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As Western drought leads to grasshopper outbreak, officials launch what could be the largest killing campaign since the ’80s

Cattle ranchers fear that the drought-loving insects will strip bare public and private rangelands.


Colorado restaurants are funding farming and ranching projects that suck carbon from the atmosphere

Some see regenerative agriculture as a key way to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air worsening climate change.


Colorado ranchers already had beef with Jared Polis. Then came “MeatOut Day.”

Colorado is the only state to proclaim a day of no meat-eating, further exposing the urban-rural divide and food as the new culture war.


Beautiful, self-confident and hot tempered, “Queen” Ann Bassett stood up to Colorado’s powerful ranchers

Author Diana Allen Kouris sifts through Bassett's legend to find the facts behind one of the West's most intriguing characters during the 19th-century cattle wars

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Coronavirus collapsed America’s food system, but created “a pivotal and magical moment” for locavores

The frailty of industrial agriculture was exposed when restaurants and huge meat processing plants closed. But Colorado farmers and ranchers have responded to spur a return to locally produced meat and potatoes.


Even with beef plants staying open, reduced capacity means Colorado ranchers feel the coronavirus pinch

Ranchers only have about a two-week window to get their cattle to slaughter before they start losing money and quality. Even a slight disruption in the supply chain can throw everything off -- and already is.


How the closure of two Vail restaurants shows coronavirus’ domino effect on the food-service economy

Hundreds of workers and business owners in the Eagle Valley felt the pinch when Matt Morgan was forced to close Sweet Basil and Mountain Standard in Vail Village.


America trashes 40% of its food. A Colorado startup is connecting the discards to dinner tables.

FoodMaven is part of a movement to find buyers for $3.50/lb. New York strips, “ugly” fruit and local produce in order to cut into America's food waste problem.


Colorado ranchers have beef with lab-grown and plant-based “meat” — and they want well-done labeling

Cattle and bison ranchers are looking for help to let consumers know where the food in their package came from, including whether it originated in a petri dish or another country