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Michael Booth

Michael Booth is a Colorado Sun reporter covering health, health policy and the environment.

Coalition demands fence line monitors, tougher caps at Suncor to protect Colorado communities

Activists and legislators from Denver and Pueblo want the state to put teeth into environmental justice for communities of color.


When coronavirus attacked Colorado’s health, it changed the state’s health system forever

From telehealth and city dweller respite care in Hugo, to an explosion in Medicaid clients and a speedy overhaul of medicine itself, the pandemic is a game-changer


Governor warns Colorado utilities again over storm-surge fees as Xcel tallies request at $264 per customer

Gov. Jared Polis says Colorado customers should not have to pay for a Valentine’s Day spike if no one told them to turn off the lights. Xcel, meanwhile, is defending its strategy.


For Coloradans who handle the dead, no rest and far less solace under cruel coronavirus rules

Even the peaceful keepers of Mount Olivet Cemetery felt overrun and overwhelmed by the way coronavirus forced them to carry out their sacred mission.


Lawmakers pitch power authority to beef up electric grid, avoid Texas-level price spikes in Colorado

Gathering utilities under one power would avoid Texas-size problems and speed construction of valuable new lines across the West, backers say


Suncor refinery neighbors can get warnings and details on chemical leaks sent to phones

The embattled oil and gas industrial site pledges to tell Commerce City, Globeville-Elyria-Swansea and others when new incidents occur through texts and phone alerts


Colorado governor pressures PUC to protect utility customers from storm price surges

“Colorado Ain’t Texas,” Jared Polis’ office says in letter warning about high prices Xcel and others paid during February storms


Ambitious plan for cap-and-trade greenhouse gas cuts rejected by Colorado Air Quality Control Commission

Environmental Defense Fund and allies want tougher, faster cuts to climate change pollutants, but commissioners and Gov. Jared Polis says the plan is too complex and current rules should get time to work.


Is Colorado’s power grid in shape for a Texas-size storm? Yes, mostly.

Northern Colorado had its own cold-weather challenge Sunday, making it through despite a notice to customers to turn down their thermostats


Colorado hospitals’ profit margins are nation’s highest as state lawmakers move to cap health care costs

A new financial analysis for the Colorado Business Group on Health pegs medical profits at $2.8 billion in 2018, and critiques heavy concentration of hospital power for causing the state’s high prices


Combatting alarm fatigue at Colorado hospitals saves lives of UCHealth sepsis patients

All those lights blinking and beeping and flashing numb doctors and disturb patients, so the vast hospital system found ways to cut 180,000 alarms and slash mortality rates.


Colorado wants to put electric vehicle charging stations in every state park. Now it must find funding.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife officials support environmental groups who want a vast expansion of electrical hookups at the very spots most threatened by climate change


Big Idea: Colorado drivers shouldn’t lose licenses just for being too poor to pay court fines

State Rep. Leslie Herod says we should stop taking away driver’s licenses for failing to pay hefty fees completely unrelated to driving crimes.

Politics and Government

When is clean hydrogen fuel coming for Colorado cars, and who needs to get ready?

Hydrogen pumping stations are all over California and could be in the Denver metro area by the end of this year. Will state lawmakers and industry do the work and provide the incentives to boost zero emissions?

hydrogen fuel pumping station

State border-jumpers can get vaccinated in Colorado — even if no one’s happy about it

Colorado officials say an address is not required to book a vaccine appointment, but counties say they’d rather prioritize their own full-time residents


$10 billion in recreational marijuana has now been sold in Colorado, fueled by strong 2020 sales

Colorado retailers continue to set new marijuana sales records each month, and the industry says it’s now time to return all that tax money to education funds.


Western wildfires, drought, coronavirus boost public fears about the state of public lands, new polls shows

The survey of people in Colorado and 7 western states reveals spiking concerns about climate change, strong support for action, and how communities of color take public lands issues personally


3 men killed in avalanche near Silverton identified as prominent Eagle County community members

One of the victims, Adam Palmer, was a newly elected Town of Eagle trustee. Andy Jessen co-founded Bonfire Brewing in Eagle. Seth Bossung managed projects for the county’s energy efficiency department.


The road to greenhouse gas cuts: Are Colorado drivers ready?

Power plants and oil drillers are cutting back emissions, now this is the year your car gets involved.


Colorado oil and gas industry blasts Biden’s pause on public lands drilling as environmental advocates cheer

The orders are intended to cut emissions from oil, gas and coal to help slow some of the worst effects of climate change

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