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Craig Silverman

Special to The Colorado Sun

Silverman: Former Mayor Federico Peña still makes Denver proud

Once seen by some as a leftist, Peña now describes himself as being part of the “frustrated center.” He has high hopes that bipartisanship can return.

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Silverman: Expect the quest for justice for Jonelle Matthews to continue and improve

A Weld County jury failed to reach a verdict in the trial of Steven Pankey, who is accused of kidnapping and killing the 12-year-old Greeley girl in 1984

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Silverman: Trump’s Big Lie is flowing through Colorado

America’s survival depends on GOP elected officials with the decency to condemn efforts by party leaders to corrupt election results

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Silverman: Nothing is quite normal, even though we want the pandemic to end

Last week I saw empty movie theaters, shuttered stores and lonely Denver streets — let's trust science and vaccines and get back to live events

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Silverman: Bob Enyart was a man with convictions. They cost him his life.

The pastor and conservative talk radio host who spurned vaccines died recently of COVID-19


Silverman: Expect a big ruling this week in the Barry Morphew murder case

Barry Morphew is accused of killing his wife, Suzanne. A Chaffee County judge must make critical probable cause and bail eligibility rulings

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Silverman: Look closely, stop and listen, and you can find the heart of Denver

After watching Denver businesses close their doors due to COVID and protests, even the reopening of a downtown McDonald's offered a pick-me-up

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Silverman: End the filibuster on voting-rights legislation to stop election-rigging schemes

It's time to learn from our history and pass meaningful federal civil rights legislation

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Silverman: Let’s not hide from the racism in our history. We can learn from it.

Three books shed light on the history of racism in Colorado and the United States

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Silverman: Bill Cosby isn’t funny. Nor is Bruce Castor, the prosecutor whose missteps set him free.

Vainglorious Trump-defending attorney Bruce Castor and comic Bill Cosby claim the current high ground. Reality lays them low.

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Silverman: There’s a chicken sandwich war in Denver, and I may have found the winner

I generally prefer healthy, local and sustainable meals, but I made it my mission to taste the drive-thru alternatives popping up all over town

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Silverman: For Lauren Boebert, keeping up with Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t easy

The main qualification for prominence in the Republican caucus largely focuses on Donald Trump

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Silverman: A fond farewell to Charles Grodin, forever the Heartbreak Kid

Grodin wrote about enduring rejection, but he left behind a rich legacy of film and TV performances

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Silverman: Rudy Giuliani and his Colorado connection are putting on an incriminating show

Giuliani’s choice for Colorado counsel is former Secretary of State Scott Gessler

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Silverman: Cameras follow us all, and here’s why that’s a good thing

Everybody is filming everybody else, and GPS is tracking our movements. That's not all bad. Phone video helped convict Derek Chauvin in George Floyd's murder

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Silverman: Denver and Atlanta were linked by boycotts long before the All-Star Game

Coors Field deserves the 2021 MLB All-Star Game over Georgia

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Silverman: Expect Colorado’s Supreme Court to uphold assault weapon bans

The Boulder King Soopers shooting illustrates why President Biden needs our support to resurrect a national assault weapons ban

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Silverman: Please get vaccinated, but don’t drop your masks just yet

Coronavirus variants are out there, so let's not drop our guard too soon

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Silverman: In Nikola Jokic, Denver has an MVP. If we can keep him.

The Denver Nuggets center is the real deal. No one wants another Nolan Arenado situation.

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Silverman: Let’s all learn from this losing impeachment experience

America will struggle so long as Trumpism thrives

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