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University of Colorado Boulder

University of Colorado Boulder
University of Colorado Boulder

What’s Working: As recession concerns grow, Colorado building permits are on the rise

The state still has challenges with housing inventory. Plus: Roommates, home sharing and business pessimism blamed on inflation


Nicolais: John Eastman is a traitor who tried to kill our democracy

Eastman’s plan to sweep away the votes of millions of Americans would have — and still could — kill American democracy

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Silverman: University of Colorado has a long, proud history of confronting white supremacists

New CU President Todd Saliman follows in the footsteps of George Norlin, CU’s most beloved and admired president who confronted white supremacy every time.

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Carman: The University of Colorado could use a hero. We can only hope Todd Saliman is up to the challenge.

Saliman is clearly qualified to be CU president. But it's too bad regents decided we don't need to about the other candidates for the job.

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Zornio: Vertical farming is transforming Colorado’s Front Range

Modern agricultural practices are saving water, increasing crop yields, ending food deserts and are even tastier than before

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Permanent daylight saving time is a dumb idea, a CU sleep expert says

Extra-dark winter mornings could mess with our circadian rhythms. But if you have to pick one, standard time is the way to go.


Silverman: My Valentine’s Day ode to a beloved Colorado library

The University of Colorado's law library and others risk becoming afterthoughts in an era of online learning

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What’s Working: Where Colorado’s COVID economic recovery is better and worse than the rest of the country

Here’s a brag: Colorado’s inflation rate is lower than the nation’s for the first time in nine years. Plus: Small business pessimism, worker hours in decline and more.


What’s Working: Colorado economists share 2022 forecasts on meat, apartments, video games and more

Colorado's economy is better than last year but full recovery doesn’t mean business will look like it did in 2019. Plus: unemployment fraud updates, wage increases and more.


Climate change isn’t coming in the future, it’s already here. This is how it’s impacting your everyday life.

Choking on ozone spikes, losing favorite hiking spots like Hanging Lake, sweating through fall school days — climate change is now.


Colorado will allow four-year colleges to grant associates degrees to those who dropped out

Colorado is believed to be one the first to put into place a statewide law like this


One Colorado scientist’s uphill fight to convince the world that coronavirus spreads through the air

University of Colorado professor Jose-Luis Jimenez and several colleagues fought the conventional wisdom -- and changed how we think about viruses in the process


Public transit is just as gross as you thought and that’s why microbiologists love it

Colorado post-docs and undergrads endure the swabbing of seats and handrails in the name of science, part of a worldwide effort to “map the human biome” and sort good germs from bad.


Tenured professors at Colorado public colleges are predominantly white

Hispanic students now make up about 20% of the state’s universities. But Hispanic professors? Less than 8% of all tenured professors across the state.

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Opinion: As megafires menace us, tech innovation can lead to smarter firefighting

This is a critical time to redefine our nation’s relationship with fire and build resilience in fire-prone areas. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that now is the time for change.

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Colorado ends “legacy admissions” for public colleges and universities, SAT/ACT requirement

The bill prohibits public higher education officials from looking at “legacy preference,” or familial relationships to alumni of the institution.


As Mark Kennedy departs, University of Colorado students call for a change in direction

The University of Colorado Board of Regents will pay Kennedy $1.3 million to leave his post July 1, a year before his three-year contract expires


Do you know who’s tracking your online activities and storing your data? You could soon in Colorado — maybe.

The proposed Colorado Privacy Act, which borrows from California and Virginia’s laws, gives consumers the right to tell companies not to track their personal data and delete existing information. But that doesn’t necessarily mean companies will.


Opinion: I’ve learned firsthand why Colorado high schools should offer financial literacy education

If young people had this information, they could better advocate for themselves, better assess different forms of employment, and avoid some of the situations I fell into.

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Littwin: The problem with CU President Mark Kennedy is not just that he was hired, but how he was hired

And in case you think that the legislature will ensure transparency in such a hire next time, you may want to think again.

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