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Opinion: Colorado oil and gas could help America break free of Russian energy

It was a little more than a month ago when Russia, a longtime oil titan, invaded Ukraine. Today, gas prices are soaring as an international tragedy unfolds.  What is happening to the people of Ukraine is horrific. The humanitarian catastrophe they face is the world’s first concern. For a moment, however, I want to focus […]

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Littwin: Once again, Zelenskyy makes it impossible for anyone to ignore Putin’s war crimes

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a dangerous man. It’s not just that Ukraine’s president is the rare leader of a country who is unafraid to admit that he has a working conscience to complement his ever-present green T-shirt.  It’s that he has the gall to insist that other world leaders should have a conscience, too.  And, as […]

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Pueblo’s steel mill is an American success story. And it’s owned by Russians.

The story of Pueblo’s steel mill is steeped in the lore of American industry, from its rise backed by ingenuity and perseverance to its near demise at the hands of foreign competition. The mill has risen again in recent years, modernizing operations and winning back business from overseas rivals — with the help of its […]

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Silverman: Pay attention when authoritarians target journalists, here and abroad.

In your pursuit of truth, follow independent media. Pay attention when journalists leave a country. Perhaps you should follow.  If a government criminalizes the presentation of facts, or arguments based on evidence, then the fix is in. Such societies cannot succeed. March entered like a big, mean bear in Moscow. Russia’s last objective television and […]

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Littwin: Biden bans Russian oil knowing it means trouble at the gas pump. He didn’t really have a choice.

Much of the world is united in opposition, not to mention in revulsion, to what Joe Biden is now calling “Putin’s war” in Ukraine, which, every day, seems to be increasingly a war directed toward Ukrainian civilians.  Soon, we’ll find out if the opposition includes American consumers, now that Biden has put a total ban […]

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Littwin: What happens to all the unity when/if war in Ukraine takes a hard turn for the worse? 

In America, as in much of the world, we overwhelmingly root for Ukraine in its fight for survival against Russia. Of course we do, unless we’re Tucker Carlson or J.D. Vance. Ukraine is one of those gutsy underdogs that captures our imagination, gives us a renewed sense of possibility in an uncertain world, offers up […]