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Colorado legislature

Colorado legislature
Colorado legislature

Colorado will soon have an office dedicated to helping investigate cases of murdered, missing Indigenous people

Gov. Jared Polis said he will sign Senate Bill 150 into law after weeks of negotiations with lawmakers, tribal representatives

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5 ways the Colorado legislature just affected your wallet — in a good way

Your property taxes won’t rise as much as they were supposed to and Coloradans will temporarily avoid a $2 increase in the cost to get or renew a driver’s license

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Fines for Colorado schools with Native American mascots start in June. But no one has the power to enforce them.

About a dozen schools have been told by the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs to jettison mascots that appropriate American Indian imagery.

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Nicolais: Colorado’s GOP has not learned its lesson on anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric from 10 years ago

In the most chaotic end of session in Colorado legislative history, Republicans lost the state for a decade — now they are doubling down

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Colorado lawmakers just passed legislation creating a statewide recycling program. Here’s how it would work.

Gov. Jared Polis is expected to sign the legislation, House Bill 1355, into law


100 bills debated at the Colorado legislature this year that you should know about

The Colorado Sun combed through the roughly 650 pieces of legislation introduced at the Capitol this year to find the ones that will affect — or would have affected — your life.

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Here’s what’s in the Colorado fentanyl “accountability and prevention” bill just sent to the governor

House Bill 1326 was one of the most contentious measures debated at the Colorado Capitol this year.

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Colorado’s legislature powers through harried final days to end 2022 lawmaking term

Colorado’s 2022 lawmaking term is ending at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday as most legislative sessions do: with some bills falling short of the finish line but most big-ticket items pared back but passing

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Democrats abandon their pursuit of wildfire building code as Colorado’s 2022 legislative session ends

There are already dozens of pending bills being held up by Republican stall tactics on the last day of session.

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Republican stall tactics in Colorado House threaten fate of dozens of bills as 2022 lawmaking term nears Wednesday close

Stuck in a long queue are bills that would change Colorado’s unemployment system, increase penalties for fentanyl users and dealers, and spend millions of dollars in federal coronavirus aid. The School Finance Act is also stuck in the logjam.

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Colorado set to become first state with right-to-repair wheelchair law

Repairing powered wheelchairs can be a long and costly process. But a new bill would require manufacturers to make it easier for owners and independent repairers to make fixes.

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Colorado’s high-stakes property tax battle ends dramatically as opposing sides agree to embrace $700M reduction

The legislature will move forward with Senate Bill 238, which would reduce projected property tax increases by $700 million over the next two years, as is

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Property tax arms race involving Colorado power players grips Capitol as fragile deal starts to deteriorate

Billions of dollars in funding for schools and local governments are hanging in the balance. Those involved in the negotiations have likened the situation to a high-stakes game of chicken.

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Fully fund K-12 schools? Colorado lawmakers say maybe next year.

Higher state spending is only sustainable, Democrats in the Colorado legislature said, if local property taxes rise enough to take over some of the burden in future years


Colorado’s problem gamblers could find help on the way after decades of indifference

With a proposed a $3 million jumpstart, new grant funding could train counselors and help provide treatment amid a surge in calls for help


Colorado is about to spend $28 million to fund free summer bus and train trips. It remains unclear if riders will flock.

The idea is to get Coloradans used to riding transit in the hope they will form a habit. But it’s unclear whether people will take advantage of the offer — let alone come back when they have to pay.


Colorado lawmakers abandon plan to offer $58 million in paid family and parental leave fee relief

Democratic leadership in the legislature says the bill was rejected so lawmakers can use the money set aside for the measure for other purposes


Jared Polis injects another $5.2 million into his campaign as Republicans lag Democrats in all statewide contests

Democratic incumbents for attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer continue to outraise rivals

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Democrats avoid Jared Polis in quest to ensure Coloradans get the full picture on income tax changes

Senate Bill 222 would refer a measure to the November ballot that would require that voters get more up-front information on how income tax initiatives would affect them

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Colorado is about to (possibly, maybe, conditionally) adopt permanent daylight saving time

Even though Gov. Jared Polis is expected to sign the bill, clocks wouldn’t be frozen until Congress passes a law and at least four other Mountain time zone states join in

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