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Colorado State University

Colorado State University
Colorado State University

WHO says air pollution caps should be much tougher in Colorado, U.S.

Influential world health monitor issues strict guidelines calling for steep cuts to ozone and particulate PM2.5 emissions in Front Range counties that saw sharp spikes in both this past summer.

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John Temple: Jim Sheeler had his own hidden superpowers

John Temple, former editor and publisher of the Rocky Mountain News, remembers a reporter who found a way to slow down time and listen to the people he wrote about

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How programs across Colorado aim to end “period poverty” with free tampons and pads

People who menstruate sometimes find themselves choosing between buying food and paying for hygiene products. Schools and charities are trying to change that equation.


Citizen scientist records retreat of Colorado glaciers one ski run at a time

Public policy analyst Jonah Siefer has skied every month of the last three years and his casual observations mirror those of climate scientists tracking the loss of ice fields.


As students return, Colorado State University works to help them adjust to campus life during COVID

After a pandemic year, students across Colorado and the country are struggling to figure out a return to college life


AAA Colorado will run rescue vans, tow trucks with alternative fuel from new hydrogen station

Auto club wants to jumpstart cleaner alternative energy by teaming with New Day Hydrogen on a station to fuel AAA vehicles and private fleets.


A new Colorado law granting Native Americans in-state college tuition is already attracting students

The goal of Senate Bill 29 is to increase the number of Native American students who attend – and are successful – in college


Smoke from faraway wildfires may be worse for Coloradans than if it came from blazes in their own backyards

Some initial studies have shown that long-range smoke may be more toxic and since one of its characteristics is that its smoky smell disappears, it is sneakier.


Denver streams are glorified fountains, supplied mostly by your sprinkler heads

A new study from CSU shows 80% of summer flows in pleasing city creeks comes from tap water and lawn water leaking back into what should be a dry gulch.


Why coronavirus vaccine booster shots may help you, and why they may not help society

A booster shot of a COVID-19 vaccine will likely give people a little extra protection. But some health leaders wonder at what cost.


Supply chain problems — from salsa to sheet metal — are hampering Colorado businesses’ coronavirus recovery

Colorado businesses face increasing costs and lengthy wait times to purchase items ranging from chicken wings to sheet metal as supply chain crunches disrupt markets across the globe.


Colorado’s urban open space past haunts the future of development and community life

From Park Hill Golf to Westminster Farm to the Stock Show grounds, neighbors demand much from rebuilding of spaces they feel ownership in, while developers say there’s only so much they can do.


Bird count examines what happens when high-country Colorado irrigators use less water

As the state mulls paying irrigators to leave water in the Colorado River instead of flooding fields, Audubon Rockies is using bird counts in the northwest part of the state to gauge the implications of intentionally drying the landscape.


Opinion: To make agriculture more climate-friendly, carbon farming needs clear rules

We established a center at Colorado State University that develops and implements soil-based solutions to climate change.

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Colorado is more diverse than ever, but its college professors are overwhelmingly white

Who teaches students matters. Studies show that it affects a student’s sense of belonging, and whether students and families see colleges as being for them.


Opinion: Rocky Mountain has it. Here’s why more national parks need a reservation system to get in.

The parks’ unrelenting popularity is making it impossible to preserve them “unimpaired.” Crowd control has become essential in the most popular parks.

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Colorado ends “legacy admissions” for public colleges and universities, SAT/ACT requirement

The bill prohibits public higher education officials from looking at “legacy preference,” or familial relationships to alumni of the institution.


A solid No. 2 surveillance tool: How a year of testing Colorado’s coronavirus poop has gone

More than 65% of Colorado’s population is now under wastewater surveillance, which has been a critical leg of the state’s COVID-19 testing stool.


River ecologists are eager to show how beavers are critical to improving watersheds in the West

Colorado researchers are pitching the furry architects and contractors as a partners in preserving river health, especially as snow melts earlier and drought lingers.


Coloradans looking for EV battery recycling don’t have many places to go

But a repair shop in northeast Denver — and a growing network of aggregators, shippers and grinders of “black mass” — have some ideas to handle the coming flood.

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