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Michael Booth

Michael Booth is a Colorado Sun reporter covering health, health policy and the environment.

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Aurora may ban sprawling lawns, new golf courses to save water. Other Denver-area cities could follow.

The proposal also cuts traditional grass in medians and unused decorative areas, and limits new home yards to 750 square feet of grass.


A lane expansion to unclog I-25 through downtown Denver is not on the table — for now

CDOT says there’s no money for new lanes on the crowded stretch, and state officials will focus on moving rail lines and a Burnham Yard revamp.


Xcel Energy can recover $509 million from consumer bills after February 2021 storm, judge rules 

Average home impact will be an 11% boost for gas, 2% for electricity in coming years, even though the ruling says the utility could have done more to warn consumers.


Denver e-bike rebates are flying off the shelf. Here’s the climate change connection.

Climate change office has $400 to $1,200 vouchers to make car replacement a reality for bike fans, and thousands are signing up.


Here’s where Colorado wants to capture and bury 350,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year

Carbon America will gather 350,000 tons of carbon a year from Yuma and Sterling ethanol makers and store it deep underground in climate change fight.


If a Colorado eagle nest falls in the forest — and the cameras are on — should anyone save it?  

Raptors are in a renaissance on the Front Range, but when wildlife biologists say, “Let nature handle it,” there’s some splainin’ to do with an enthusiastic public.


Denver wants to start charging for garbage pickup by volume. Residents have questions.

City climate leaders say they’ve been talking about an overhaul since 2010, but wary customers worry about fines, liens against homes, and wrangling big carts.


Fire tore through a Colorado ranch sanctuary. The humans are fine, but the damage is deep.

May Ranch near Lamar has transformed itself into a sustainable, nationally recognized conservation champion, home to endangered species. A wildfire threatens much of the gain.


Colorado to strengthen plan to protect views at Rocky Mountain National Park, sidestepping Sierra Club lawsuit

Required update to cutting air pollution at national parks is late, but environmental groups say they have won some victories in the revisions.


Attempt to stop Colorado water speculation is circling the drain

Despite intense pressure from drought, downstream states and private-money water development, the legislature says impinging farmers’ right to sell is too risky.


Colorado Parks & Wildlife director suspended after alleged “back of the bus” comment about Black employee  

Department of Natural Resources puts Dan Prenzlow on paid leave while investigating comments at a Vail conference where the employee said she was traumatized by racism.


Colorado new car sales tilt more toward EVs, but some green states are doing better

1st quarter 2022 buying habits show dominance of Tesla, the relentless march of SUVs, and disappearing old school sedans.


Colorado finds “forever chemicals” PFAS in 100% of fish sampled in three big counties 

In another alarming report about the spread of the toxic waterproofing chemicals, the state says all fish sampled in El Paso, Adams and Jefferson counties were contaminated. Is any level of human consumption safe?


Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission rejects citizen petition to get faster clean trucks rules

A coalition led by Colorado GreenLatinos, the City and County of Denver, NAACP Colorado and more asked the commission to draft rules and pass them by the end of this year


Denver wants a major recycling expansion. But it needs to start charging fees to get it done.

City council will consider a big waste-reduction push making residents pay progressively more for larger trash bins, while recycling & composting bins are “free."


Straight from the slaughterhouse to aviation, Colorado is pumping beef fat into a fancy jet near you  

In fact you may be riding on the sustainable aviation fuel using tallow to reduce the carbon footprint of flying, now in tankers and plane wings at the Vail Valley Jet Center.


Colorado will have hundreds more air pollution sources to permit. Here’s how the state is gearing up.  

State air officials’ big budget request includes dozens of staffers to hit backlog when EPA declares Front Range in “severe” nonattainment.


EPA downgrades Colorado’s ozone problem to “severe,” forcing stricter cuts to pollution

The EPA’s long expected move will force North Front Range counties to make changes to gas formula and hundreds of new pollution permits


More Colorado community solar gardens moving forward after PUC rejects Xcel effort to postpone

Small group projects giving free solar access to low-income residents will accelerate, putting the state at the top of equitable solar projects, utility experts say.


Colorado solar companies delay work, warn of catastrophe from U.S. Commerce import probe

A federal investigation of one domestic panel maker’s complaint means supplies are disappearing or shooting up in price, threatening projects, jobs and climate change progress, industry says.

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