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The SunLit interview: A conversation with “Wimpy Kid” creator Jeff Kinney

With a new book of spooky stories coming out, the wildly successful author brings a drive-thru experience to four Front Range book stores


We asked you to Write On, Colorado during the coronavirus. You delivered.

Readers shared their feelings and experiences through the first year of a pandemic. Here's a selection of some of the most memorable submissions.

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From pets to parks, coronavirus reshaped many Coloradans’ relationship with their surroundings

The isolation that accompanied shutdowns and mandates changed the way we regard lots of things, and some of those changes could endure


Half of the duo known as Linda Keir explains how two authors forged an “almost flawless working relationship”

Denver's Linda Joffe Hull and Chicago's Keir Graff, separated by a thousand miles, have combined their talents on three novels, including their latest, "The Three Mrs. Wrights"


Push to get Colorado’s Amache internment camp a national park designation interrupted by coronavirus

COVID-19 delays have slowed a three-year process that supporters hope will put the Grenada War Relocation Center site under federal management


As some Colorado mobile home parks mull selling, resident co-ops seek to become their own landlords

The state’s new “opportunity to purchase” provision comes with no guarantees. And fledgling co-ops find that in the law’s early stages, resources are scarce.


Colorado was an early adopter of roundabouts. Now, motorists across the U.S. are driving in circles.

American drivers largely dismissed them for more than a century -- until pioneers like Golden and Vail proved they can work


Opponents refuse to play on Branson’s hardscrabble football field. Now the town needs a(nother) miracle.

Can the small Colorado school district find a way to install a $400,000 artificial turf facility? History says don’t count them out.


A plaque near Denver’s historic Chinatown marks a race riot. Its critics see it as an opportunity.

An effort to replace the Lower Downtown marker has raised the possibility of reconciling a painful chapter in the city’s history -- and reimagining a new Asian district


Santa Claus is also working from a ho-ho-home office during coronavirus, thanks to a Colorado entrepreneur

Susen Mesco has spent 38 years booking Santas and teaching them the trade. The pandemic pushed that to a whole new level.


This smooth operator met an unfortunate end — but the author made out OK

From hundreds of entries, only one 6-word mystery could take the grand prize in the Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers of America chapter's fourth annual contest


Voices of Colorado youth, amplified by activism and opportunity, find receptive ears with lawmakers

Prodded by a contagious concern for their future, students engage with the legislative process -- and increasingly find their ideas reflected in results

Politics and Government

Colorado’s I-25 project on “The Gap” combined data, thousands of photos and engineering to minimize roadkill

On vast, contiguous public and private land, abundant wildlife has been meticulously preserved. But growing safety hazards couldn’t be ignored.


Coloradans continue to up the ante on their sports bets. So why did tax revenues plummet?

The state’s fledgling industry will experience some volatility, experts say, as the deluge of new operators entice customers with virtually risk-free, and non-taxable, bets


From “Star Trek” to star gazer, Colorado man drops everything and hits the road with a camera and his passion

At 35, Charlie Maier knew it was time to do something different. His future, he hopes, is in the night sky


History Colorado unveils the toppled Union soldier statue with an exhibit that seeks to tell its story. Its whole story.

The still-scarred piece may be the first attempt in the U.S. to examine controversial monuments by displaying them in the context of divergent interpretations.


Colorado’s settlement with mobile home park operator could provide path for other tenants seeking justice

Responding to consumer complaints, Attorney General Phil Weiser pursued action against Kingsley Management as a deterrent -- and an invitation for other tenants to report abuses


How mask mandates threw a wrench into Colorado’s revived youth soccer season

Varying safety restrictions have sown confusion, and mask orders for players in competition have moved some clubs to decline to play where they’re required


Kill fish to save fish: Behind Colorado’s effort to revive the Rio Grande cutthroat trout

The multi-agency project to restore the native species has been years in the making. But the optics still can be shocking.


Dead rainbow trout floated on the South Platte. Could fish detectives crack the case?

When an angler discovered the kill, he quickly put in motion an investigation to determine if the culprit posed a threat to the river’s health -- or was just a quirk of nature

John Davenport fly fishes in the South Platte River
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