The University of Colorado has been investing big to modernize and keep the Boulder campus competitive. The 66,000-square-foot Roser ATLAS Center includes research labs, a hacker lab, virtual-reality and audio labs and the two-story, 2,700-square-foot Black Box Experimental Studio, a flexible, technologically enhanced performance space that supports 360- degree HD projection. The $31 million building opened in 2006. About $20.7 million in construction costs was covered by student fees.(Doug Conarroe, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Colorado’s universities are catering to out-of-state students. Is their public mission at risk?

The current ratio of in-state to out-of-state students today is about 60-40 at University of Colorado Boulder, an analysis finds. And it may soon flip.

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Nicolais: Hell might be freezing over, but it’s time to address campaign finance laws

Decades of campaign finance laws to get money out of politics have only made our system demonstrably worse – so maybe it's time to try something different