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Thy Vo

Thy Vo is a freelance journalist and former Colorado Sun staff member.


Colorado lawmakers withdraw bill aimed at removing racial bias in jury selection

The measure, which was unanimously opposed by district attorneys, would have prohibited attorneys from trying to disqualify a potential juror based only on reasons like expressing a distrust of police

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The Tina Peters saga explained: Everything that’s happened with Mesa County’s clerk

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters was elected in 2018. Here’s an explanation of everything that’s happened since.

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Lawmakers looking for oversight of Colorado jails cut back bill after outcry from sheriffs

A bill originally aimed at regulating jails has been remade to instead form a commission to study possible reforms

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A judge may not call it racism, but Colorado attorneys say “implicit bias” is getting people kicked off juries

Colorado lawmakers are debating Senate Bill 128, which aims to address “implicit bias” in how people are picked for juries

Crime and Courts

Colorado may be the next state to decriminalize “magic” mushrooms as new research shows potential benefits

New research showing the therapeutic potential of psilocybin and other psychedelics for mental health has spurred legalization efforts

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Colorado gets C+ grade for medical cannabis access, report says

The state's crackdown on high-potency THC could lead to "crisis of access" for patients, medical cannabis-rights group Americans for Safe Access warns

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The nearly 2,000 Afghan refugees who recently arrived in Colorado have found a community ready to help

Afghan Americans, many who came to the U.S. as refugees decades ago, are organizing to help support new arrivals


Like more than one candidate? Fort Collins could be the latest Colorado city to adopt ranked choice voting.

The effort comes as Boulder and Broomfield will start using ranked choice voting in 2023

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Colorado aimed to crack down on youth access to cannabis concentrates. Doctors say their jobs are being threatened instead.

Vibrant Health, a clinic in Colorado Springs, has shut down after 12 years, citing a bill passed by lawmakers last year. Other doctors say they will no longer see cannabis patients.

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Colorado lawmakers know where they want to direct federal COVID funding. They just have to figure out how.

Three task forces released their final plans for spending American Rescue Plan Act money to increase affordable housing, improve mental health and boost the economy

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Southeastern Colorado struggles to attract home builders. Now federal stimulus will help add 127 homes.

Colorado counties received nearly $1.3 billion through the American Rescue Plan Act, and many are tackling their wish lists

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The Colorado Capitol’s next big labor fight: whether to let local public workers unionize

A forthcoming bill would grant thousands more Colorado public employees a seat at the negotiating table

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A mental health hold can help Coloradans in crisis. But for many who are seriously ill, that’s where the help stops.

Mental health advocates want to overhaul the state law for 72-hour involuntary holds. But helping people with serious mental illness will require a lot more than that.

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Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters announces reelection campaign amid new grand jury investigation

Peters, who has spread baseless claims about the 2020 presidential election being stolen, has been under scrutiny since she allegedly allowed an unauthorized person to attend a sensitive Dominion Voting Systems software update in May

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Marshall fire officially becomes Colorado’s most destructive, with 991 homes and businesses burned, officials confirm

Much of Louisville and Superior will reopen to residents starting Saturday afternoon. But many residents will be without potable water or natural gas


As many as 600 homes lost, 6 people injured as Marshall fire quickly spreads across Boulder County

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle says downed power lines may have sparked the wildfires.

Marshall Fire

Colorado has finalized its congressional redistricting, but don’t forget about your powerful county commission

Some counties won’t redraw their commission-district lines until 2023, thanks to a deadline extension granted by Colorado lawmakers

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Colorado lawmakers still have more than $2.6 billion in federal COVID stimulus to spend

Legislative task forces have been meeting for months to discuss how to make a dent on issues like affordable housing and mental health

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Colorado wants to keep investors from flipping water rights. Let the speculation begin.

Legislators want to tackle water speculation after two companies buying up water rights in Grand Valley and the San Luis Valley sparked fears


Ethics complaints are on the rise in Colorado. The one person in charge of investigating them says he needs help.

Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission has one employee responsible for everything from administrative work to investigating potential ethics violations

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