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Colorado lawmakers passed 502 bills during this year’s legislative session. Here are 65 you need to know about.

The measures include six gun control bills, new cannabis regulations and a policy inspired by Elijah McClain’s death

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Colorado agricultural workers will get expanded rights, more pay. Here are the details.

Senate Bill 87 drew significant opposition from Republican lawmakers and the agriculture industry, but Democrats say it addresses decades of inequity

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5 big tax bills Colorado lawmakers passed this year that will affect your wallet

Significant changes were made to property tax rates, tax loopholes and tax credits that will affect the wallets of people across the state

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Five moments that defined Colorado’s 2021 legislative session

This year’s 120-day lawmaking session was delayed by coronavirus, boosted by billions in federal stimulus dollars and drew outrage over racist remarks.

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Democrats pursued a no-policy-left-behind mantra for Colorado’s 2021 legislative session

Much of Democrats’ policy agenda was heavily amended, but it passed with very limited exceptions. “I think we’ve hit our stride,” said Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, a Boulder Democrat.

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Colorado effort to limit arrests for low-level criminal offenses dies in statehouse committee

This is the second version of the legislation, which would have limited arrests for low-level offenses, to be rejected this year.

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Colorado lawmakers’ effort to curb illegal use of high-potency marijuana by teens is stoking privacy concerns

House Bill 1317 would track how much medical pot patients buy to enforce daily limits. Some are concerned about the state keeping the data secure.

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Colorado Supreme Court tells lawmakers to stay out of redistricting process, but signs off on use of preliminary data

The court said lawmakers could not dictate that independent commissions use preliminary Census data to meet fast-approaching redistricting deadlines.

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Colorado cities will be able to require developers to build affordable housing in new rental projects

A bill signed into law by Gov. Jared Polis Friday reverses a 20-year-old court precedent, allowing cities and counties to require affordable housing as a part of new rental developments.

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The Denver metro is getting a new area code next year

Starting in 2022, people in regions with a 303 or 720 area code may be assigned the new number: 983


Governor to issue more pardons now that Coloradans can legally possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana

With the recreational possession limit increased to two ounces, Gov. Jared Polis said he will issue additional pardons.

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“A lot of big items still out there”: Colorado lawmakers have a massive to-do list with only a month left

There are about 250 pieces of active, unresolved legislation. And more meaty bills are being introduced by the day.

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Democrats advance historic slate of legislation to aid Colorado’s unauthorized immigrants, roll back restrictions

Senate Bill 199 would repeal language barring immigrants in the U.S. illegally from accessing state and local public benefits. It’s among several bills that would affect Colorado immigrants.

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Threatening an elected official in Colorado may soon land you in prison as lawmakers push to protect public workers

Elected officials and their families have faced death threats and harassment. Senate Bill 64 would create a specific crime of threatening an elected official in Colorado.

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Another potential delay to Colorado’s redistricting process? Counting prisoners.

Colorado and eight other states are changing how they count prisoners for redistricting, so counties with prison-inflated populations don’t get more political representation than they should.

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Colorado’s county commissions will have guardrails on how they draw commissioner districts under new law

House Bill 1047, which aims to enhance transparency and create legal guidelines for a process previously left up to counties, was signed by Gov. Jared Polis.

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Colorado courts could soon be forced to hold bond hearings within 48 hours of someone’s arrest

House Bill 1280 comes with some hefty costs for the state and potentially for local district attorneys, but proponents say it’s necessary to ensure people don’t languish in jail

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Colorado Democrats drop public health insurance option to pursue state-regulated plan instead after industry pushback

An amendment to House Bill 1232 would require private insurers in the state to offer a highly regulated, standardized plan and drive down premium costs by 18% over three years

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Western Colorado is wary of gray wolf reintroduction. Will they have to pay for it, too?

The current funding plan for gray wolf reintroduction would rely on license fees paid by hunters and anglers, many of whom live in the western Colorado communities that opposed Proposition 114.

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Unemployment fraudsters have cost Colorado at least $19.37 million

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has been able to prevent another $437.16 million in fraudulent claims from being paid out, officials said Friday

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