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state legislature

state legislature

Colorado governor says his $1.3 billion stimulus plan would create up to 15,000 jobs, but questions abound

Lawmakers are open to a stimulus, though skeptical because the economic package amounts to deficit spending. Gov. Jared Polis says it's worth the investment.

Colorado state workers ordered to take unpaid furlough amid state budget shortfall

Gov. Jared Polis said “it's a time for belt tightening” but offered a tiered approach to reduce impact on lower-wage workers

As the financial crisis hits Colorado, PERA’s new oversight commission is sidelined

Top Colorado lawmakers said the move was intended to save $100,000 in the $30.3 billion state budget, but critics suggest it's a bad idea

Coronavirus bills push lobbying to record total in Colorado. Here’s a look at the big spenders.

Legislation to require paid sick leave for workers amid the pandemic drew intense lobbying in the final weeks before session ended in June, a Colorado Sun analysis shows.

Gallagher led to $35 billion in residential property tax cuts. Now Colorado lawmakers want voters to repeal it.

A measure at the Capitol to put the question on the 2020 ballot appears fast-tracked for passage with bipartisan support

Colorado’s $30.3 billion coronavirus-sickened state budget explained in 10 numbers

The state budget includes a $200 million IOU for unspecified legislation that will eliminate tax breaks or raise fees, leaders said

Colorado lawmakers won’t be required to wear masks at Capitol when legislative session resumes

After GOP objections, the legislature’s guidelines fall far short of expert recommendations and public health orders

Coronavirus may trigger the second-largest property tax cut in Colorado history, further crippling local budgets

The reductions under Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment would slash total school district revenue by an estimated $491 million. Fire districts would also be hard hit.

Health-related industries top Colorado lobbying spending so far, and it’s only expected to intensify

The coronavirus legislative hiatus changes the landscape and may shorten the session, but lobbying may still set record

Colorado lawmakers began slashing the budget and state employees are bracing for the worst

Democratic leaders hope to avoid pay cuts, furloughs and layoffs for government employees, but it may be necessary

Colorado lawmakers are looking at how to close a $3 billion budget shortfall. Here’s the roadmap.

The Joint Budget Committee will begin reviewing recommendations for spending cuts this week to rewrite the $30 billion state budget

The economic impact of the coronavirus is huge. Now Colorado lawmakers are looking at a budget deficit.

Gov. Jared Polis’ administration assures lawmakers they have enough money to address the COVID-19 outbreak

Colorado lawmakers upend the legislative session with decision to adjourn. Here’s what comes next.

Questions persist on whether the legislative session will resume, and how much lawmaking will take place in private in the interim

The 2020 battle to control Colorado’s state Senate is shaping up to be a big money election

Four super PACs tied to Democrats and Republicans in the state legislature and 2020 ballot committees reported millions in donations in the latest reports

The Democratic agenda came with a big price tag. Now Colorado budget writers worry about paying the bill.

The rising costs of Gov. Jared Polis’ full-day kindergarten program is part of an estimated $100 million in additional costs lawmakers will need to cover

To pay for housing and roads, Colorado lawmakers turned to an unusual source: the public’s “lost and found”

Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young, a former legislative budget writer, warns about using reserve accounts and putting budget “at risk”

Gov. Jared Polis made headway on 22% of his campaign pledges so far, Promise Tracker analysis shows

The Colorado Democrat’s early achievements are featured in emails to supporters from his 2022 reelection campaign

Colorado may make it tougher to get vaccine exemptions, but abandons “really aggressive option”

Gov. Jared Polis opposed the initial effort, but now says his administration will focus on improving the state’s low immunization rate

What the $30.5 billion Colorado state budget means for you — yes, you

The spending bills for fiscal year 2020 includes pay hikes for state employees, more money for education and dozens of other programs favored by Democrats.

Colorado’s universities are catering to out-of-state students. Is their public mission at risk?

The current ratio of in-state to out-of-state students today is about 60-40 at University of Colorado Boulder, an analysis finds. And it may soon flip.

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