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Denver, Jefferson County school districts raise hourly wages for support staff struggling to afford food and housing

Denver school district is raising hourly wages to $20 an hour and Jeffco is moving toward $18 an hour.


Bus assistants, language interpreters and other support staff — in short supply at Colorado schools — are seeking unions and better pay

While paraprofessionals and other support staff ask for raises from Denver Public Schools, bus assistants and language interpreters in other metro districts are determined to unionize.


Public money can be used for religious-school tuition in Maine. What does that mean for voucher programs in Colorado?

Colorado does not have a voucher or tuition assistance program, but conservative lawmakers have new momentum to seek one.


Dozens of Ukrainian refugees have found a temporary home in a Polish palace. A Colorado coalition is paying for their stay.

The coalition has committed to paying the lease so that between 80 and 90 refugees can live in the palace, where the Jewish Community Centre of Krakow is providing meals, computers, therapy and comfort.


“Our history is gone”: Four families, 6 months after the Marshall fire

The Sun checked back in with families who survived the most destructive fire in Colorado history

Marshall Fire

Electric school buses are in Colorado’s future. But districts need help paying for them.

Several districts have already started converting school bus fleets to electric. A new state grant program is making the $400K buses affordable.


All the cool Colorado universities and colleges have one: a mountain campus

The University of Denver is the latest higher education institution in Colorado to open a mountain campus. CU, CSU and Colorado College have had them for decades.


Rural Colorado schools, unable to recruit out-of-town teachers, are trying to get locals into classrooms

Edison School District used to be able to count on at least seven job applicants. Now it’s hard to get even one.


Colorado teacher prep programs saw an “exodus” when COVID hit — another test for school districts facing shortages

As Colorado’s teacher pipeline slows to a trickle, more of the state’s new educators are taking charge of classrooms while still learning how to teach


A Colorado camp connecting deaf students to the outdoors is reemerging from the brink of collapse

Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has faced tens of thousands of dollars of debt, staff turnover, a lawsuit, a flooded lodge and a pandemic. In three years, it’s regained stability and is branching out to educate more kids.


Desperate for affordable homes, teachers in Colorado’s high country turn to Habitat for Humanity

The nonprofit is in uncharted territory as it builds permanent homes for educators and other public service workers in Eagle, Summit, Park and Pitkin counties


Colorado school districts are hiring teachers to start work before they graduate amid educator shortage

Hurting for teachers, resort towns are hiring more educators who don’t yet have a degree. It’s a practice some worry could be “abused.”


Student teachers are rarely paid. Colorado lawmakers, school leaders want to ensure they’re compensated.

Proponents of House Bill 1220 aim to ease the financial burdens of teachers in training so that more students of color and low-income students can pursue careers in education


Higher education faculty in Colorado beg lawmakers to pass collective bargaining rights bill

Adjunct professors across Colorado often live paycheck to paycheck, with some turning to food banks, and want more say in wages and working conditions


No Colorado charter school has a union. That could change as New America School teachers rally to form one.

Nearly 30 educators and community members demonstrated outside New America School’s Lakewood campus on Wednesday, calling for the board to recognize a union so that teachers have more of a voice


In the age of social media, a new app aims to help Colorado teens make friends off their phones

The Nod app, piloted across eight school districts, helps students learn ways to form new face-to-face friendships after the pandemic left many isolated and anxious


Democrats formalize plan for expanded preschool, early childhood department. But will Colorado have enough teachers?

Nearly 63,200 children will be eligible for Colorado's expanded preschool program in 2023


CU pulls investments from Russian companies as governor urges state colleges, universities to divest

State and university leaders are severing financial ties with Russian state-owned banks to further condemn its invasion of Ukraine


Political swings on Colorado school boards spark level of antagonism not seen since desegregation

Colorado school boards are typically nonpartisan, but fierce conflict over pandemic restrictions, critical race theory and other hot-button national issues has changed that in some districts


Learning to save lives at 16: Denver teens train to become EMTs amid Colorado shortage

Denver South High School and Denver Health have teamed up to expose high schoolers to careers in emergency medicine as the pandemic drains hospital resources

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