Portabello mushrooms on display during a food show at FoodMaven on November 12, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. FoodMaven takes extra or ugly food that sellers refuse to sell and finds buyers around the state of Colorado. (Photo by Seth McConnell, Special to the Colorado Sun)

America trashes 40% of its food. A Colorado startup is connecting the discards to dinner tables.

FoodMaven is part of a movement to find buyers for $3.50/lb. New York strips, “ugly” fruit and local produce in order to cut into America's food waste problem.

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Idaho Springs voters will decide whether to recall Mayor Michael Hillman after signatures are verified

Recall backers collected about twice the number of signatures required. The recall election will be held in February, March or April

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BLM, citing public ire, demands intensive review of test bores before mine above Glenwood Springs can expand

Colorado River communities and U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton want close scrutiny of plan to grow a limestone quarry that many worry could disrupt Glenwood Springs' tourism economy and harm its beloved hot springs