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University of Northern Colorado

University of Northern Colorado

CU Boulder struggles to enroll low-income students. That has consequences for Coloradans’ social mobility.

University of Colorado Boulder is fifth-lowest among nation’s flagships in enrolling low-income students, thus slowing Colorado’s social mobility.

Testing alone won’t be enough to stem Colorado’s surge of coronavirus cases

Health officials warn that the tried and true advice of tests -- plus “austere behavior” -- offers the best chance to control the virus

College in Colorado will be different this fall, but not cheaper

Coronavirus upended most everything about the on-campus college experience, including classroom debates, dorm life and schedules. Students say that should be reflected in their tuition bills.

Colorado universities are increasingly losing money on sports as coaches’ pay, recruitment costs rise

Coaches’ salaries rose at every D1 and D2 university and college in Colorado except one between the 2013 and 2019 fiscal years

Supreme Court ruling on DACA brings more time, but no less uncertainty for Coloradans

In their own voices: Five Colorado young people explain how DACA shaped their lives and what the Supreme Court's decision means to them.

How students stuck in Colorado dorms re-create college life by themselves

Only a few hundred students still are on campuses in Greeley, Grand Junction, Gunnison and Durango. And the road less traveled leads to a quiet, dreary dorm room, where online classes, reheated meals and longing for connection await.

Colorado college students, upended by coronavirus, are worried about food, housing and their education

Greeley pregnancy center loses website battle with abortion-rights activists calling it a “fake clinic”

The center claimed the domain name “Truth4Greeley” was too similar to its slogan, “Tests4Greeley”

Hard work made Greeley’s downtown hip and happening. Two months of social distancing could make it all disappear.

Government-ordered shutdown of in-person dining and drinking and gatherings of more than 10 people may cause Greeley’s booming entertainment zone to go bust.

Colorado wants to steer more students toward college by driving down higher education costs beyond tuition

Close to half of Colorado’s adult population hasn’t pursued education beyond high school at a time when the majority of jobs demand certificates or degrees

State and local laws push more registered sex offenders into low-income Colorado communities

Data shows disproportionate number of offenders live in impoverished neighborhoods, and community organizers aren’t happy about it.

“I think I want to do this forever. How does that work?” For dancers, it doesn’t.

Wonderbound veteran Sarah Tallman prepares for her last dance and her first steps into a new role

Teachers living in campers: How rural Colorado districts are coping with growing teacher shortage

High turnover, pay below cost-of-living has rural districts hiring from restaurants, coaxing retirees back into the classroom and scouting overseas to fill positions

Colorado’s universities are catering to out-of-state students. Is their public mission at risk?

The current ratio of in-state to out-of-state students today is about 60-40 at University of Colorado Boulder, an analysis finds. And it may soon flip.