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Mike Littwin

Special to The Colorado Sun

Littwin: It’s been a tough week for conspiracy theorists. Is Trump’s Big Lie next on the docket?

There’s Tina Peters, there’s Alex Jones, and now it looks as if the walls could even be closing in on Donald Trump

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Littwin: If you like long shots, you might like Tina Peters’ $250,000 bet on herself to win

The recount in a race Tina Peters lost by 88,000 votes is nearly finished. For my money, I’m betting they won’t find a single crooked voting machine.

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Littwin: Hickenlooper never gave up on Manchin. Could that really be why Manchin never gave up on the climate bill?

Even in the darkest days, Sen. John Hickenlooper said Joe Manchin never told him negotiations were closed. Now there’s a compromise — but not a sure thing.

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Littwin: Why did Heidi Ganahl bother to dodge Big Lie questions only to pick a Big Lie running mate?

All we know about Danny Moore is that he was removed as chair of a redistricting committee because of baseless election-denying Facebook posts

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Littwin: An open mind and the latest Jan. 6 House committee hearing should seal the case against Trump

Most of his behavior that day we’ve heard or seen before. But never in such provocative detail.

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Littwin: When Boris Johnson was dumped by his party, who didn’t ask the question — why Johnson and not Trump?

While the UK prime minister is on his way out, while bombshell Jan. 6 hearings continue, the GOP seems to increasingly embrace the Big Lie and the Big Liar.

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Littwin: They said it couldn’t happen in Highland Park. In America, gun violence strikes anywhere and everywhere.

The first headline shooting since Congress passed its modest bipartisan gun bill was also the 309th U.S. mass shooting in 2022

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Littwin: In November, Colorado’s races should come down to inflation and Biden vs. Roe and Jan. 6

Jared Polis will fend off Heidi Ganahl, but while Michael Bennet is favored over Joe O’Dea, nothing’s a sure thing, especially in a midterm election

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Littwin: In Colorado, and at the Jan. 6 hearing in Washington, the Big Lie has a very bad day

The election deniers were swept away in the big statewide races in the Colorado GOP primary. Of course, Tina Peters would predictably claim she was robbed.

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Littwin: Trump’s legacy will be his Supreme Court and overturning Roe, no matter what the Jan. 6 panel finds

With three Trump-appointed justices helping to overturn Roe v. Wade, the decision’s political impact could be known as soon as the midterms.

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Littwin: In debate between Senate hopefuls Ron Hanks and Joe O’Dea, it’s hardcore vs. softcore

The primary elections next week should tell us a lot about how far right and how Trumpist the Colorado Republican Party is today.

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Littwin: If you watched the latest House hearing, you know John Eastman is a villain of the piece

The hearing was so bad for Eastman that Heidi Ganahl, who had studiously avoided saying much about the 2020 election, finally had to say something.

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Littwin: It was a bad day for Trump, for Rudy, for election deniers, for anyone “detached from reality.”

In the latest January 6 hearing, Trump’s advisers testified they told Trump the election wasn’t rigged. And things are just warming up.

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Littwin: Thanks to Liz Cheney, the January 6 hearings are now must-watch TV

The select committee laid out a devastating case against Donald Trump as being at the center of the riot. Will it change any minds? Maybe not, but it will all be on the record.

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Littwin: If bipartisan Senate group proposes a mostly toothless gun law, should Dems support it?

We know the gun lobby and NRA oppose virtually every law concerning guns. Some Dems argue that passing any law could be a starting place for more.

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Littwin: Primaries are coming up, meaning it’s time to see if Colorado Republicans will rebuke Trump

In virtually every key Colorado GOP primary race, there’s at least one election denier and at least one candidate who isn’t. Can you guess who Democrats are rooting for?

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Littwin: The U.S. Senate says it’s looking for ways to address gun violence. Anyone wanna bet?

It’s a test of American democracy. And let’s just agree that there have been times in U.S. history when democratic principles were a better bet.


Littwin: What makes America exceptional? Try this: After every mass shooting, we ignore the truth.

The Texas cops finally admitted they mishandled the Uvalde shooting, and children probably died because of their inaction. But that's only part of the tragic story.

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Littwin: Does the Colorado GOP’s path back to power go through Denver or under it?

Some Republicans have begun slamming Denver, one calling it a “toilet,” apparently hoping to shift voters their way. Does anyone really think that will work?

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Littwin: One million Americans have died from COVID. How did we allow that to happen?

Experts are predicting a rapid rise in cases in the fall or winter. Meanwhile, Congress has stalled on a $10 billion bill to help ensure we have the tools to fight the next surge.

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