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Littwin: In a wild week, Ken Buck bucks Trump, Lamborn gets sued and Boebert is still Boebert

Although there’s usually nothing in the political world we can all agree on, I’ll offer up this attempt: It was an unusually strange week for the Colorado GOP’s congressional delegation, even by the very high weirdness standards they often set for themselves.  And not only were they strange or even strangely weird, the week’s events […]

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Colorado House Republicans distribute list of “friendly” and “not friendly” media outlets

A few weeks ago, leadership in the Colorado House Republican caucus handed out a list of media outlets to their members. But instead of just titles, mediums, phone numbers and email addresses, there was an untitled column with one of two descriptors: “friendly” and “not friendly.” Six outlets, including The Colorado Sun, The Denver Post, […]

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Nicolais: Liz Cheney’s last full measure of devotion is at the altar of our democracy

The sole U.S. Representative from Colorado’s neighbor to the north has been the center of attention for political wonks over the past week. Rep. Liz Cheney’s refusal to kowtow to former President Donald Trump and his ludicrous claims of election fraud again threatens her political career. The scion of a first family in Wyoming, and […]

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Littwin: For speaking the naked truth about Trump lies, GOP decides Liz Cheney must be punished

In Hans Christian Andersen’s 19th-century telling of the famous fairy tale, the emperor leads the royal parade wearing not a stitch of clothing because swindlers have convinced the emperor, his courtiers and his entire empire that only the wise man/woman/child can see the fine, if otherwise invisible, wardrobe they’ve weaved for him.  And it’s all […]

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Colorado GOP dismisses concerns about fraud at its caucuses. But one leader calls it a whitewashed report.

An internal Colorado Republican Party investigation released this week discovered a series of blunders with the 2020 caucuses conducted in Weld County, including the improper removal and addition of delegates in far more cases than previously known. But the 14-page report, obtained by The Colorado Sun, concluded that the fraudulent moves did not warrant the […]

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Democrats hold their majorities at Colorado Capitol but GOP blunts a second blue wave

Democratic state lawmakers boosted their majority in the state Senate by one seat and maintained their strong numbers in the House after balloting ended Tuesday. But new House leadership, 16 new lawmakers, a continuing pandemic and the budget fallout from a voter-approved tax cut may make for challenging times in the 2021 General Assembly. Senate […]

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5 numbers that show why 2020 was never going to be an easy year for Cory Gardner in Colorado

Six years ago, Cory Gardner and John Hickenlooper appeared on the same ballot. In the U.S. Senate race, Gardner — then a congressman — upset a Democratic incumbent senator in a strong Republican year. In the governor’s race, Hickenlooper beat back a GOP challenger to win his second term. Plenty of similarities exist between the […]

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Opinion: Barrett confirmation hearings evoke different meanings of motherhood

The irony of emphasis on Amy Coney Barrett’s embodiment of conservative Christian motherhood is not lost on me.  Given that the image of a Mother Earth figure has persisted across world cultures in mythology and religion, it is important to examine matriarchal symbolism with Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings highlighting the GOP’s allegiance to selectively […]