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What’s Working: Where Colorado’s COVID economic recovery is better and worse than the rest of the country

Colorado’s economy continues to improve from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that was expected as businesses adapted and employees returned to work. We are, after all, nearly two years from Spring 2020’s massive business disruptions. What makes Colorado’s economy stand out is how much better — or worse — it has recovered compared […]

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What’s Working: Colorado economists share 2022 forecasts on meat, apartments, video games and more

The annual crystal ball of Colorado’s economy swirled this week as economists and industry experts shared what is in store for the new year as part of the 2022 Colorado Business Economic Outlook, produced by the University of Colorado Boulder. “We’re pretty bullish overall on the macro economy,” Richard L. Wobbekind, associate dean of business […]

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Climate change isn’t coming in the future, it’s already here. This is how it’s impacting your everyday life.

When Virginia Iglesias goes climbing in Eldorado Canyon or skis the Gore Range, she tries to block out all the big data she collects as a researcher for the University of Colorado’s Earth Lab climate change section. But it’s hard to ignore. The wildfire smoke and ozone choking her climbing friends and obscuring the views […]

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Colorado will allow four-year colleges to grant associates degrees to those who dropped out

Over 13,000 Colorado residents have earned more than 70 college credits at four-year state universities in the past five years but stopped short of a degree, according to the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Now, a new Colorado law lets universities award those students with an associate’s degree. Giving students with some college an associate’s degree […]

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One Colorado scientist’s uphill fight to convince the world that coronavirus spreads through the air

In March of last year, members of the Skagit Valley Chorale in Washington state gathered for their weekly rehearsal. It was the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. The nation’s first statewide stay-at-home order was still more than a week away, and chorale members rehearsed unmasked. In the following days, 87% of those who attended […]

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Public transit is just as gross as you thought and that’s why microbiologists love it

As University of Colorado student Alise Gladbach scrubs a testing swab hard on the stainless steel ticket counter in the RTD transit station near the Pearl Street mall in Boulder, ticket seller Laura Erickson watches from behind a sheet of bulletproof glass.  Erickson appears safe, but she is not necessarily calm. As Gladbach’s swab turns […]

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Tenured professors at Colorado public colleges are predominantly white

In a state that’s become increasingly diverse, the professors who teach at Colorado’s four-year colleges are overwhelmingly white. Of the 3,500 professors who have tenure, just 15 of them are Black women. Another 38 are Black men. Hispanic students now make up about 20% of the state’s universities. But Hispanic professors? Less than 8% of all […]