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Opinion: Yes, we can help reduce greenhouse gases

It’s as simple as minimizing the amount of food that we waste

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Zornio: Climate change is coming for your pumpkin spice, coffee, chocolate and wine

Changing the narrative on climate change to reach more popular topics such as food may help increase the sense of urgency

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Colorado farmworkers pick food they can’t afford to buy themselves

Many studies show how often farm workers struggle to feed their own families


Colorado Sun readers’ favorite zucchini recipes — from tuna cakes to pineapple muffins

Summer’s winding down, which means the backyard zucchini harvest is booming. Here are a couple dozen ideas for what to do with your squash bounty, from readers of The Sunriser newsletter.


Silverman: There’s a chicken sandwich war in Denver, and I may have found the winner

I generally prefer healthy, local and sustainable meals, but I made it my mission to taste the drive-thru alternatives popping up all over town

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Will Colorado’s special legislative session save restaurants? “Probably not,” industry leader says.

However, Sonia Riggs, CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association, thinks any relief will be beneficial and may be able to help eateries at the margins

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Colorado families are leaving $58 million in federal food aid on the table. Time is running out to apply.

Most school districts set up meal programs during school closures, but a Chalkbeat analysis found they served just a fraction of the meals they normally would provide to children living in poverty


Many Colorado restaurants have closed. The ones still open aren’t sure how long they can weather coronavirus.

State data shows that even though restaurants have recovered some since April, the industry is still down thousands of jobs. More than 2,500 establishments have shut down since March.


Opinion: To become a truly anti-racist society, we must go beyond police reform

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Opinion: The restaurant business model is unsustainable in coronavirus times

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Gov. Jared Polis allowed Colorado restaurants to reopen. But would he take his family to one?

Polis said he hasn’t gone yet and that he hasn’t “made any decisions on that.” Experts say there’s risk, but steps can be taken to ensure a safer dining experience.


Colorado restaurants can reopen to in-person dining on Wednesday with limited capacity, governor says

Gov. Jared Polis ordered restaurants across the state to close starting on March 16 because of the coronavirus crisis


A Denver restaurant fights to keep its doors open — and its staff paid — as coronavirus crumbles the industry

Potager, a staple of Colorado’s restaurant scene for 23 years, was in a moment of change when coronavirus hit. Now, its new owners are doing everything they can to survive the pandemic.


Tables far apart, servers in masks and gloves, single-use menus: What Colorado restaurants will look like when they reopen

The bottom line: Restaurant goers should not expect a "normal" dining experience, and it will likely be difficult for businesses to recoup their losses


Wilson: Struggle of Love Foundation distributes food to those hit hardest by coronavirus crisis

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A Fort Collins chocolate maker has the world’s largest selection of single-origin bars, but that’s not its purpose

The craft chocolate world is small, confusing and pricey. But this niche wants to educate consumers about where cacao comes from and how much it really costs to grow beans and make chocolate.


How Colorado’s rural and urban food communities are coming together

Schools, other public institutions are buying locally sourced food spurred by policy, values. But labor, distribution and other issues are unresolved.


America trashes 40% of its food. A Colorado startup is connecting the discards to dinner tables.

FoodMaven is part of a movement to find buyers for $3.50/lb. New York strips, “ugly” fruit and local produce in order to cut into America's food waste problem.


Colorado ranchers have beef with lab-grown and plant-based “meat” — and they want well-done labeling

Cattle and bison ranchers are looking for help to let consumers know where the food in their package came from, including whether it originated in a petri dish or another country


Feed the world in 2050? National Western-based consortium tackles food, workforce challenges

Big Ag, nonprofits and CSU incubate ideas to expand production and imagine jobs that don’t yet exist

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