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Mike Littwin

Special to The Colorado Sun

Littwin: In the name of “freedom,” America ranks 40th in the world for those fully vaccinated. Seriously.

The question isn’t whether Biden’s 6-part vaccination plan, which includes mandates, is a power grab. (It isn’t.) The question is whether we still qualify as a serious country.


Littwin: We haven’t forgotten 9/11, but on the 20th anniversary, we can’t help but see it differently

The failed war on terror, it can be argued, led from 9/11 to Jan. 6, from anti-Muslim fervor to the rise of Trump, the Big Lie and threats to our democracy

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Littwin: Anyone who actually believes in freedom should be outraged by court ruling on Texas’ abortion law

The unconstitutional law leaves it to bounty hunters and vigilantes to enforce a law against abortions after six weeks. And you were worried about school kids having to wear a mask during a pandemic?

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Littwin: The war in Afghanistan wasn’t lost in the chaos at the airport. It was lost the day we decided to invade Iraq.

That’s when the mission changed and we decided to remake the world in our image. We also failed to learn lessons from previous wars

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Littwin: Why have the world’s greatest military if we don’t use it to evacuate all Americans and Afghan allies?

Rep. Jason Crow wants America out of Afghanistan, but not while leaving behind those who helped us fight the forever war

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Littwin: Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters gives first interview since skipping town to the MyPillow guy. Who else?

Peters admits making copies of the voting system’s hard drive in order, she said, to “preserve” the evidence. Mesa commissioners, meanwhile, are set to extend the county’s contract with Dominion.

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Littwin: The third jab is coming. Should rich countries go to a booster when poor countries are still missing a first shot?

Most of the COVID questions are easy. Unvaccinated kids should wear masks to school. Everyone eligible should get the vaccine. The booster is not quite so clear.

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Littwin: Joe Biden made the right call in leaving Afghanistan. If only he’d known how to pull it off.

In his speech, Biden gave a forceful explanation for why it was long past time to end the war in Afghanistan. But he offered no real explanation for how the ending turned into chaos.

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Littwin: Jared Polis said basically all the right things about how schools can reopen safely. He still got everything wrong

Colorado’s governor agrees that masks in school are important in the age of the delta variant of COVID, but not important enough to mandate them

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Littwin: Mesa County voting machine scandal seems right in line with the far more dangerous DOJ scandal

How did the passwords from Mesa County voting machines end up on a far-right-wing blog? And how does Clerk Tina Peters, a Trump truther, explain the leak? Just ask the MyPillow guy.

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Littwin: Why would McConnell give Biden a victory on infrastructure? If you’re not suspicious, you’re not paying attention

Michael Bennet, up for reelection next year, says he’s happy to run on both infrastructure bills, which he says will be popular in rural America. Guess what: Trump apparently thinks so, too.

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Littwin: Denver goes all in on vaccines. They may be the first to go quite so far, but they won’t be the last.

The one thing we can be relatively sure of is that when winter comes, the pandemic will grow even worse. That’s why the time to act is now. Will the suburbs join Denver?

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Littwin: As I take my mask out of storage, I have many COVID-related questions. Like, why do so many ignore the best answers?

If you trust the science — and that’s the problem; so many don’t — you know you must get vaccinated and now wear masks where advised. But even science still gets stuff wrong. Biology, we’re told, is messy.

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Littwin: The 4 cops called to testify about the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection dramatically offer their version of the Big Truth

The U.S. House select committee begins its work with testimony from D.C. police officers who said they felt betrayed by those lawmakers who would diminish what they faced that day in battling the terrorists storming the Capitol

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Littwin: At this point, it doesn’t matter who is to blame for our still-low vaccination rates. It matters what we do about it.

Many thought we were heading back to normalcy, but the delta variant upended all that. We need to be serious. If you need an example, arguing about whether shoolkids should be masked is not serious.

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Littwin: Who cares if the ultra-rich have their space toys? We need to worry about what toys — and what else — poor kids lack.

The enhanced child tax credit, which reduces child poverty by 45%, expires after one year. In a Sun-hosted zoom interview, Michael Bennet pushes for a permanent solution.

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Littwin: Biden’s passionate speech on the GOP assault on democracy got everything right — except the solution

If Biden, the great Senate institutionalist, doesn’t call out those Dems who oppose filibuster reform, then the speech defending voting rights is just so many words and Biden becomes part of the problem

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Littwin: Boebert blasts Biden for sending “Needle Nazis” to knock on Mesa County doors. Problem is, no needles, no Nazis, no Biden.

There will be no fans at the Olympics. France is going to “COVID passports.” Don’t they want to own their libs? America is ahead of the game, but Republicans cheer the news that Biden didn’t reach his 70% vaccine goal.

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Littwin: Bringing the All-Star Game to Coors Field sends a dual message — on vaccinations and on voting rights

The only reason the game is being played in Denver is that Major League Baseball pulled out of Atlanta after Georgia passed one of the earlier voter-suppression laws landing like a plague on much of red-state America.

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Littwin: We’re still waiting for climate change to hit Colorado’s ice-cold 2022 governor and Senate races

The midterms traditionally favor the party out of power — yes, that would be the Republicans — but the GOP is having problems finding candidates who could take on Jared Polis and Michael Bennet.

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