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Kevin Simpson

The Colorado Sun —

Trout (and anglers) love Colorado’s Dream Stream — and transported trees could keep it thriving

This stretch of the South Platte and its world-class fishing have been damaged by floods, but borrowed root wads and other material could repair and protect it for years to come


Tiny Branson rallied for a football field of dreams — and scored big for the unifying power of small-town sports

The 6-man team remains nostalgic about bidding farewell to the “worst field in America,” but synthetic turf made a splash in a parched corner of Colorado.


Denver’s embrace of rezoning for “granny flats” is growing by neighborhood, individual initiative

After a pandemic pause, accessory dwelling units regain momentum through council efforts and recommendations of city planners


Northglenn’s Laura Richardson promoted to four-star general as part of Biden’s first slate of nominations

The Metro State alum last week got Senate confirmation for a key position as commander of the U.S. Southern Command


Fifty years ago, a deadly school bus crash shook Gunnison. Some survivors needed decades to heal.

The tragedy on the way to a game in Salida killed eight high school football players and a coach. But many grieving locals couldn't talk about it for years.


For the first time, Colorado has a Latina state historian. Here’s what Nicki Gonzales hopes to accomplish.

The Denver native found herself moving east to learn about the West. Now she wants to engage students and others in a more inclusive reading of the state’s complex past.


A former DU student launched an app to change charitable giving. Now he hopes to turn it into the next big social media platform.

Reyn Aubrey built PocketChange on the concept of micro-donations. He’s reimagined it as a way to inject civility and good into the toxic online world.


Colorado forgot this WWII hero. A new statue at the Capitol will help it remember.

Even amid an intense national conversation over historical monuments, state lawmakers found consensus to memorialize an often overlooked figure


A new Colorado law gave them an opportunity to buy their mobile home park. They took it.

Resident co-ops closed on Boulder County’s Sans Souci property and a Durango park on the same day. More deals could soon be in the pipeline.


One of Colorado’s most influential writers saved the state’s music history one cardboard box at a time

G. Brown's 2-year-old online trove, the Colorado Music Experience, couples with an ambitious book series to capture pop music roots here and beyond


This senior property tax exemption has saved Colorado’s older homeowners millions. But it also has an equity problem.

As lawmakers continue their efforts to address housing issues, the exemption that’s less available to people of color will get a hard look with an eye toward fairness


As Colorado’s older homeowners consider moving, a hot housing market often keeps them stuck where they are

Equity in their current homes doesn’t buy what it used to, so some figure the prudent move is to adapt what they have. That makes the market even tighter.


In rural towns like Kit Carson, a housing and development conundrum born of rising costs, disrepair — and lots of asbestos

As existing home stock deteriorates, locals struggle to reconcile needed business development with sparse affordable housing. A small town’s future can hang in the balance.


In the wake of anti-Asian violence, Colorado congressmen push Amache’s designation as National Historic Site

A bill introduced by Reps. Joe Neguse and Ken Buck would bring federal resources to efforts to memorialize a site where Japanese Americans were incarcerated in WWII


SunLit Interview: For Martin J. Smith, “Going to Trinidad” launched a challenging odyssey

From puzzling over a cousin's transition years earlier to tackling the complex nuances of gender, the author found his two-year nonfiction project revealed many things -- including his own naiveté


Collectibles took off in Colorado during COVID, but it wasn’t just trading cards. A virtual slam dunk sold for five figures.

Coloradans helped fuel the run on digital sports card equivalents called non fungible tokens, crypto art and traditional cards with record numbers. And they're climbing.


A tiny Colorado town’s fundraising whirlwind makes a $535,000 football field a reality

On the parched southern Colorado range, Branson's “worst field in America” will be transformed into a showcase facility in time for next season


The SunLit Interview: Debbi MacLeod’s unsung Colorado library helps bring books to the print-disabled

Part of a national network, the Colorado Talking Book Library serves about 7,000 book lovers statewide. MacLeod wants to serve more.


The SunLit interview: Coronavirus pushed BookBar founder Nicole Sullivan to reimagine her business

When the shutdown hit, she went into survival mode. But gradually, she began to work toward a more meaningful, purposeful model.


The SunLit interview: Clara Villarosa’s Hue-Man Experience finds unexpected new life

The brand she launched in 1984 in Denver to advance books by and about people of color, and later revived in New York City, now will become a curatorial service within the Tattered Cover

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