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Michael Booth

Michael Booth is a Colorado Sun reporter covering health, health policy and the environment.

Colorado’s low-income patients can’t find specialty health care, study shows

A 3-year study shows safety net clinics can find specialists for their patients if they work extremely hard, but systemic change is needed to make real cuts to wait lists


Colorado’s urban open space past haunts the future of development and community life

From Park Hill Golf to Westminster Farm to the Stock Show grounds, neighbors demand much from rebuilding of spaces they feel ownership in, while developers say there’s only so much they can do.


Here’s what you need to know about Colorado air pollution — and what you can do about it

A heat wave spikes ozone levels to “Unhealthy” on the Front Range, and Sun readers have questions. We sought some of the top air experts in the state for your answers.


Colorado violates EPA ozone standards again as business groups cheer gutting of draft commuting limits

The Front Range passed another grim milestone of violating U.S. ozone caps, but state air pollution regulators have just weakened a proposal to cut solo commuting by employees.


A $500 million Medicaid boost gives Colorado a chance to re-do its disability services

Funding for in-home personal care for aging Coloradans and people with disabilities would jump for three years under American Rescue Plan spending.


How water rights work in Colorado — and why severe drought makes them work differently

Parched residents’ questions answered, from how much water the Front Range takes from the Western Slope, to how a power dam near Glenwood Springs saves Colorado River fishies


Three Colorado River Basin reservoirs will be partially drained to keep Lake Powell producing hydropower

Drought made an expected 2.5 million acre-feet of water disappear before it ever reached the key reservoir in the Colorado River Compact, forcing federal officials to siphon from Blue Mesa Reservoir and other big pools to protect the electric grid.


Denver Water sues Boulder County, says slow walk of Gross Reservoir decisions threaten federal permits

The fight over raising the height of Gross Dam has gone on for years. Denver Water says Boulder County now is using stalling tactics to stop the $464 million project.


The Colorado River is drying up faster than federal officials can keep track. Mandatory water cuts are looming.

Plummeting reservoir levels at Mead and Powell solidify Arizona cutbacks next year and near-future threats to all the Compact states, from Colorado to California


What exactly is the Front Range Trail? You may already be riding on it.

Every year, Colorado’s indefatigable trail builders chip away at complex new sections of a connector they imagine stretching from Wyoming to New Mexico. Next up: Castle Rock and the Cache la Poudre.


The Yampa River is overdrawn and running out of water. And it’s hardly the only one.

Earlier this year, officials called the river “over-appropriated.” Last week, Gov. Jared Polis declared 21 counties are in a drought emergency.


Drought forces Grand Junction to dip into Colorado River for drinking water for the first time in more than 50 years

Ute Water's 90,000 Western Slope customers will have river water added to flows from Grand Mesa as a hedge against heat and drought drying up reservoirs


Fort Collins planners, worried about Poudre River impacts, reject Northern Water’s plan for 3-mile pipeline through the city

Rejection of the NISP pipeline is yet another skirmish in a series of water and pipeline battles playing out in the northern Front Range.


Wildlife officials ask anglers not to fish the Dolores River for the first time ever as rain fails to dent Western Slope drought

Fish and wildlife leaders say they have their eye on potential closures of the Animas and San Juan rivers as well.


Public transit is just as gross as you thought and that’s why microbiologists love it

Colorado post-docs and undergrads endure the swabbing of seats and handrails in the name of science, part of a worldwide effort to “map the human biome” and sort good germs from bad.


A fine has been issued for last year’s massive Tire Mountain fire near Hudson — and it’s a molehill

The largest used tire dump in the nation -- a strain on Colorado regulators -- is cited for multiple violations in a 15-page consent decree, but won’t see a big penalty for a July 2020 fire that darkened Weld County skies.


Some of the priciest Denver real estate is going to the frogs in major Cherry Creek upgrade

Turning a mini-Grand Canyon on Cherry Creek Drive South into a pleasure cruise for wildlife, humans and their dogs is a multimillion-dollar prospect for just 1 mile, but reviews are ecstatic.


Colorado refuses to ease rules for how much pollution gets discharged into rivers and streams

Members of the Water Quality Control Commission said they were shocked by the blowback to a proposed change that would have made it easier for industry, utilities to send more pollution downstream.


20 years of planning saved Rocky Mountain National Park from the worst of the East Troublesome fire. It will take 20 more to fix the damage.

“We’ve been fighting this fire for 20 years,” Rocky Mountain National Park's fire manager says. The work kept two of the largest Colorado wildfires on record from laying waste to the third busiest park in the national system.


Colorado ranchers are selling off cattle to survive another year of dried-up grass and parched soil

The land is so thirsty, water is soaked up before it can reach reservoirs, crops

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