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University of Colorado

University of Colorado

It’ll be years before Colorado jobs bounce back from the coronavirus

Annual University of Colorado forecast projects the state will add 40,000 workers in 2021, not enough to offset the 148,800 lost this year

CU Boulder struggles to enroll low-income students. That has consequences for Coloradans’ social mobility.

University of Colorado Boulder is fifth-lowest among nation’s flagships in enrolling low-income students, thus slowing Colorado’s social mobility.

As HIV infection rates rise in Colorado, pharmacies can now prescribe preventative pills

Medication to protect people from contracting HIV was approved in 2012, but public health officials want to increase access to the drug

Testing alone won’t be enough to stem Colorado’s surge of coronavirus cases

Health officials warn that the tried and true advice of tests -- plus “austere behavior” -- offers the best chance to control the virus

Here’s what the new Democratic majority on the University of Colorado Board of Regents is planning

The elected board has created controversy and made partisan decisions in recent years. Incoming members, who hold the first Democratic majority in 40 years, hope to do better moving forward.

Abortion-ban measure is one of Colorado’s two most expensive ballot questions and the outcome is too close to call

The campaigns for and against Proposition 115 are focusing on “misinformation” and undecided voters in the final days before the election

Coronavirus creates questions about future of part-time instructors at Colorado’s colleges

As the pandemic forces colleges and universities to slash their budgets, part-time instructors are worried about partly or even entirely losing their teaching hours

CU Boulder to resume in-person classes next week as coronavirus outbreak slows

Boulder County’s public health order banning gatherings of 18- to 22-year-olds will expire on Thursday at noon

Pac-12 football to start Nov. 6, even as CU Boulder reels from coronavirus surge

There is still work to be done for Pac-12 schools to get the approvals of local officials in Northern California and now in Colorado. Due to a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, Boulder County officials Thursday halted gatherings for college-aged residents for two weeks and has said that includes athletic events.

Oil and gas companies must monitor fracking emissions as Colorado adopts first-in-the-nation rules to reduce air pollution

Some environmental groups say the new regulations, which also give local governments access to collected data, aren’t fully baked even after long negotiations

Boulder, seeking to stop coronavirus surge, bans all gatherings among 18 to 22 year olds until Oct. 8

There have been nearly 1,400 confirmed or probable coronavirus cases among University of Colorado Boulder students since Aug. 24, the first day of the school's fall semester

Colorado’s coronavirus surge isn’t limited to college students, is similar to spike after July 4

Coronavirus cases in Colorado have reached their highest levels since July. Dr. Rachel Herlihy, the state's epidemiologist, called the spike "very concerning."

Will the University of Colorado’s two-week coronavirus pause be enough to turn the corner?

Some experts say a two-week pause can also lead to longer remote learning and even sending students home.

CU Boulder switches to remote learning for at least two weeks amid coronavirus surge

The decision to suspend in-person classes comes after Boulder County Public Health last week asked all CU Boulder students to voluntarily quarantine for two weeks to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Governor says sending University of Colorado students home isn’t a safe option

CU Boulder told students in a dorm in the Williams Village area of campus that they have to relocate to make more room for their peers who need to be quarantined

A huge number of Coloradans already say they won’t get a coronavirus vaccine. Will politics make it worse?

Liberals are most likely to say they will get vaccinated, but distrust of the Trump administration could change that

University of Colorado Boulder faces enrollment decline

Chancellor Phil DiStefano told the university system's Board of Regents on Thursday that overall enrollment is expected to decline by 2%,

University of Colorado signs sponsorship deal with sports betting operator

The five-year corporate sponsorship with PointsBet was negotiated by Learfield IMG College

Colorado partners with Apple, Google to allow for coronavirus exposure notification on cellphones

The system will work in the background of people's everyday lives if they choose to opt-in to the service or download the app

Opinion: How to use ventilation and air filtration to prevent the spread of coronavirus indoors

Once the virus escapes into the air inside a building, you have two options: bring in fresh air from outside or remove the virus from the air inside the building.

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