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George Brauchler

George Brauchler

Where do Colorado Republicans go from here?

No Republican running statewide has won more than 45% of the vote in the past two election cycles. Conservatives think Donald Trump is a big factor, but there's also broad agreement the party has a messaging problem, too.

No charges for man who drove Jeep through Elijah McClain protest in Aurora

District Attorney George Brauchler said during a news conference that there was no visual evidence the driver aimed at anyone on the highway during the July 25 protest

STEM School Highlands Ranch shooter sentenced to life in prison after emotional, day-long hearing

Alec McKinney, who will be eligible for parole after 40 years, spoke publicly for the first time since the attack, apologizing individually to his victims. “I don't deserve leniency nor forgiveness,” he said. “I don't want a lighter sentence.”

Colorado’s 2015 law changing how officer-involved shootings are reviewed still lets police agencies investigate themselves

State lawmakers and prosecutors are vowing to push for and support changes after questions from The Colorado Sun about the measure

Prosecutors won’t seek death penalty against older of two suspected STEM School Highlands Ranch shooters

In a court filing on Thursday, 18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler did not explain the decision not to seek capital punishment for Devon Erickson

STEM School Highlands Ranch security guard reaches agreement with DA for firing gun, wounding students

Shamson Sundara was not supposed to have a gun on campus. He fired two rounds during the May 7 attack on the school.

Colorado’s 2020 legislative session begins this week. Here’s a rundown of 10 issues to watch.

The state legislature’s break-neck pace from 2019 may not return, but expect fierce debates over health care, criminal justice, guns and transportation

Colorado poised to revisit murder law that can send people to prison for life — even when they didn’t kill anyone

A Democratic state senator wants to change the penalties for violating Colorado’s felony murder law to take life in prison without the possibility of parole off the table

Gov. Polis and state lawmakers eye changes to how police-involved deaths are investigated in Colorado

County sheriffs and the top prosecutor in the state’s largest judicial district want the brakes pumped on the proposals and say the current system is working as it should

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck says he will seek reelection, dispelling speculation to the contrary

Buck, a Windsor Republican who is in his third term, also is chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. Potential GOP successors -- like George Brauchler and Jerry Sonnenberg -- started to line up campaigns to replace him.

Teen should be tried for STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting, judge says

Colorado prosecutors warn DUI-testing mess could have impacts far beyond drunken driving cases

18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler and Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty warn that the entire criminal justice system could face big challenges if a remedy isn’t found

Authorities raid 247 Colorado homes, seize more than 80,000 marijuana plants in years-long operation targeting black market pot

State and federal officials said the nearly three-year investigation showed that illegal marijuana trafficking mushroomed after voters approved recreational use in 2012

16-year-old charged as an adult in STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting

Alec McKinney's attorneys immediately launched an effort to return the case to juvenile court

Colorado’s new red flag law may have applied to woman whose threats caused mass school closures. But there’s a catch.

Colorado law says an extreme risk protection order to seize someone’s firearms must be sought in the county where the person resides. In Sol Pais’ case, that would have meant Miami-Dade County, Florida.

From bail reform to restoring voting rights and sealing records, Colorado’s criminal justice system is getting a makeover

A slate of bills making their way through the Colorado legislature would keep people out of jail, reduce penalties for some crimes and remove barriers for offenders once they are released from prison. Many of the measures have bipartisan support, but In some cases law enforcement want the brakes pumped.

Opinion: My sister’s death at Parkland could have been prevented. Colorado needs protections.

Brauchler: The red flag gun bill is too extreme. Let’s find a bipartisan, Colorado solution.

Krieger: “Red Flag” is a law-and-order bill. So why is the GOP against it?

Colorado lawmakers will consider whether to repeal the death penalty again, as factors align for passage

The Colorado legislature has debated getting rid of capital punishment four times since 2000. The bill being brought this year wouldn’t send the question to voters, as proponents of lethal injection want.

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