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Trish Zornio

Trish Zornio is a scientist, lecturer and writer who has worked at some of the nation’s top universities and hospitals. She’s an avid rock climber and was a 2020 candidate for the U.S. Senate in Colorado.

Zornio: It’s not a teacher shortage, it’s a respect and salary shortage

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3:03 AM MDT

Zornio: Cut the politics — TABOR isn’t working for Colorado, even if we get a big, fat refund

Despite election year squabbles, there remains strong bipartisan concern that TABOR is driving state funding shortages

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Zornio: Should private citizens be allowed to own or charge for Colorado’s 14ers?

Colorado's legislature can play a unique role in helping to ensure the state’s highest peaks remain open for equitable public access

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Zornio: Denver police have a long way to go in restoring community trust

Denver residents deserve answers, ownership, restitution and clear actions on how to ensure such shootings never happen again

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Zornio: Colorado’s e-bike rebates could help many of us reduce our carbon footprint, with a smile

Electric bikes are a cheaper, healthier and more eco-friendly way to commute than cars. And they're fun to ride.

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Zornio: Has Big Tech caught Colorado Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper by the tongue?

Modern antitrust laws have broad bipartisan support, yet Colorado’s two senators appear to be bought into silence

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Zornio: Colorado renters need better protections and more enforcement

The Marshall fire underscores the need for stronger efforts toward fair, safe and equitable housing. It's best for landlords and tenants alike.

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Zornio: Fourth of July fireworks shows should be banned in Colorado

Facing increased wildfire risks and other impacts, it’s time for patriotic celebrations to go in a new direction

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Zornio: COVID vaccine misinformation is rampant. But when in doubt, parents can still turn to their pediatricians.

More than half of parents with kids under age 5 report not having enough information to know if they should vaccinate their child

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Zornio: Vote like democracy depends on it, because it does

Amid the January 6 committee hearings, polls suggest a dangerous Trump-led Republican party could still reclaim the House and Senate majority in the midterms


Zornio: Pride Month is a stark reminder of how basic rights could be lost

With rights for women already in jeopardy at the Supreme Court, and Colorado’s recent past as the “Hate State,” LGBTQ+ rights are also at risk

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Zornio: Stop stigmatizing mental health by blaming it for mass shootings

For millions of non-violent Americans with mental illness, being linked to extreme violence is harmful, even deadly

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Zornio: It’s time to repeal Colorado’s ban on using public funds for abortion

Colorado women have a right to choose an abortion, but many lack the means to pay for one. Will Jared Polis address this contradiction?

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Zornio: Outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado should prepare to face more extreme wildfires

Wildfires are a fact of life in Colorado. With a hot, dry summer approaching, make preparations before you venture into the outdoors.

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Zornio: Colorado voters dropped the ball on abortion in 2014. We can’t drop it again.

The election of a pro-life candidate like Cory Gardner is a mistake Colorado voters can’t afford to make twice

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Zornio: Marshall fire insurance analysis proves every homeowner needs to check their policy

After the most destructive blaze in Colorado’s history, only 8% of homeowners were found to hold guaranteed replacement coverage

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Zornio: Let’s set aside political chatter. Here are the facts on Colorado’s fentanyl crisis.

Decades of research shows us what works — and what doesn’t — in fighting drug use and addiction. The war on drugs failed.

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Zornio: Weed tropes should not be marketed on Colorado license plates

Colorado’s second annual 420 license plate auction, including "BONGWTR" and "BLUNT," makes a mockery of safe driving

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Zornio: Vertical farming is transforming Colorado’s Front Range

Modern agricultural practices are saving water, increasing crop yields, ending food deserts and are even tastier than before

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Zornio: Why is Colorado so hesitant to talk about sex education with kids?

1 in 5 Americans may have a sexually transmitted infection, yet Colorado doesn’t mandate, track or seemingly enforce sex ed curriculum in schools

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