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Coronavirus vaccine breakthrough cases are rare in Colorado. Here’s everything we know about them.

State health officials say there aren’t a lot of patterns in the numbers so far


You didn’t win Colorado’s first coronavirus vaccine sweepstakes drawing. Here’s who did.

A health care worker from Mead was announced Friday as the first $1 million winner of the Colorado Comeback Cash sweepstakes. Four more people will get the prize.


There’s a new way to measure the political divide in Colorado: coronavirus vaccination rates

Across the state, blue counties are getting vaccinated at higher rates than red ones


As STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting trial opens, two views of what happened in Room 107

Devon Erickson is accused of killing classmate Kendrick Castillo. Eight others were injured in the May 2019 attack.

Crime and Courts

Colorado Democrats’ big health insurance bill was amended 21 times. Here’s how it has changed.

What started as a plan for a state-offered health insurance option to drop costs by 20% has now morphed into a measure requiring private companies to offer a state-regulated plan with 15% lower costs.

Politics and Government

To combat coronavirus vaccine misinformation, Colorado turned to a counter-terrorism expert

The state is working with New York-based Miburo Solutions to spot vaccine falsehoods and plan information campaigns


Colorado Democrats’ health care bill seeks to reduce insurance premiums. No one is sure exactly how.

House Bill 1232 narrowly passed out of a committee in the state Senate on Wednesday


Colorado has the worst coronavirus case rate in the country as it ends most statewide restrictions

The state is still in the midst of its second-largest surge of COVID-19, and the variants of the virus that are circulating are harder to control


Kids as young as 12 can now get a coronavirus vaccine in Colorado. Here’s what you need to know.

Children under the age of 18 can only receive the Pfizer vaccine, but state officials say there’s lots of it to go around


Colorado Democrats’ big health insurance bill may deliver the nation’s lowest premiums. But much is still unclear.

Three things we know and three things we don’t know about House Bill 1232 as it heads to the state Senate


Here’s what you need to know about the coronavirus variants circulating in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has identified five cases in Mesa County of a new variant that originated in India


A Colorado woman developed rare blood clots from a coronavirus vaccine. She says you should still get vaccinated.

Doctors at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital were the first in the country to try a different drug in treating the clots


More and more Colorado parents are vaccinated, but their kids mostly aren’t. So what about those summer travel plans?

While kids are less likely to get severely ill from COVID-19, a Children’s Hospital Colorado doctor says parents still need to be cautious


Here are the most common coronavirus vaccine side effects in Colorado

An overwhelming majority of reported side effects are mild. The ones that aren’t get special scrutiny.


Almost everyone in Colorado who eagerly wanted a coronavirus vaccine has gotten one. Now comes the hard part.

Persuading the vaccine hesitant requires trust and dialogue, and that means reaching herd immunity for COVID-19 will take time


Coloradans who have been vaccinated against coronavirus are more than 90% less likely to develop COVID-19

Of the 106,965 positive cases for COVID-19 since Jan. 21 in Colorado, 819 of them occurred in people who were fully immunized


Colorado’s coronavirus dial system ends Friday. As hospitalizations spike, it will be up to counties to respond.

Gov. Jared Polis said Colorado has reached a point in the pandemic where local communities can decide what restrictions are right for them. But at the same time he’s pleading with the public to be careful.


Colorado’s fourth coronavirus wave will be different from the first three. Here’s why it’s still a concern.

Younger people are making up a bigger share of the cases this time — and some are getting really sick


The best tips from The Colorado Sun’s readers for booking a coronavirus vaccination appointment

The Colorado Sun asked readers to share the tricks, hacks and gambits that have worked for them to get a COVID-19 shot. Here’s what they told us.


What is and isn’t allowed in Colorado when it comes to compelling people to get a coronavirus vaccine

No one at the moment is pushing for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, either at the state or federal levels. But businesses and Gov. Jared Polis’ administration are trying out incentives.

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