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Colorado lawmakers withdraw bill aimed at removing racial bias in jury selection

A bill aimed at addressing racial bias in how Colorado juries are picked was withdrawn by Democratic state lawmakers after the legislation faced unanimous opposition from the state’s 22 district attorneys.  The measure, Senate Bill 128, would have prohibited attorneys from trying to disqualify a potential juror from service based only on reasons such as […]

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Lawmakers looking for oversight of Colorado jails cut back bill after outcry from sheriffs

Colorado lawmakers have backed off a measure to introduce new health, safety and operational standards in state jails, instead opting to pursue a study after pushback from sheriffs and counties.  It follows the passage of a law last year, heavily opposed by sheriffs, to limit the use of solitary confinement in the state’s largest jails.  […]

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A judge may not call it racism, but Colorado attorneys say “implicit bias” is getting people kicked off juries

A proposal from Democratic state lawmakers to address “implicit” or unintentional racial bias in how people are excluded from Colorado jury service is stalled after facing unanimous opposition from the state’s district attorneys.  Proponents of Senate Bill 128 argue it would address what they say is a longstanding problem of people of color being disqualified […]

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Colorado may be the next state to decriminalize “magic” mushrooms as new research shows potential benefits

It wasn’t just the painful tumors or medication that made Alan Floyd sick.  It was the idea that death could come at any time, a brutal fact of his condition that came to dominate his days and grew into night terrors during his sleep.  “It was this monstrous, impending doom of death hanging over me,” […]

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Colorado gets C+ grade for medical cannabis access, report says

Despite being one of the first states in the U.S. to legalize medical marijuana, Colorado gets a C+ when it comes to ensuring patient access to the drug, a national medical cannabis advocacy group said in a new assessment.  Americans for Safe Access said it downgraded Colorado this year because of a new law that […]

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The nearly 2,000 Afghan refugees who recently arrived in Colorado have found a community ready to help

When Rafi and his family left Afghanistan in 2014, they feared both for their lives and the unknown ahead.  Like other Afghans who worked alongside U.S. forces, the former interpreter and investigator was forced to leave behind his parents, siblings and hometown, Kabul. When he arrived in Colorado on a special immigrant visa, he had […]

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Colorado aimed to crack down on youth access to cannabis concentrates. Doctors say their jobs are being threatened instead.

A new Colorado law aimed at keeping young people from buying and reselling highly potent THC concentrate has sparked concerns from doctors who recommend medical cannabis about how the new provisions could jeopardize their ability to practice medicine.  The law, which has some doctors saying they have stopped working with medical cannabis patients altogether, requires […]

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Colorado lawmakers know where they want to direct federal COVID funding. They just have to figure out how.

After months of discussion, three bipartisan legislative task forces have finalized their recommendations for how Colorado should spend $2.6 billion in American Rescue Plan Act dollars to increase affordable housing, improve Coloradans’ mental health and boost the state’s economic recovery from the pandemic. Now, it’s time for state lawmakers to figure out how they will […]