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Brammhi Balarajan

How a Colorado McDonald’s weathered the Great Resignation with fiesta-themed birthday parties

To attract employees, one McDonald’s franchisee has done everything from holding fiesta-themed birthday parties for workers to allowing them flexibility to choose their hours


Doug Lamborn wins Republican primary in 5th Congressional District, all but securing ninth term

Election 2022

“Get your rosaries off my ovaries”: Thousands protest Roe v. Wade reversal  in downtown Denver

Protesters said they marched to support women who live in states where abortion is banned or will be soon.

Politics and Government

What’s Working | Median home values haven’t fallen in Colorado, but list prices for a new house have

A 6% interest rate is nothing, say some readers. Plus: housing affordability drops, gas tax relief, robot jobs, and more!


In Colorado’s heated real estate market, is it better to be a renter right now?

Owning a home now costs $987 more per month than renting. But not every city or town is the same.


Highlights from The Colorado Sun/CBS4 debate between the two Republicans running for U.S. Senate

State Rep. Ron Hanks wouldn’t commit to accepting the primary election results. Denver businessman Joe O’Dea says he wouldn’t repeal Obamacare and refused to define what is an early-term and late-term abortion.

Election 2022

What’s Working: Same Denver house, same price, but $190 more per month

Interest rate hike means higher payments for home buyers but a decline in prices. Plus: Renting is cheaper, state jobless rate drops to 3.5%, more!


Japan is already one of Colorado’s top international beef buyers. A trade deal will likely strengthen the connection.


As maternal mortality rate rises, Colorado health organizations tackle mental health and drug abuse

COVID-19 pushed maternal death rates higher nationwide. Some Colorado initiatives are responding with programs offering mental health care, help with substance misuse.