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1 million Colorado buildings are threatened by wildfire. The risk is highest in suburban counties.

Modeling from group that tracks risk related to climate change reports that in the next 30 years, 19% more homes in Colorado will be threatened by wildfire, the largest increase in the U.S.


Aurora may ban sprawling lawns, new golf courses to save water. Other Denver-area cities could follow.

The proposal also cuts traditional grass in medians and unused decorative areas, and limits new home yards to 750 square feet of grass.


Colorado mountain towns feel more crowded than ever. But census data shows the population has barely changed.

Pitkin and Eagle counties could challenge the results of the 2020 census, worried that an undercount will slow the flow of federal money


A lane expansion to unclog I-25 through downtown Denver is not on the table — for now

CDOT says there’s no money for new lanes on the crowded stretch, and state officials will focus on moving rail lines and a Burnham Yard revamp.


Drought, climate change push Eagle County to rebuild a scuttled dam, as growth brings water needs

A plan to revive Bolts Lake in Minturn could provide an additional 1,200 acre-feet of water storage


“An incredible frustration”: Boulder County fire officials have long sought better wildfire escape routes

The concern about escape paths has gained new urgency after the 2021 Marshall fire destroyed more than 1,000 homes in Boulder County.


Douglas County needs to find new water sources as its population grows by 25 people every day

Thousands of homes rely on a limited supply of underground aquifers. Water providers are working to shift to more sustainable sources before they run dry.


Colorado parks are full and getting fuller. How will the state decide who gets in, and who gets hurt?

Lake Pueblo hosted 3.4 million last year. Jeffco Open Space estimated 7 million users in 2021. That’s right. 7 million. But efforts to control crowds raise questions of equity and access.


Eldorado Canyon may become Colorado’s first state park with timed entry

Parks & Wildlife Commission decides this week on an online ticketing system on summer weekends to handle visitorship that shot to 540,000 last year. Other state parks are under serious strain.


A once-small Colorado mining town is going through a growth spurt. Can the water supply keep up?

Increased prices and scarcity of supply led Firestone to pursue a cheaper water alternative


Controversial canal along South Platte River in Colorado now on Nebraska’s front burner after COVID aid windfall

Nebraska's natural resources boss says failing to preserve the state's water supply would have huge economic and environmental consequences


A new fund seeks to close the racial wealth gap by helping Black families buy homes in metro Denver

The Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth aims to give 500 Black families up to $40,000 in down payment assistance to increase their wealth by at least $100,000 within 10 years.


Colorado doesn’t have a statewide fire-resistant construction requirement. In the Marshall fire’s wake, critics say it’s time.

Instead of relying on a statewide building code to govern new home construction, as in some other fire-prone states, Colorado leaves it to communities to craft their own policies.

Marshall Fire

A record number of Coloradans are pursuing conservation easements as land, water prices increase

A new law offers landowners securing tax credits worth 90% of the value of the conservation easement on their property.


Nebraska will spend $500 million to claim South Platte River water from Colorado

Colorado has identified 282 new South Platte River Basin projects of its own to meet the demands of the fast-growing metro area


Westminster clears controversial Uplands development proposal for “the Farm”

Three nights of fraught testimony ended early Tuesday with boos as the city council OK'd the Uplands development, which will bring 2,350 homes to an undeveloped corner of town.


New CDOT rules will force road projects to cut emissions — or else put money toward transit options

New highway projects must now cut overall pollution, offer transit alternatives, and force a revolution in land-use planning.


What’s Working: Colorado economists share 2022 forecasts on meat, apartments, video games and more

Colorado's economy is better than last year but full recovery doesn’t mean business will look like it did in 2019. Plus: unemployment fraud updates, wage increases and more.


Two big — and controversial — Colorado water projects want to tap into DougCo stimulus slosh-funds

With the county asking for ideas on how to spend $68 million from the American Rescue Plan, every dam, pipeline and diversion rushes in.


Renewable Water Resources wants Douglas County as the first customer for its San Luis Valley water export plan

The start up led by former Colorado Gov. Bill Owens and his former deputy chief of staff Sean Tonner, proposed a $20 million investment of COVID recovery money to lock in future water for Douglas County at rates cheaper than Front Range cities pay today

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