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Colorado College

Colorado College
Colorado College

Citizen scientist records retreat of Colorado glaciers one ski run at a time

Public policy analyst Jonah Siefer has skied every month of the last three years and his casual observations mirror those of climate scientists tracking the loss of ice fields.


“A secret garden”: Hidden peonies on a farm near Pueblo became a public obsession

After COVID kept visitors away, the family-run attraction needed help. Support quickly bloomed.


Opinion: Stimulus funds should support Colorado students in need at both public and private colleges

It is shortsighted to think that the private higher-education institutions we lead do not serve the same student demographics as our public counterparts.

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For Indigenous rights activists in Colorado, coronavirus brought momentum and pushback

Like its viral predecessors, the novel coronavirus has torn through Indigenous communities with particular vehemence. For many of them, this year has brought new urgency to old protests.


Western wildfires, drought, coronavirus boost public fears about the state of public lands, new polls shows

The survey of people in Colorado and 7 western states reveals spiking concerns about climate change, strong support for action, and how communities of color take public lands issues personally


Opinion: New oil and gas rules make Colorado a leader in protecting public and the environment

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Coronavirus creates questions about future of part-time instructors at Colorado’s colleges

As the pandemic forces colleges and universities to slash their budgets, part-time instructors are worried about partly or even entirely losing their teaching hours


Opinion: Follow Colorado College’s lead and cancel classes on Election Day

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In Colorado, where climate change is front and center, John Hickenlooper is favored to unseat Cory Gardner

The GOP incumbent is linked to Trump, while the moderate, pro-fracking former governor is called “Frackenlooper” by progressives.


Colorado College suspends most in-person learning after coronavirus prompts three dorm quarantines

“This is not how you — or we — envisioned our students starting their campus life, or this academic year,” wrote co-presidents Mike Edmonds and Robert G. Moore.


All three Colorado College dorms quarantined after 10 students test positive for coronavirus in past week

"We acknowledge that this is not how students likely expected to begin their college career," CC said in a note to the campus community


What it’s like for the 100-plus Colorado College students stuck in their dorm after a peer tested positive for coronavirus

The locked-down students, most of them first-years, are spending their time reading, puzzling and Zooming in isolation. “If this happened within the first 24 hours of me being at school, how is the rest of college going to look?” one wonders.


As Colorado College students arrived on campus, one tested positive for coronavirus. Now, an entire dorm is quarantined.

The situation underscores the difficulty of higher education during the pandemic as students at University of Colorado Boulder, the largest university or college in the state, begin moving into their housing


College in Colorado will be different this fall, but not cheaper

Coronavirus upended most everything about the on-campus college experience, including classroom debates, dorm life and schedules. Students say that should be reflected in their tuition bills.


Colorado colleges, universities scramble after Trump orders international students to leave if classes go online

There are thousands of international students who attend higher education institutions in the state. Many are still figuring out what the changes issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement mean.


Colorado climber, moviemaker documents quest to solve one of Mount Everest’s lasting mysteries

Renan Ozturk directed two documentaries for National Geographic, capturing a mission to find the long-lost body of Sandy Irvine, who was last seen with George Mallory just below the peak of Mount Everest in 1924.


When coronavirus prompted my college to quickly close, it brought me to tears. Then I found my community.

Colorado authors, thinkers and readers share their thoughts on living through historic times as the state fights the progress of coronavirus

Write On, Colorado

Is Colorado College the first of many Colorado schools that will cancel in-person classes as coronavirus rages?

A number of other higher education institutions in Colorado are weighing a similar move to online instruction as COVID-19 infects an increasing number of people in the state.


Colorado lawmakers wanted to tackle the state’s PFAS problem. They are taking more of a baby step.

A bill to regulate harmful “forever chemicals” that contaminate groundwater was chopped in half during its first public hearing

Politics and Government

Will Colorado’s college athletes soon be able to profit from their names and images?

If passed, Colorado’s act would become law in 2023. That presumably would allow an embattled NCAA and other collegiate sports groups to develop national standards on student athlete compensation.

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