

Littwin: Next up in our theater of the absurd, the Sedition Caucus takes its turn in pushing Trump’s rigged-election fiction

Meanwhile in the real world, Democrats have won one Senate runoff race and seem poised to win the other in Georgia, which would, stunningly, give Dems effective control of the Senate.

Littwin: Since the future is hard to predict, we’ll look back and see if that works any better

Of the 10 most-read columns I wrote for The Sun in 2020, 3 were about Trump, 3 about COVID, 2 Gardners, 1 Hancock and 1 Biden.

Littwin: A thought experiment — what if Trump had called for $2,000 stimulus checks before the election?

It’s now left to Mitch McConnell and Senate GOP to determine whether the House-passed $2,000 check proposal gets a Senate vote. Anyone heard from Cory Gardner on this?

Littwin: Some of the best books I read during the madness that has been 2020

For me, one good thing about the year is that it meant a lot more time to read actual books, a few of which, by the way, weren’t even particularly depressing.

Littwin: As if state GOP didn’t have problems enough, now there’s Patrick Neville doxxing reporters

It’s not just about so-called fake news. It’s an abuse of power from a party leader. The question is whether the state GOP will do anything about it.

Littwin: Ken Buck says he won’t run again for GOP chair, but what will he run for?

Republicans have to find someone to run against both Bennet and Polis in 2022. Given the state of the Colorado GOP, it looks like they’re going to need a search party.

Littwin: Trump may be on his way out, but Trumpism made a brief stop in Colorado

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis was the star witness in a hearing examining election integrity in Colorado. Turns out, there are no issues on election integrity in Colorado.

Littwin: Trump won’t leave without dragging the GOP down the rabbit hole with him

Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn joined a list of 126 GOP members of Congress advocating for the Supreme Court to overturn the 2020 election.

Littwin: This just in — there’s good news out there if you look hard enough

Just as one example, as the votes are counted and recounted, the biggest shift in the nation against Trump from 2016 to 2020 was in Colorado Springs. Yes, Colorado Springs.

Littwin: As coronavirus vaccines become available, the question is how many Americans will take them

As Trump continues to call the 2020 election results rigged, he continues to challenge America’s most basic institutions, meaning it won’t just be the anti-vaxxers this time.

Littwin: Special session on COVID is not so special for those Republicans who refuse to wear masks

The pandemic is at a crisis stage in the state and in the country, so let’s pretend that having to wear a mask is not about saving lives but about, uh, freedom.

Littwin: Getting on a plane was easy, but restoring Michael Hancock’s credibility will be a lot harder

Sadly, we expect hypocrisy from our leaders. But there are limits, and Denver’s mayor, against his own advice, crossed the line.

Littwin: It’s Thanksgiving, so we’ll be thankful that Biden will be president and leave it there

Trump has lost too convincingly to overturn the results. That doesn’t mean he’ll stop trying or will ever concede. But it does mean U.S. democracy is still on the clock.

Littwin: Just how dangerous is Trump’s sure-to-fail attempted coup?

In Colorado, it’s dangerous enough that few Republican officials will even talk about it. If you think it can’t get worse, wait to see if Scott Gessler is the next GOP Party chair.

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