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Colorado legislature

Colorado legislature
Colorado legislature

Here are the legal challenges to Colorado’s new legislative maps

Some groups object to splitting Greeley and Lakewood, while a GOP coalition wrote in support of both plans

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Colorado doesn’t have a statewide building code. Would enacting one help protect homes against wildfire?

A handful of state lawmakers are interested in pursuing a statewide building code, in large part as a way to secure more federal grant money


Colorado’s new state House and Senate maps drew several Democrats into Republican districts and vice versa

Lawmakers now have to decide whether to move into a more favorable district or not run for reelection in a game of political musical chairs that could have implications for years to come

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Property taxes would more than triple for Colorado short-term rental owners under statehouse proposal

State Sen. Chris Hansen, a Denver Democrat, said the change is aimed at ensuring schools and fire departments have enough local funding


Democrats poised to maintain their Colorado Senate edge under new map adopted by redistricting commission

Colorado’s Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission started their meeting Tuesday at an impasse but reached a unanimous agreement on a proposal just hours before their self-imposed deadline

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Latest Colorado legislative draft maps, which would likely leave Democrats in control, could become the final versions

The commission has set an Oct. 12 deadline to vote on final state House and Senate maps

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Teacher pay in rural Colorado would be set at a minimum of $40,000 under a new proposal. Will the legislature support it?

Altogether, the bill could benefit 6,000 teachers and cost the state an estimated $35 million a year to supplement salaries


Proposition 120: Voters will decide if Colorado property taxes will go down — at least for some

A law passed in the final days of Colorado’s 2021 legislative session gutted Proposition 120 to apply only to property tax assessment rates for multifamily housing and lodging properties

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Remapping 2021 | One week to go before the big deadline for Colorado’s legislative redistricting commission

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Amendment 78: Colorado voters will decide if lawmakers should have more oversight of state spending

Supporters say the measure will increase transparency while opponents call it a partisan ploy to disrupt government

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Control of the Colorado Senate would come down to a handful of competitive districts under latest draft maps

The new maps could ultimately determine which party controls the state legislature, which has been in Democrats’ hands for the past three years

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Colorado’s economic recovery remains strong, but delta variant and supply chain issues are holding it back

Consumer spending is propping up the state’s economic growth as Colorado restaurant and hotel revenues exceed pre-pandemic levels

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Body composting, recently approved by Colorado lawmakers, is a “green” alternative to burial and cremation

On Sept. 7, Colorado became the second state after Washington to allow human body composting. Oregon will allow the practice beginning next July.


Democrats poised to keep control of Colorado legislature under latest draft redistricting maps

The maps released Monday are the first plans drawn by nonpartisan redistricting staff based on a decade of demographic changes captured in 2020 census data

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Can anyone keep climate-friendly homes off the gas grid? A community in Arvada is trying.

Arvada’s Geos community neighbors are all-electric and don’t want the next new homes to burn fossil fuels. But is there anything they can do to stop it?


Colorado’s consumer advocate gets wider climate powers and a new name

Office of Consumer Counsel rebrands as Utility Consumer Advocate, with new legal rights to intervene on decarbonization and environmental justice efforts.


Is Mineral County — population 865 — really one of the fastest-growing counties in Colorado?

In census data released this month, tiny Mineral County looked like one of the fastest growing counties in the state. But officials say it’s not a boomtown -- it just waged an aggressive campaign to get more of its residents counted.


Nicolais: A little advice for redistricting commissions weighing competitiveness

Ten years ago the commission I served on made a simplistic mistake – one that current commissioners should learn from

Opinion Columns

Lobbying spending at the Colorado Capitol set another record. Here’s how much was spent.

Opposition to public option health care bill drove spending in fiscal year 2021, which ended June 30

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Redistricting commissions diverge on prison gerrymandering, and the 3rd Congressional District revisited

This is the second edition of Remapping Colorado, our free, pop-up newsletter on redistricting.

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