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Opinion: Amid COVID-19, Colorado needs its farmers markets more than ever

Over the last year, we’ve seen many news stories that reported product shortages at U.S. grocery stores due to COVID-19.  The pandemic hit the industrial food system hard. Protecting workers meant trucks didn’t move, distribution facilities went unmanned, and farm workers couldn’t harvest crops. Outbreaks at animal processing plants, where workers stand elbow-to-elbow, resulted in […]

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How Colorado farmers markets have adapted — with masks and reservations — to open during coronavirus

Jars of honey glowed in the sun. Sweet cherries – the prized survivors of a spring freeze – peeked from small paper bags. Frills of red and green leaf lettuce looked festive in their wooden crates. And Palisade Farmers Market patrons came in droves to the social and retail heart of this small-town for the […]

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Breads, whoopie pies, donuts and pickles: How Colorado’s Cottage Foods Act has produced a batch of entrepreneurs

Amy Wulbecker doesn’t put eggs or milk in her whoopie pies per Colorado law, but she can do her baking when it suits her — and for the mother of four small children, that means late into the night while her Severance household sleeps.  David Kaminer’s old job kept him cooped up in a kitchen […]

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America trashes 40% of its food. A Colorado startup is connecting the discards to dinner tables.

Occasionally, at Regis University’s school cafeteria, there are dishes that sous chef Grant Ruesch calls “monotony breakers.”  A recent one? New York Strip steaks. “I bought the steaks for a really awesome deal. I can’t remember, but like $3 a pound,” said Ruesch.  “$3.49,” someone interjected.   “We ran a steak night special at the college […]