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Tamara Chuang

The Colorado Sun —

What’s Working: Colorado has some of the lowest high gas prices in the U.S.

Wages are up 10% and the state’s unemployment rate fell to 3.6%. Plus: How McDonald’s plans to fill nearly 6,000 openings statewide, who’s hiring and more!


What’s Working: Colorado needs transit and truck drivers. How’s a $5,000 bonus sound?

Here’s how Denver and RTD are handling the driver shortage. Plus: Inflation continues, new business laws and more.


A federal program gives people $30 a month for internet. Less than a third of eligible Coloradans participate.

A smoother process and ISP support could increase Colorado’s participation rate in the Affordable Connectivity Program


What’s Working: The politics of unemployment debt in Colorado

Business bills galore as Colorado lawmakers head into the last week of the legislative session. Plus: Who’s hiring, who needs a job, who’s getting a check.


What happened when a bright star in Denver’s startup scene started to fade

Nanno's plan was to build the best babysitting app around. But as a female-founded, consumer tech business heading into a global pandemic, that changed.


What’s Working: Unpacking Colorado’s “muddled” economy 

New business filings remain at higher than usual levels but dissolutions rising too. Plus: Business bills, top cities to start a business and more!


What’s Working: Diversity tools to get past Denver’s $45,000 “scrape-by” wage

Plus: Colorado had one of the largest declines in job openings nationwide, but even as the state’s job economy has recovered, we’re not back to normal yet


Here’s how Colorado oil and gas companies say they are getting to net-zero emissions

Companies are going public with their climate goals using ESG (the E stands for Environment), as mindful investors push for change. But as sustainability funds thrive, what does “E” really mean?


Colorado lawmakers plan to overhaul unemployment system, extend benefits to immigrants as they also backfill depleted fund

A forthcoming bill would send $600 million, as expected, to tackle the trust fund’s $1 billion debt. But it also includes a handful of big changes to the unemployment system.

Politics and Government

What’s Working: Colorado gets closer to pre-pandemic economy as jobless rate falls to 3.7%

Plus: Lots of talk about rising inflation this week, as the Denver-area rate hit 9.1%. But what does that really mean?


What’s Working: Colorado program is looking for a few good older workers

Data shows moms and women 65 and over are heading back to work. Plus: State apprenticeship grants update, more workers unionize and more.


What’s Working: Colorado business leaders lose optimism about economy — but 55% expect to raise wages anyway

See the results from the latest CU business school survey. Plus: Colorado hotel workers reach a new high with a 10% quit rate, a case for offering more employee perks and a real life job fair.


United Airlines needs more workers as it undergoes one of its largest Denver expansions in years

The airline, DIA's largest, plans to hire 3,000 more people by 2026. To get past the Great Resignation, United has upped its starting wage and offers bonuses for some positions.


What’s Working: Colorado is offering up to $50,000 to tap into an old-timey resource — apprenticeships

Plus: $50 million in workers-comp refunds on the way, Colorado's 4.1% unemployment rate for February, 102% pandemic job recovery and more!


What’s Working: Colorado didn’t hit a record-high labor force in 2021 after all

Ongoing revisions to economic data changed some of the trends we thought were happening in the state last year. Plus: Colorado’s job churn declines as wages rise.


Colorado has recovered 98% of jobs lost in pandemic, as unemployment rate drops to 4.1%

Revisions to labor data also show the state was doing better than previously thought, as the state's unemployment rate is close to the nation's.


What’s Working: Women in construction — where gender pay equity is 94.3%

The male-dominated construction industry is short 650,000 workers — it needs women. Plus: Job paths for those with disabilities, Coors janitors unionize and more!


How Colorado startups attracted $6.8 billion in venture investments last year 

A record venture capital year is credited to the budding Colorado ecosystem for startups and talent in the works for more than a decade


What’s Working: Follow the money to find where more Colorado jobs are

Colorado had a record year for venture capital investments, at more than $6 billion. Plus: unemployment fraud arrests, Target’s $24 hourly wage, another Starbucks unionizing and more.


Colorado task force refers 17 cases of unemployment fraud to prosecutors

All are suspected of unemployment insurance fraud that “exceeds $300,000.” Colorado has paid $33.7 million in unemployment fraud and recovered $44.3 million so far.

Crime and Courts
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