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The statewide gun regulations adopted in Colorado in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting

The 2012 Aurora theater shooting, which left 12 people dead and 70 others injured, prompted Colorado Democrats to immediately begin pursuing tighter regulations on firearms.  Since the attack 10 years ago Wednesday, no fewer than 10 statewide changes to gun policy have been adopted, making Colorado one of the nation’s most progressive states when it […]

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From Columbine to Robb, 169 have been killed in U.S. mass school shootings

Mass shooters have killed hundreds of people throughout U.S. history in realms like stores, theaters and workplaces, but it is in schools and colleges where the carnage reverberates perhaps most keenly — places filled with children of tender ages, older students aspiring to new heights and the teachers planting the seeds of knowledge, their journeys all cut […]

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Separate shootings Monday in Denver area, Colorado Springs leave 7 wounded

Police on Monday were investigating several separate shootings in the Denver area and Colorado Springs that left seven people wounded. In Colorado Springs, two juveniles were shot in a parking lot outside The Citadel mall after a disturbance that started inside the mall, police spokesperson Lt. Pam Castro said. KKTV reported that one of the victims […]

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Florissant man kills himself after shooting at neighbors’ homes

FLORISSANT — A man was found dead after shooting at the homes of his neighbors in a Colorado mountain community early Sunday, leading residents to be evacuated, authorities said. The man was later found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his home in Florissant, about 35 miles northwest of Colorado Springs, the Teller County Sheriff’s […]