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Republican Party

Republican Party

Colorado GOP dismisses concerns about fraud at its caucuses. But one leader calls it a whitewashed report.

A special commission found more problems at the party caucuses in Weld County than previously known, but argued none of it amounted to criminal behavior

Democrats hold their majorities at Colorado Capitol but GOP blunts a second blue wave

The next legislative session will look different, and the conversation is sure to focus on addressing the economic fallout from coronavirus

5 numbers that show why 2020 was never going to be an easy year for Cory Gardner in Colorado

In the six years since Gardner and Democratic rival John Hickenlooper last appeared on the ballot, the Colorado political landscape has shifted

Opinion: Barrett confirmation hearings evoke different meanings of motherhood

Opinion: We need a true eligibility test for all presidential candidates

Nicolais: The ad attacking Brianna Titone is an ugly miscalculation

Focusing on the gender of Colorado’s first transgender legislator is both bad politics and dumb

How Lauren Boebert rose from unknown to a candidate for Congress to someone in Donald Trump’s orbit

Neither Lauren Boebert nor her campaign manager would respond to questions about holes and discrepancies in the Republican’s biography, including money troubles, family connections and her childhood

Opinion: With Donald Trump, the rule-breaking is the point

Littwin: Day 4 of the Republican National Convention — Trump sells America another round of fear

In breaking all norms, and possibly a few laws, Trump brazenly uses the White House as a reelection campaign backdrop. Now Americans must decide whether they want to see that for four more years.

GOP Convention takeaways: Republicans facing tough reelection, including Cory Gardner, almost completely excluded

The speaking program almost completely excluded Republicans facing tough elections this fall, such as Maine Sen. Susan Collins, Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner and Arizona Sen. Martha McSally

Littwin: Day 3 of the Republican National Convention — NBA boycott resounds everywhere but here

In the night’s one live speech, Mike Pence didn’t mention the shooting of Jacob Blake or the vigilante charged with killing 2 in Kenosha, but did say Americans wouldn’t be safe under Joe Biden.

Donald Trump’s Colorado troubles are evident in his poll numbers, new analysis shows

The president's approval rating among voters sat near 45% at the start of his term and has only gone down as the 2020 election approaches.

Littwin: Day 2 of the Republican National Convention — Trump and more Trumps

Melania Trump breaks ranks, using her Rose Garden speech to talk about COVID-19, anxiety, helplessness and even a few words about racial injustice. Who’d have guessed it?

Colorado’s small, in-person RNC delegation says the event was “spectacular.” But other Republicans feel left behind.

The GOP opted to have a small, in-person element as part of their celebration of President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, a move that contrasts with Democrats whose national gathering was held almost entirely over video conference.

How Colorado Republicans transformed from “Never Trump” to Donald Trump loyalists in four years

The GOP convention this week completes Colorado’s evolution after making history in 2016 with its opposition to Donald Trump’s nomination

Littwin: Day 1 of the Republican National Convention — dark and darker

If you came looking for uplift, you came to the wrong place. The one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on is that the other is out to destroy America.

Littwin: Donald Trump’s convention is up next, and it’s not hard to guess what it will look like

Reports say we can get our cues — or is it Qs? — from Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech. What I’m wondering is whether we’ll see Cory Gardner there.

Nicolais: The decline and fall of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ Dudley Brown

For more than two decades the former Rocky Mountain Gun Owners executive director made Republican cancel culture his business

Opinion: A fellow Republican asks — where did Cory Gardner’s integrity go?

Littwin: Because it’s 2020, when anything can and will happen, Lauren Boebert’s stunning win seems like a natural

But with Trump trailing badly in Colorado, with Gardner struggling, Dems see Lauren Boebert’s upset victory in the conservative 3rd CD as a chance for, well, an upset victory.

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