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Elliott Wenzler

Arapahoe County — the last holdout — votes to leave Tri-County Health Department

The county may continue to receive services from the agency


“We used to never have anything like this”: In Douglas County, signs of homelessness are on the rise

This is in a county with the highest median household income in metro Denver and the lowest percentage of people in poverty. It's also a county where housing costs are rising sharply.


Douglas County leaders are not considering a mask mandate

Hospital beds in the county are filling up


Tri-County Health halts COVID-19 services to Douglas County

State agency to take over pandemic duties in breakaway county


Federal judge temporarily blocks Douglas County mask-rule exemption

U.S. District Judge John Kane ordered the newly-formed Douglas County Health Department not to enforce the public health order for at least 14 days


Douglas County will continue receiving public health services from Tri-County through at least 2022

The county will still have its own board of health in charge of things like local public health orders, but the residents will receive services “as though the county were still a member of TCHD"


Second STEM School Highlands Ranch gunman sentenced to life in prison without parole

Devon Erickson, 20, was convicted of first-degree murder earlier this summer for his role in the May 7, 2019, shooting

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Douglas County’s next step for its new health department is to find a qualified director

Colorado statute lays out clear requirements for the role, including past experience in public health


Douglas County commissioners vote to create their own health department, appointing themselves to the board

Tuesday's move is the latest chapter in a rift between the county and the Tri-County Health Department that has grown steadily wider since the pandemic


Tri-County Health Department will “reconsider” its opt-out policy for school mask mandate

Mask order has elicited vocal responses from community members in all three counties in Tri-County jurisdiction


For the 3rd time this year, Douglas County loses a member of Tri-County Health board

Douglas County no longer has any of the Tri-County board members it had before the COVID-19 pandemic


Douglas County seeks to invalidate Tri-County Health Department’s school mask rules

As of publishing time, it was not known when the county would send its objection to Tri-County  or if the county was considering filing a legal complaint against the agency


Douglas County commissioners vote to opt out of Tri-County student mask order

“By opting out of this public health order, we will be securing the blessings of liberty,” Commissioner George Teal said during the meeting.


Douglas County proceeds with its pursuit of a new health department after pandemic battles with Tri-County

The county started considering forming a new public health department several months into the COVID-19 pandemic


Jury finds second STEM School Highlands Ranch shooter guilty of first-degree murder

The jury made its decision after five hours of deliberation

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STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting trial in jury’s hands

During closing arguments, prosecutors said the defendant "knew exactly what he was doing," while the defense claimed "there was no plan"

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“The majority of what I said wasn’t truthful,” convicted STEM School Highlands Ranch shooter testifies

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Younger STEM School Highlands Ranch shooter takes stand in trial of his alleged accomplice

One student was killed and several others wounded in the 2019 attack

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Teen victim pleaded with STEM School Highlands Ranch shooter to stop his attack, testimony reveals

Prosecutors have called on nearly 20 people who were in the room the day of the 2019 attack to tell the jury what they remember

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Jury hears from survivors of STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting

The prosecution called on several staff members and students of the school to walk the jury through the day of the shooting and how it unfolded from their perspective

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