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Mike Littwin

Special to The Colorado Sun

Littwin: The Arbery-killing trial is not a do-over for Kyle Rittenhouse, even though it feels that way

If it’s a do-over, it’s for Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin and so many similar cases of racial injustice in America over too many years

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Littwin: Now that Biden’s big climate and safety-net bill has passed the House, shouldn’t we discuss what’s in it?

Don’t count on much of a deep dive. Most of what we’ll hear will be limited to whatever Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema say they’ll vote for.

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Littwin: Biden celebrates his big bipartisan infrastructure win, but don’t count on it happening again

McConnell didn’t show up for the party, and the 13 House Republicans who voted for the bill are under attack from Trump, Lauren Boebert and the rest of the usual suspects.

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Littwin: Shouldn’t the question be why Kyle Rittenhouse was carrying an assault-style weapon in order to, uh, help people?

Whether or not the then-17 year old is convicted of murder, the right to carry a gun in a provocative situation is what, in America, some call freedom

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Littwin: Who you gonna believe on vaccines, Aaron Rodgers or that commie, Big Bird?

Rodgers, the NFL star quarterback, can’t believe that “the woke mob” just won’t listen to his side of the story. Could it be because he’s a stone cold liar?

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Littwin: It was a very bad week for Jared Polis. Should that mean anything for Dems in 2022?

In Virginia, the state whose turn from red to blue is most like Colorado’s, a Republican won the governor’s race for the first time since 2009. A year from now Colorado will get its test.

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Littwin: Did Colorado Democrats give up too much with redistricting?

The answer is no. Mostly. Despite a disappointing-to-Dems legislative map. Despite the U.S. Senate’s refusal to counter voter suppression laws and gerrymandering.

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Littwin: The big news about the latest assault on an airliner, diverted to Denver, is that masks were apparently not involved

Most such cases on airplanes and in grocery stores and, of course, at school board meetings are a result of mask mandates. This one may have been an old-school, booze-induced incident.

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Littwin: Boebert is back in the news again. Meaning it’s time for everyone to duck.

In a Rolling Stone article, Boebert is identified as one of the House members in regular touch with Jan. 6 planners. And then there’s the matter of her vile Alec Baldwin tweet.

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Littwin: The art of persuasion is on life support. Biden’s safety net bill isn’t feeling too good, either

In Colorado, mandate-hesitant Jared Polis is reduced to begging the unvaccinated to get jabbed as the virus returns to the state with a vengeance

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Littwin: Dennis Prager came to Colorado, hoping to get COVID, while campaigning for Heidi Ganahl

Three days after a Colorado Springs event, the radio host tested positive, which he proudly announced to his wide audience Monday. Which is how Ganahl learned about it.


Littwin: There are many ways to cut Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill. Nearly all of them are bad.

Senate Democrats will pass a bill, if not one for $3.5 trillion — because they have to. It’s all on Biden to figure out what Manchin and Sinema will agree to.

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Littwin: If only the strange case of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters actually was strange

According to every poll, what Peters has been saying about the Big Lie is right in line with what a sizable majority of Republicans apparently believes

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Littwin: The debate about vaccines and stem cells is the latest twist. By the way, the pope says it’s “suicidal” not to be vaccinated.

In other news, my grandson’s first-grade class is in COVID quarantine. With luck, he’s got a jab coming sometime in the near future.

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Littwin: Colorado GOP may get the best redistricting map it could have hoped for. What are the chances they’ll blow it?

The state Supreme Court now takes up a 4-3-1 map from the independent commission, in a state Biden won by 13 points. Did Dems unilaterally disarm?

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Littwin: Conservative Supreme Court justices are asking us to, please, stop calling them partisan hacks

Since the court decided not to issue a stay on a Texas abortion law, justices have rushed to defend themselves. Are they listening to critics?

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Littwin: Do Pelosi and Biden have a plan to save the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill? They’d better.

Pelosi says the House will vote on the $1.1 trillion infrastructure bill on Thursday. She needs progressives to pass it, and that’s where things get complicated.

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Littwin: I got the booster. The story of why people refuse the vaccine is the story of our time.

In Colorado, the relatively successful rate of vaccinations has kept the delta variant from reaching crisis level. Nearby low-vaccination mountain states are not so fortunate

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Littwin: How do you write an obit for Jim Sheeler, the brilliant writer who made the death beat his own?

Sheeler was a Pulitzer winner at the Rocky, a National Book Award finalist, a close friend, a deeply good person and the only great writer I’ve ever known who never had to fake humility

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Littwin: As culture wars rage around us, Jared Polis gets married without so much as a stir

A divided country fights over abortion, masks, critical race theory and more, but the fight over gay marriage seems to be over, at least in Colorado

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