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Nicolais: The decline and fall of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ Dudley Brown

In the seminal History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon detailed the cruelty and persecution Nero enacted upon his people. As an anachronistic legend recounted, the emperor fiddled while Rome burned down around him. For the past quarter century, Dudley Brown took similar pleasure in the destruction he wrought over […]

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Opinion: A fellow Republican asks — where did Cory Gardner’s integrity go?

When I came of age politically in the mid-1970s, the nation was recovering from the Watergate scandal that shook confidence in our constitutional system of government. Fortunately, some key Republican members of Congress put our country above their party. Republican Sen. Howard Baker of Tennessee and House members Lawrence Hogan of Maryland, Hamilton Fish of […]

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Littwin: Because it’s 2020, when anything can and will happen, Lauren Boebert’s stunning win seems like a natural

The easy take — which, strangely, is often the right take — on Lauren Boebert’s stunning upset of Rep. Scott Tipton in the Republican 3rd Congressional District primary is that the Colorado GOP, already on life support, is now trying to commit suicide. It’s an understatement, actually, to call Boebert’s win stunning. According to those […]

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“Brutal” and “nasty” only begin to describe the GOP battles in Weld County ahead of the primary

First, came the allegations about vote-rigging in the March caucuses. Then, a website made bogus accusations that a conservative Republican candidate is actually a Democrat. Now, an email is the subject of a complaint to police and consumer protection authorities for using a false address. The result: The Colorado attorney general’s office is looking into […]

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2020 battle for power at the Capitol starts with these big-money Colorado legislative primaries

Colorado’s legislative primaries are coming down to a battle of partisanship: Is one Republican more conservative than another? Which Democrat will hold the party line? The ideological tests — which mirror the party purity tests in th U.S. Senate race and at the national level — could significantly influence the conversation at the Capitol next […]

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A look at the Coloradans supporting Donald Trump and why they adore the president

COLORADO SPRINGS — President Donald Trump and his reelection campaign see Colorado as a top 2020 target, dismissing polls suggesting he has a big hill to climb if he wants to reverse his 2016 fortunes in the state.  Trump lost Colorado to Democrat Hillary Clinton four years ago by 5 percentage points. “We think Colorado […]

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Trump to use “big voice” to boost GOP on 4-day Western trip that includes Colorado rally with Cory Gardner

By Zeke Miller, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he’s ready to use his “big voice” to bolster Republicans’ 2020 campaign hopes as he heads west for a four-day visit mixing policy and politics. Trump’s trip will be packed with big-dollar fundraisers, a trio of campaign rallies meant to energize […]

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Republicans put education atop their priority list at the Capitol. We look at 8 of their ideas.

A school safety assessment for each district. A bonus for high-rated teachers. A scholarship for students who graduate high school early. And a tax credit for teachers who buy school supplies for their students. The ideas are part of a package of 24 bills put forward by Republican lawmakers on the opening day of the […]