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What’d I Miss?: Street Sm-Art

Parked: Mobile homes are Colorado’s affordable housing crutch. But they’re disappearing as land becomes more precious

Mobile homes provide the bulk of unsubsidized, affordable housing in Colorado but their numbers are shrinking and ownership is moving from mom-and-pop to corporate

Opinion: Denver is facing an affordable housing crisis – we all have to look past our own front door

Carman: The Millennial caucus just might have the solution to runaway gentrification

Opinion: How did gentrification become a crisis? Consider the homebuilding process

Whether intentionally or by accident, many policies actually hinder efforts to help affordable housing keep pace

Cities across Colorado saw how gentrification impacted Denver. They’re trying to avoid the same pitfalls.

Hot real estate markets put the state's city planners on alert to avoid displacing vulnerable populations, but with unique local factors in play

Watch: A lifelong Westwood resident on what the changing neighborhood means to her

As development plans flood Denver’s poorest neighborhood, fear of gentrification lingers

Decades after redlining, Denver schools see choice contributing to racial imbalance

Amid declining overall enrollment, some neighborhood schools suffer as parents send their kids to higher-achieving schools

Denver’s Westwood warily watches redevelopment happen. Can it stay true to its roots when gentrification looms?

In this predominantly Latino community, residents -- and city government -- have mobilized to minimize displacement, even as they embrace improvement. But trust is elusive.

A study on gentrification made 12 recommendations for Denver. Three years later, here’s where the city stands.

What’d I Miss on changes in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood — 10/5/2018