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“It was going to happen eventually”: A popular lunchtime spot for Boulder students is now marred by gun violence

For Fairview High students, King Soopers on Table Mesa Drive was a “go-to place” to hang out with friends. Now, they wonder if they’ll ever feel safe there again.


Colorado students will take modified CMAS exams this spring following federal approval

Lawmakers also are seeking another waiver to pause accountability tied to the tests, whose results could threaten struggling districts


Coronavirus set back Colorado schools already battling to improve student performance

About 150 Colorado schools and four districts are on the state’s accountability clock. Without a pandemic, some administrators believe their schools would have soon met expectations.


10 people killed — including a police officer — in shooting at Boulder King Soopers

The massacre is the latest in a string of mass shootings in Colorado over the past 25 years that have been among the most notorious and deadly in American history

Crime and Courts

Coronavirus is straining Colorado kids’ mental health. The state hopes free counseling sessions will help.

Two plans have been floated to address increased instances of depression, anxiety and suicide attempts among school-age children and, in some cases, their teachers.


Coronavirus has taught Colorado school kids one key lesson: resilience

They have faced continued uncertainty, lost out on sporting events and missed time with friends. Through it all, kids have learned how to cope.


UNC program prepares students with intellectual, developmental disabilities for competitive jobs

Students are integrated into classes, dorms, jobs and community life at the University of Northern Colorado. “Let them show you what they can do,” one educator says.


Colorado parents’ multiple choice on standardized tests: A) The collective good B) sending their kids over the edge

Some say collecting data from the CMAS test is particularly critical after a year of tears, disengagement and online learning


Should every Colorado kid get a mental health exam after enduring coronavirus? It won’t be easy.

Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet, a Commerce City Democrat, isn’t sure how to accomplish the logistics, but she thinks her idea is a matter of school safety and statewide health


Colorado school districts look toward summer to help their students make up for coronavirus learning loss

A group of Colorado school districts and educators is calling for summer planning to start now, with a community-wide approach across the state


“Like an answered prayer”: Colorado educators celebrate receiving coronavirus vaccine after disruptive school year

COVIDCheck Colorado, which created a coronavirus testing network last year, is helping accelerate vaccinations for 30,000 Colorado educators


Schools teach and feed students. As hunger rises, Colorado is racing to ensure kids eat this summer.

The state is recruiting more support for its Summer Meals Program. Without help from communities, kids may go hungry come May.


Tired of being muted, Colorado kids are starting their own conversations on mental health and racial justice

60 high schoolers statewide are researching the root problems of each issue and sharing their own experiences. They’re inviting adults to listen.


Colorado governor, legislature will decide whether students take standardized tests during coronavirus

Gov. Jared Polis appears to support moving forward with testing, despite opposition from the state’s largest teachers union. “We believe that these critical measurements will help us build back stronger for Colorado's students,” a spokesman said.


Colorado teacher salaries rank well below the national average. The recession is likely to keep them there.

Despite a high cost of living, teacher pay in Colorado has remained on the lower end of the scale. Some worry that amid pandemic stress, more teachers may walk away.


Drool for school: Colorado schools add saliva testing to slow spread of coronavirus in the classroom

Regular testing of elementary school kids aims to ID asymptomatic cases and keep disease from shutting down in-person learning this spring


Colorado had a record graduation rate in 2020 despite coronavirus. But the pandemic may hamper future classes.

The state reached a record 81.9% graduation rate while its dropout rate fell. But with a chaotic end to the school year, critics question if the improvements are valid.


Colorado’s coronavirus vaccine rollout is confusing and frustrating — but also working, state leaders say

Regional disparities have emerged, as counties, schools and hospitals all chart their own paths


He survived the Columbine massacre. Now Frank DeAngelis is applying the coping lessons he learned to coronavirus.

DeAngelis was the principal of Columbine High School during the 1999 mass shooting there. It prepared him for the trauma of COVID-19.


Thousands of families redshirted their preschoolers and kindergarteners. Will they swell Colorado schools next fall?

Districts could face larger classes of young learners come 2021, which may result in bigger class sizes or hiring challenges amid strapped budgets.

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