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The life sciences industry is booming. Here’s how it affects the Denver metro.

The life science industry has thrived in Colorado for decades. But in the last year or two, more people are moving in and around Denver to research everything from diseases and medical devices to pharmaceuticals and drug discovery. That means there’s less space equipped with proper ventilation and technology and fewer labs available for research […]

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Colorado set to become first state with right-to-repair wheelchair law

Julie Jennings needs a new seat cushion cover for her powered wheelchair.  She can’t order the new cover directly from the manufacturer and make the fix herself. Instead, she must go through one of the company’s providers. The manufacturer treats seat cushions as durable medical equipment like walkers or canes that must go through proper […]

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Invasive plants are slurping up precious water in drought-stricken southwest Colorado

When Dolly Gardner bought her land in Montezuma County in the southwestern corner of Colorado in 1970, there weren’t any Russian olives on it. Now, the invasive species has taken over.  “It looks like it is a forest,” Gardner said. “We used to have kind of a wetland, but they take all the water and […]

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Nonprofit gives $1.5M cash to more than 600 formerly incarcerated Coloradans transitioning back to community

Heather Fitzsimmons was working on getting her life back together and staying clean while on probation in Aurora when she noticed what seemed to be an extra deposit in the account where she gets paid. Fitzsimmons called to alert her employers at the Center for Employment Opportunities in Denver, part of a national organization providing […]

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Denver wants a major recycling expansion. But it needs to start charging fees to get it done.

Denver residents would pay a monthly fee for garbage hauling while getting recycling and compost bins picked up weekly as part of the deal, in a proposed major overhaul of waste handling aimed at lifting local and statewide recycling rates closer to the national average.  Residents of single-family homes and apartments up to seven units […]