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Opinion: Barrett confirmation hearings evoke different meanings of motherhood

The irony of emphasis on Amy Coney Barrett’s embodiment of conservative Christian motherhood is not lost on me.  Given that the image of a Mother Earth figure has persisted across world cultures in mythology and religion, it is important to examine matriarchal symbolism with Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings highlighting the GOP’s allegiance to selectively […]

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How Lauren Boebert rose from unknown to a candidate for Congress to someone in Donald Trump’s orbit

Lauren Boebert blasted into Colorado politics at an Aurora rally with an in-your-face microphone moment and a gun. She emerged from the crowd at a rally for then presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke of Texas and grabbed the mic to shout, “Hell no, you’re not!” in response to O’Rourke’s pledge to take away assault-style weapons. That […]

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GOP Convention takeaways: Republicans facing tough reelection, including Cory Gardner, almost completely excluded

By Jonathan Lemire, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Republicans proceeded with the third night of their national convention, but many Americans – particularly those in the path of Hurricane Laura – were focused on more immediate concerns. Here are some key takeaways: Pence takes on attack role The attack role often assigned to vice presidential […]

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Donald Trump’s Colorado troubles are evident in his poll numbers, new analysis shows

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings in Colorado fluctuated often since he took office, but an analysis of two dozen polls over four years shows his numbers never greatly improved.  The Republican started his term with 45% approval and 44% disapproval in Colorado, one poll found, the first and only time he stood in positive territory. […]

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Littwin: Day 2 of the Republican National Convention — Trump and more Trumps

Something very strange happened late in the evening of the second day of the Republican National Convention. We were given a glimpse of America as it actually looks today, not the pre-COVID-19 America, not the pre-police-killing-of-George-Floyd America. But this America. The August 2020 America. And, strangely, the person who delivered that message was Melania Trump, […]